[PAYDAY 2] Car Shop – Death Sentence/One Down … in VR

*ooh a bandana* *zap, zap, zap* Asshole Spotted x1 *RECORDING IN PROGRESS* *Solid Snake mode engaged* *Run like hell* *Casually adjusts headset* *Let’s keep going* Asshole Spotted x2 Nah, I’ll try the door. Ehh… Fuck it, window it is. *click* *grab grab grab* Asshole spotted x3 *casually waiting* Asshole Spotted x4 Now? no. Now? Still no. Asshole Spotted x5 Now? FUCK YEA! *oof* o.o What an addict. What a self-centered dickweed. Wrong room. This ain’t it, chief. Lower storage spawn then. *sneak* Asshole spotted x6 Hey VSauce, Chains here! *pop, pop* RIP in Peace *yoink!* *gears turning in head* *Gears screech to a halt because of one civvie* Bailey McBailface *fuck* That could have gone better. ? [HURRY UP YOU BITCH] *Nope, sorry, try again* *Wrong one, dummy.* [Losing buzzer] *That’s right, er no, never mind, you’re an idiot.* *footsteps* *I get this far, and this whore walks in, hope she doesn’t see me or the hostage.* *Waiting…* *Hello, light* *Hello, Light* *come on already.* *Goddamn it all* *Come here and join the other person* *That was close.* *WTF dude. That guy needs help lol* *submarine noises* *submarine noises* *more submarine noises* *pop x4* *Oh hi Camera guy!* *>_>* *Slowly now…* *Waits for Sixth Sense skill to effect* *No outlines, coast is clear!* *yeet* o.o *phew* *keyboard noises* *robot noises begin to surface [beginning of audio corruption, sorry]* *Thanks for the update Chains. I can see the screen :D* *Robot noises intensify* *Waiting…* *Found two bitches* *yeet* *wobbly noises* Asshole spotted x7, now in reverb *robot submarine noises* *>_>* Asshole Spotted x8 *civvies, the common danger to a heister* *yeet fail* *take 2* *yeet* *All set :)* *uh oh, better place a jammer* *Showtime.* *BOOM!* *oops* *real talk, I actually kinda like the VR driving controls.* *Oh, hi there* *bump* *thud* *fuck* *back on track.* *Listen to this car bzzrt* *almost perfect.* *to the van!* *yeet* *Victory in VR on DS/OD* *Again, sorry for the corrupted audio. Wish it did not do that. May have something to do with Game Bar.*

One comment on “[PAYDAY 2] Car Shop – Death Sentence/One Down … in VR”

  1. DuskyFox says:

    I did a few test recordings and seem to have fixed the audio corruption issue. It should not happen in the future.

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