PAYDAY 2 Community Tips: Tutorial [CC]

voiceover by [TEC] ODINN offers a dynamic map that rapidly offers many different contracts for heists. Each icon on the map has a randomly selected heist and difficulty, and remains on the map for approximately 30 seconds. Rarer heists usually have higher payouts. Heists in can be selected with an empty lobby, or be entered with a group who has already started. Highlighting a heist offers a description and reveals the difficulty, risk, and the breakdown of the payout. The yellow skulls indicate the risk level. Red outlined heists are Pro Jobs. If the crew fails a Pro Job, it will no longer be available to retry. Some heists are rarer and more valuable than others, others offer a high payout but a higher risk as well. I will now go over some aspects of the map such as the Legend, Filter and the Contract Broker. There is a range of different icons and colors. A white speech bubble indicates a new/clean job, this means if you select that icon you will be the host of the mission. The black speech bubbles are already opened lobbies by other people with the name of the host in Blue, and if a friend is hosting, his name will appear in Green. The Yellow skull indicates the Risk level, variating between zero and four skulls. The Red text “Pro job” indicates that it will be a pro job, more on that later on. The blue ghost means that the heist is stealth able. And last is the white boot meaning that you can’t be kicked out of that lobby The filter is used to search specific heists. The options are: Friends only, which speaks for itself. New servers only, meaning that they did not play a mission yet. In lobby servers only, are lobbies that are not in the actual mission yet. With the “Maximum servers” number, you can control how many public/friend servers are visible on your map, distance filter lets you roughly select the area on where you want to search for the particular filter settings: close, far and worldwide. Difficulty filter lets you choose to display any Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Overkill or Death Wish difficulty levels. Contract filter lets you choose which heists. Kick filter lets you choose if the lobbies viewing have kicking enabled or disabled Contract broker, this is the place for you to buy the mission as well as the pro alternatives with the selected difficulty with your offshore money There are five difficulty levels, which are set when selecting a contract: Normal – Risk Level 0 Hard – Risk Level 1 Very Hard – Risk Level 2 Overkill – Risk Level 3 Death Wish – Risk Level 4 Each difficulty level corresponds to a “Risk Level”, which appears as a heist asset, with the exception of Death Wish. As the risk level increases, so do the rewards, strength of the enemies who spawn, and length of the assault waves. Pro Jobs are usually upgraded versions of existing heists, although there are some heists that only exist as a Pro Job. These are Ukrainian Job, Bank Heist (non-suffixed & Gold), and Big Oil. Pro Jobs generally have double the experience payout and a slightly higher contract pay (however, loot bag values remain unchanged), and it is boosted further on higher difficulty levels. However, all Pro Jobs can only be completed in one attempt. If the players fail any day of the heist, they are forced to terminate the contract and cannot retry it without purchasing or finding it again on Pro Jobs are also more expensive than their non-Pro counterparts. The inability to retry a failure is of greatest detriment when performing a multi-Day heist, because failure on later Days will boot the crew back to the lobby and invalidate the effort they have taken to complete all the Days before that. Note that if an escape is triggered on a Pro Job, the escape will inherit the “Pro” status. There is a ‘heat’ number on each heists. This number is not the final resulting number or percent, more like an arbitrary index. Starts from 0, the maximum number is 100. The larger the better(bonus). As you complete a heist its heat goes down(penalty) and the other heists’ heat goes up(boost). The amount of penalty and boost differs by heists. Usually -15 penalty and 10 boost per a heist, multi-day heists has its own preset. Only 30% of the other ‘boost-able’ heists will be boosted. Another rest will not be modified. If a heist is boosted within 5 minutes(by being 30% above) or already maxed out(‘100’), it will not be considered as available in the RNG pool.

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