Payday 2 – Connor Shaw’s Voice Lines (Diamond Heist)

Yeah, what’s one more drink? I was ready to go all night. Ah man. This is bullshit, man. Who shuts down a party this early? I don’t feel so good… Freaking Ralph, man. Spoiled prick, too good for his own party.

26 comments on “Payday 2 – Connor Shaw’s Voice Lines (Diamond Heist)”

  1. DARTH MARR says:

    Just no!!!!

  2. Zoran Lazarević says:

    Why is he even in the heist ? xD

  3. Balázs Ufó says:

    Well, Overkill should have chose Connor to join the crew, not Ethan

  4. Hoxtilicious says:

    Wow, the like to dislike ratio is unreal. You guys know I had nothing to do with this right? And disliking the video is pointless?

    EDIT: Ah thank you for those that liked/didn't-dislike. A lot better now to say the least…

  5. Teh Greeky says:

    Doesn't the second line have an autotune-y sound?

  6. AxelNeedsAMedicBag says:

    Conner needs to react to this.

  7. eXeK says:

    one more drink

  8. Spare 15 says:

    No voiceline about silencer skills?! Dislike.

  9. Random Joseph says:

    "and take it easy"

  10. [SB] Vinyl says:

    What's with the dislikes?

  11. Csúb - Az Űrmedve says:

    Whose line is this in the game? Ralph?

  12. Bad Karma says:

    Well.. That's something… Would you be so kind to give us the ID of the .stream files? I think I have a few ideas for a mod ;3

  13. Spash _ says:

    This guy's picture comes up in the dictionary when you look up "cuck numale"

  14. Blicz B says:

    So hold up, if Connor is in Diamond Heist, that means he can be killed? I can already see people doing "50 ways to kill Connor in PD2".

  15. jojo says:


  16. Ozzymand says:

    Connor my boy

  17. Connor Shaw says:

    Wow, I can't believe they put that shill in the game.

  18. VanGraffs says:

    Holy shit, these comments are awful

  19. Rowcan says:

    Cool beans, puttin' gamers in your game.

  20. Yuness Hiyasat says:

    wait conner shaw is in pd2 xDº?

  21. TheBreakingBenny says:

    Nice cameo, Shaw Connor!

  22. Camo15590 says:

    Conner would be perfect as a main character who's a young adult

  23. Ethan Bourdette says:


  24. UltraGaming 49 says:

    My voicelines:
    So, whats your tf2 main?
    Hey, did you know that drill prices went up by 75% recently? Weird, right?
    Fuck this, im out.
    Jesus, what- what was in that?
    Wine, or whiskey?
    Shit, forgot my phone.

  25. CaptainDreadEye says:

    0:10 I see what Conner did there in his sum up of Diamond Heist.

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