Payday 2 – Double Cross 2017 (LEAKED – Heat Street)

T’was uploaded before Day 2 of ‘The Search for Kento’ event (1/2) Hence the boring red text, this *was* a leak (2/2)

100 comments on “Payday 2 – Double Cross 2017 (LEAKED – Heat Street)”

  1. Matty says:

    i love this track more than my actual life

  2. pro says:

    and yes it was correct

  3. Spooples says:

    do you got somethin else for us Hoxxy 😉

  4. Analord says:


  5. King The Son says:

    Pin this and spring break Day 3 give the h3h3 character pack

  6. Vidanjör says:


  7. eXeK says:

    begining sounds like three way deal 2016

  8. Faith4Dead says:

    This right here is what I'm talking about! I friggin love this 2017 version, fitting, somewhat mysterious and intense as all hell, I badly wanna play heat street on OD possibly with PD:TH only weapons and Vests only.

    This heist is gonna rock.

  9. TheBlueSpaceMan says:

    this was my favourite heist of PD:TH

    ym criying 4 thiz

  10. drunk birb says:

    holy shit that's banging

  11. Daddy Dallas says:


  12. just a simple user says:

    How did you already stoled a freaking soundtrack in 1 day?

  13. Salem says:

    It's an okay remix, but WAY too much electronic. That's also why I'm not a fan of GMG 2015.
    I wish Simon kept the control part style for the assault as well, it's a nice mix of both styles.

    But at least it doesn't sound like pure garbage unlike Home Invasion 2016. :^)

  14. robensate says:

    ohhhh my

  15. Gigi says:


  16. Hoxtilicious says:

    I love how a short 3-second video of Matt Roscoe screaming, gets more likes than a full 6 & a half minute video of a leaked heist track.

    We're mentally sick people, aren't we?…

    EDIT: Well this now has a lot more views than the other video, and along with it a higher view count. Oh well, MY POINT IS STILL VALID!

  17. Cody D. Buni says:

    It sounds worse than the original Double Cross. Good thing I have the PAYDAY: The Heist Soundtrack so I can hear the old one instead of this abomination.

  18. Matt Roscoe says:


  19. Spooky [GER] says:

    Sounds sick!

  20. Larry Belenossi says:

    Oh man, Stone Cold 2017 is going to be insane!

  21. cfynar says:

    Thank you for this <3 This sounds soo fucking good for me oww.

  22. Dribbleondo says:

    Oh Fuck. This is fire.

  23. Cyann3 says:

    Matt, what are you doing?

  24. Merrio says:


  25. Cpt. Point says:

    Sounds like we gonna get raped (yes, it is).

  26. jason says:

    eh, i like the original better

  27. Kell S. says:

    Now thats a Remake, its got the best Bass drop

  28. Quote says:

    Well, the song's not bad at all, but I personally think it doesn't fit the original Heat Street. It's very different from the original, too much electronic. The old one was good with that focus on the drums and the bass, this one seems to be a somewhat generic song for your average heist. A bit sad coming from our lord Viklund.

  29. Tailsy says:

    eh, not exactly the biggest fan of this, it's just way too heavy on the electronic style. oh well, at least they let us use the original tracks if we want to

    edit: still a little "meh" but it's slowly growing on me

  30. Mark Lee says:

    uuuuuuh….. what about Stone Cold?

  31. Miku Nightcore says:

  32. Mystellen says:

    6:08 is where the banger kicks in

  33. TheSushiHero says:

    To everyone complaining about this song being too electronic: What do you want from a remix? This is a serious question. If you want a song with the same rhythm as the original double cross with the same focus on drum and bass as the original double cross and generally the same aesthetic as the original double cross, then why not listen to the original double cross? I dont think Simon would ever be able to make an imitation of the original double cross that is more effective at what it does than the original already is. Instead of imitating with this track, he's iterating. He's turning the work into something different, something incomparable to the original. Is it better or worse than the original? Whose to say? The two songs are trying to say different things.

  34. ThatGuyEvan223 says:

    if I'm honest I realy only liked from 6:09 to the end…I'll just use the original track for the heist

  35. Heavyscootie says:

    Somehow this reminds me of some pokemon tracks. Btw im not saying its bad because its the best payday song ever created

  36. Default5 says:

    well today come a new heist normally ?

  37. Bushmann says:


  38. Cyann3 says:

    A lot of people are hating on it in the comments, but, as of writing this comment, there are no dislikes, so that's cool!

  39. [PHS] AKAZ says:

    gonna prepare for something big..

  40. Hoxtilicious says:

    I won't upload them because it's really not necessary and we already know we're getting it, but I found a whole bunch of audio files for thunder, rain, wind etc. – just extreme weather that would fit perfectly into Green Bridge. Also the sound of breaking open the van to get Matt out.

  41. 3[L] says:

    So, who made this: Carl or Simon?

  42. Jade Rabbit says:

    Big fuckin' grin on my face right now… GET TO DAH CHOPPAH!!!

  43. Blunkn says:

    this shit is hotter than the van matt was trapped in

  44. Boris Memedov says:

    this is going to be a fucking badass

  45. MercenaryFox says:

    nah, too much electro bullshit … im gonna stick it with the original.

