Payday 2 – Elephant’s Original Hardcore Henry Briefing

This Russian organization is conducting some very disturbing experiments from a hidden laboratory in Russia The lab in Russia is holding vital information that could literally change how we perceive reality in this world. If you really want to stop Akan from getting his hands on whatever he’s after, you need to get there first Head to Russia and do your thing Murkywater are transporting the EMP bomb by train. But luckily for us, they have a planned pit stop and that’s when you need to strike. The hidden trainyard is where you’ll find the EMP bomb parts. The place will be heavily guarded by Murkywater, so I hope you’re up for the challange. Sneak in there and get them, then get out quickly. Do not sound the alarm I’ll take care of the information for now. And don’t worry, I won’t let Akan get his hands on the data you’ve collected. I value our working relationship more than some white-haired Russian freak. I’ll be in touch.

3 comments on “Payday 2 – Elephant’s Original Hardcore Henry Briefing”

  1. vivauae says:

    When is the crimewave edition dlcs gonna come out?

  2. terrorblades says:

    Better , definitely better

  3. Hoxtilicious says:

    Added in subtitles (in English) for pretty much no reason.

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