PAYDAY 2 – First Bank Robbery In A Nutshell

xXx_PEOPLES_POET_xXx (10): ALRIGHT, THIS IS IT! xXx_PEOPLES_POET_xXx (10): DOG DAY AFTERNOON! xXx_PEOPLES_POET_xXx (10): Typical, look at the place; it’s completely packed! xXx_PEOPLES_POET_xXx (10): Why don’t they put more staff on? :I MIKE THE-COOL-PERSON (50): The solution is simple. MIKE THE-COOL-PERSON (50): All we do is join seperate queues. MIKE THE-COOL-PERSON (50): The ones who gets to the front first starts the robbery. xXx_Peoples_Poet_xXx (10): Brilliant! Bank Staff #1: Alright Mr. Real Robber, the manager will see you now. Bank Manager: Now I must tell you that I’ve pushed the alarm button, and the police will be at any moment! REAL_ROBBER96 (XXV-100): Shut up and keep putting the money in the sack! Bank Manager: Fine, of course, yes… Bank Staff #2: For “financial transactions” please try any of the other windows. xXx_PEOPLES_POET_xXx (10): LOOK, I’M NOT BLOOMING WELL QUEUEING UP AGAIN! All I want to do- Police: Everyone inside the bank! This is the police! Please be calm! A robbery is taking place! Lie down on the floor and await further instruction! We have the place surrounded! xXx_PEOPLES_POET_xXx (10): Bloody pigs! NEIL (0): Mike! The bank’s being robbed! NEIL (0): Quick, get down on the floor or you’ll get hurt! D: MIKE THE-COOL-GUY (50): NEIL! We’re doing the robbery! NEIL (0): Oh! Oh yeah 😀 xXx_PEOPLES_POET_xXx (10): NEIL YOU’VE JUST RUINED EVERYTHING! I didn’t even get a chance to shout, HANDS UP! GIVE ME the… money? REAL_ROBBER96 (XXV-100): What? xXx_PEOPLES_POET_xXx (10): Bloody hell! MIKE THE-COOL-PERSON (50): QUICK! xXx_PEOPLES_POET_xXx (10): I DON’T BELIEVE IT! WE DID IT! Twitch: AHH! WHAT’VE I DONE!? *cries* Bain: What? NO! This isn’t happening!

14 comments on “PAYDAY 2 – First Bank Robbery In A Nutshell”

  1. Soyunidota says:

    god damnit Twitch

  2. Apokryphos says:

    Sweg beg.

  3. Chronic Milk says:

    The part about screaming to get in the car has never been truer

  4. Yunus Emre Akça says:

    Heeeeeeey Yohsi add me on steam
    Steam nick:Younish Hoxton Jackson

  5. Caricaturas Random says:

    D O G D A Y A F T E R N O O N

  6. Scorched Ear1h says:

    Dude this is gold. Could we maybe play a game sometime? Thanks. Also happy New Years!

  7. - MIII - says:

    The sad part was that this was on hard.

  8. FuzemW says:

    400 coins…

    Seems legit

  9. Leave Me Alone FBI says:

    1:21 They didn't have the expert driver asset

  10. Kabusek Kabusek says:

    first robbery but 100 lvl and 400 coin xd

  11. Rowcan says:

    This is so good it hurts.

    "I didn't even get a chance to shout 'HANDS UP! GIVE ME THE money…' Wha-?"

  12. Cute Fanat says:

    1:24 Guy who was scream I think they are cutted this crash scene without expert driver more than 1 time cuz he have nose trauma or it's just for atmoshpere.

  13. Z_Ack says:

    1:17 First World Bank [ESCAPE] in a SwagBag

  14. Tom the Pain Train Conductor says:

    Except the crew gets sniped before they can get in the car. Happens to me every time.

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