Payday 2 – Dragan’s Safehouse Phone Call (#wickVSdragan) w/Translation

Can’t tell when, maybe later Listen, maybe some bees don’t like the Queen Bee Deal, don’t worry I will find out I need to be careful, yeah I don’t know, I will call you I have enough worrying about the cops You understand what I am saying The king/emperor is still dressed, and I don’t know what he looks like (not 100% accurate) Hmm, we need more information Yes, I will call you If you say so Your word No Deal Of course

44 comments on “Payday 2 – Dragan’s Safehouse Phone Call (#wickVSdragan) w/Translation”

  1. Hoxtilicious says:

    If somebody could be so kind, and contribute English subtitles :c

  2. eXeK says:


  3. King The Son says:

    Translate from Croatian to My Language:
    I Have Two Number 9´s a Number 9 Large a Number 6 with Extra Dip a Number 7 Two Number 45s one with cheese and a Large Pepperoni Pizza

  4. Spooky [GER] says:


  5. DoktorWojna says:


  6. Lolszakjak says:


  7. Mayro says:

    wait wot? wickvsdragan? could someone enlighten me?

  8. Drunkle Bodhi says:

    Could this be related to one of the lines for hoxton in the prison nightmare? "You got Hector, but someone else is lying to you."

  9. Black Ribbon says:

    Looks like Dragon is setting up to betray Bain. His quote asking Dallas or whoever about Bain makes more sense now.

  10. Zoran Lazarević says:


  11. milk li says:

    his perk deck… will it related to the fight with payday gang? what if I use dragon on heat street? same as hoxton breakout?

  12. Dezhen says:

    0:32 Pepperoni 'n Extra Cheese ?

  13. Sokol says:

    #TeamWick vs #teamDragan

    I always been #teamSydney :'D

  14. Sokol says:

    he is talking about Bain , Dragan doesnt know how Bain looks like

  15. Blunt says:

    I think Dragan might have the payday gang go after Bain as he said "maybe some of the bees don't like the queen bee"

  16. Faith4Dead says:

    Is this connected with payday 3 at all? I've heard that there will be 5 heisters in the 3rd one, not sure if true or accurate but if there is going to be five, possibly the heisters will end up fighting each other and possibly die or maybe survive and go into hiding?

    Not sure, just trying to make some sense of the situation.

  17. Cpt. Point says:

    0:39 – so he snooping on Bain (?).

  18. Knif3plays says:

    Чем то похоже на Русский

  19. Sebastian Vira says:

    Man, overkill is realy good at making disturbing teasers, anybody remember when Locke put the "Hacked" message for the Point Break Heists

  20. Lemmy S. Kelton says:

    Team wick

  21. TheDingDog says:

    Pepperoni with extra cheese. Now that's the way to live.

  22. DunkinDoinks says:

    I'm on whatever team Bile is on.

  23. lav says:

    Lol i actuali understan this

  24. kane bellic says:

    Is he a undercover cop?he was a cop and a traitor for his ex-partner,i never understand why payday gang trust him

  25. Lily PicaChu says:

    pepperoni and extra cheese
    always get me >.<

  26. JoaquizzleTwizzle says:

    I think we can all agree that he's hiding something.

  27. TheKylewally109 says:

    If anyone wants my theory, I think the traitor is NOT Dragan, but The Butcher. She's the one giving orders to Dragan as seen in her trailer. Even though Dragan was a gift, The Butcher can still call the shots.

    Why is she doing this? The Butcher is a gun runner and wants competition gone. Now the gang is just hired guns, so who else would contract them other than Vlad; also a gun smuggler (Remember Meltdown? Plus, The Butcher might be interested in the stolen nukes as well). This is why Vlad is in the Safehouse, as he's checking to see if any heister has signs of working with The Butcher.

    Guys, I think we're in the middle of a gang war and we're being used.

  28. werknemerful says:

    asmr voice

  29. Mitya Petrov says:

    There's a possibility that he's a rat cause: He was a cop, he regrets being a heister (cause he's fear on prison nightmare is his father sayng hell be a great police officer) and the wicks line about Dragan knowing something.

  30. Cricket says:

    i'll be real with you, i bet dragan will turn houston against dallas to hurt him where it hurts the most, hearing him say Some bees don't like the queen bee supports it even more.

  31. Karabo Pare says:

    when's Jiro translation coming?

  32. gerBelz says:

    Yesterday I was visiting the safe house as wolf & john wick said that dragan has a secret & that we have to be carefull D:

  33. MaJebo Ime says:

    this is the language from my homeland he says to some person that they need more information, that he needs to be more cautios that he will call that person and that a the king is still dresed probably some kind of code and i also heard that that person he speaks on the phone with is giving him orders

  34. Zahn Rad says:

    Team Bonnie

  35. kyxhk says:

    sounds more like dragan talking to bain

  36. Comrade Commissar Filip The Czech Gopnik says:


  37. Luka Dervisevic says:

    Most of the call lines are retarded

  38. Daniel Rondon says:


  39. BRE4D_DE4D says:


  40. Matt says:


  41. Leo says:

    Dragan is definately hiding something… I don't speak Croation but hearing someone speak in a foreign language and then hearing a common phrase like "Yes, pepperoni with extra cheese" kinda marks you out.

  42. Torlak Kårstad says:

    Ok, so I think he is talking to someone about who ratted out hoxton?

  43. Charlie Diep says:

    The Butcher, the Dentist, and the Elephant are the Three Kings. Bain, Vlad, and maybe Matt are the watchers

  44. Just a test says:

    This went nowhere in the lore.

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