  46. Thirsty says:

    that one dislike

  47. Gregory Hill says:

    This reminds me of Half-Life so much 🙂

  48. ElInspectorRicardo says:

    Sounds pretty darn good, would love to see this heist back again, it's my favourite one despite all the problems i had to complete it, i love the feeling that you're always running out of time while the heist and everyone seems so desperate to complete it, it's such a cool situation.

  49. Sournois Fox says:

    I am pretty sure that 3:00 – 3:06 part should be inbetween the end of Anticipation and Assault into.

    Well, Most Likely.

  50. Shrine_ says:

    I'm gonna need more than just a sock for this…

  51. ayy imao says:

    This is fucking badass. Too bad I'll probably listen to this about 3 minute before going to the custody in one down with out my Crosbow & China puff build.

  52. TheWubOne says:

    Yeah, this is pretty good stuff. Especially at the end. Parts where the pitch shifts are also a nice touch.

  53. Hogarth says:

    Patiently waiting for that extended assault…

  54. CRØNOX says:

    6:09 Fuck yeah B)
    Reminds me of Gun Metal Grey 2016

  55. Mipamyanmiro says:

    the only remake I like

  56. Simon Lifer says:

    This track is extra thicc

  57. The Dublin Banshee says:

    Hox, ON ME NOW!

  58. The Dublin Banshee says:

    I started payday 2 when Gaben blew up my steam with 589 notifications saying my wishlist was on sale. It was a sign. Sign I needed a new computer, and a sign I needed to buy it. It was 5% off. Worth it. Got clover for the gun, and the mask. Still use. Worth it. Never take it off. For I am the last clover main. I am actually Irish unlike you American clovers. Fakes. All of you.

  59. Loocheena says:


  60. yoshisdream says:

    haven't played for two months and this song makes me want to play again, but i'm too lazy to clean my harddrive to install update :^)

  61. Stud McMillionaire says:

    H O L Y S H I T , Y E S

  62. DrScaphandre says:

    Side note: What if Matt was made a playable character?

  63. xXYannuschXx says:

    Holy shit, the bass at the end is INSANE! 😀

  64. Linky Dinky says:

    I hate how they completely changed the story of the heist, how ever that's just a nit pick, the heist is still amazing and night marish on the hardest difficulty. Just like old times : )

  65. Soysause767 says:

    6:08 I am in love

  66. Coollcat says:

    To everyone complaining about the new 2017 version of this song: It is a REMIX…… what do you want from it. I personally like it,

  67. WiseEndro333 says:


  68. - BigBoy - says:

    6:05 at 0.75 speed, I got a boner

  69. God Of Succ says:

    4:29 gives off a very Tekken vibe to me

  70. aguywhodoesntexist says:

    <=overkill: Double Cross 2011

    >overkill: Double Cross 2017

    normally I use PDTH music on higher difficulties

  71. ricardo martinez says:

    Run bitch run

  72. Gangsta cat says:

    the original one is much better

  73. J O L T I N says:

    i still need you guys to clear the roof before i can get in.

  74. Ethius Eximius says:

    That suitcase is worth a hell of alot of money!

  75. Joris says:

    Fuse Box 2.0 ?

  76. Furious Finch says:

    …. is anyone concerned that, for all Bain's insistence on no civilian casualties, we just killed probably 60+ innocent people?

  77. Renato says:

    Wow, this is actually one of the best stealth songs I've seen on the game. Really nice work!

  78. AxelNeedsAMedicBag says:

    I listened to this track while watching the shootout from the movie, Heat.

  79. Thatone sliceleft says:

    love the control part

  80. Wolf says:

    Get im GET THE CASE!!!

  81. Thatone sliceleft says:

    1:49 best part… Its quiet tho so turn it up a bit

  82. AxelNeedsAMedicBag says:

    This gives me a Need For Speed: Most Wanted vibe.

  83. Артемий Румянцев says:

    God dang it, this soundtrack is so intense, it sounds like, we're not gonna catch him, he's on a friggin VAN, and already drove away from us in any direction, but some real shit happened, and he failed! And we catched him, god, that's so intense ! Love it!

  84. Sebastian Lagomasini says:

    My favorite remix it’s just so awesome

  85. Привет . . . says:

    The build up from 1:56 to 2:35 is amazing

  86. s n e k says:

    r u n b o i 6:09

  87. Clark says:

    Literally the most Dramatic song in all of Payday.

  88. TheIceManYT says:

    1:50 control

  89. Rudy Grzyb 2: Wrong Number says:

    I need a loop of 6:08

  90. Strobiboi says:

    Easily my favorite heist track.

  91. ComedyToonsYT says:

    FYI About Time Stamps For Mobile Users

    Stealth Is 0:00
    BU Is 1:50
    Ant Is 3:06
    As Is 3:33
    Assault Is 3:35

  92. s n e k says:

    Rain mod + Sum drama + Assault = E P I C

  93. Mayson Beegle says:


  94. Mayson Beegle says:


  95. Linkrock1234 says:

    Only remake that can rival it's former version. Fucking amazing.

  96. Your Player Cat says:

    I KNOW IM LATE LOL but to be fair i dont like remixes but payday 2 remixes ARE ok for me

  97. Raven Gamer says:

    This is the best track

  98. Soulvrak says:

    4:03 reminds me of that NFS High Stakes intro

  99. Journey awaits says:

    Someday I want to be like Dallas and I'll have this badass track playing on my score, I'll even yell for medic bags when I inevitably get shredded

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