Payday 2 collectors edition Ps3 unboxing

hello YouTube I just got paid a to collectors edition for ps3 in the mail here’s the box comes should come with a mass Dallas’s mask blue gloves payday two hundred-dollar bill wallet SED track and the full game disc ok Batman knife one lock to open the box about this knife is it can go two sides Batarang I just open it ok see what we got here alright just got the game cool the wallet okay cool and then the soundtrack assuming this is where the mask is nothing else ok so I’m going to get the mask smell the rubber tree here we are payday there’s the clubs ok it’s sort of sticking into the bag and I kind of want to put it back in later then ripped it well I’ll just put it in the better bag sorry gloves they’re just dollar gloves just dollar gloves rubber mask so yeah it’s everything to the wallet to the soundtrack to the mask the game and the cool box All Right see you later

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