[Payday 2] [First Look/Update] Hardcore Henry Heist and Update 97

Hey guys, Unknown Knight here again. Today we will be having a first look on the
Hardcore Henry Heists and Update 97. The Hardcore Henry update brings us 2 new
heists (1 stealth only and the other loud only) 4 masks, 10 achievements, 1 melee weapon
and 1 pistol. I’ll also be sharing about Update 97 which
has a few significant updates, namely a patch for the Blackdozer damage tables, some added
fail lines for Bain and Framing Frame day 3 camera placement for stealth. For this round of achievements, we have 10,
9 of them can be achieved solo, 1 of them has to be done with a full crew and is perk
deck related, though it can be done in any loud heist. I’ll do an achievement guide video for this
later, but for the last one, Megalo-mania, I already have a video guide on it, you can
find the link right here in the description. As usual, some bookmarks here for you to jump
around. Alright so for update 97, as mentioned we
have a few updates so let’s do the new voice lines added for Bain, which will play at the
fail screen, which is very similar to Payday the Heist if you have played that. And I totally failed on purpose so you guys
can hear this (yeah right) So next would be the Blackdozer damage patch,
which is most significant on Deathwish so I’m not going to cover the other difficulties. The damage has been scaled down from a minimum/maximum
of 175/400, to 105/240. So if you used to die in 2 to 3 shots, you can probably tank
a few more shots compared to before. And last for the update; Framing Frame day 3 has some changes in the 2nd floor camera placement and is no longer facing the bookshelf so when the vault spawns on the second floor it will never be spotted
by the camera. This also means that your stealth builds can
exclude Camera Loop if you want to use those skill points elsewhere. Now let’s compare that to the previous placement. And in if case you’re wondering, there’s
no change to the camera on the 1st floor, the camera can still spawn facing the bag
shortcut. And that’s all I have for update 97. We have 4 new masks, all 4 of them are locked
behind achievements with 2 for each heist. For the Boiling Point ones, 1 is locked behind
a Very Hard difficulty and the other on the Overkill difficulty. Since they are all achievement masks you can only have 1 of them. They are also supposed to be references to other games or media. Here’s what they look like. Alright so you can find the new masks under
the normal tab right all the way at the end. And these are the 4 new masks. And out of
the the 4 masks only 1 of them is modelled to have the elastic backing which is this
mask. That’s the elastic backing. While the other 3 are wrapped around the head
like an actual helmet. Oh wait, let me just return this. Yup, this one as well and also the last one. Ok so as mentioned earlier they are supposed
to be references to some other games or media. For this one I’m not really sure, but there’s
a symbol right here maybe it’s familiar to some of you out there. And the other one, this is very obvious. It’s definitely a reference to the Splinter Cell series although I believe Sam Fisher wore a green light (lit) one. The green lights is (are) very distinct. So this is more like the… this is actually
the cloaker’s, the Russian cloaker’s night vision goggles actually, from the Boiling
Point heist. And this, I definitely know this one. It’s
definitely by (a reference to) Demolition Man which you actually see mentioned here
in the description and I only played the video game back then. I didn’t really watch the movie, I was too young. And the last one, it’s supposed to be inspired
by an anime which I totally have no idea which anime it is. Yup, so these are the 4 new masks we have
in this Henry Heist update. Alright so what we have here is the Electric
Brass Knuckles which is similar to the Buzzer electric weapon from the Golden Grin Casino
DLC. For one it’s an electric weapon, which has
the same effect as a Tazer tasing players. And although it has a charge time, charging
it up does nothing. The knockdown value is also not used at all. In the game, all enemies can be tazed except
for Bulldozers, Winters, Commissar and Hector. For the stun time, when an enemy is tazed they will be stunned randomly between 3.2 to 3.9 seconds. So the Electric Brass Knuckles is useful for
various things, like tazing Cloakers to disable them before they can do anything or to stop them while they are charging, though it’s harder to taze them when they are charging.
You’ll need good timing and lots of practice. Otherwise if you really really hate Tazers
you can do this. Or you can also taze enemies to reduce their health so that you can dominate them without them shooting back at you. Alright so now we’re going to take a look
at the new secondary, the White Streak pistol. And we’re going to use an empty skillset
so you can see the raw values without all the other skills adding stats to it. Ok so the closest weapon we can compare it
to would be the Baby Deagle but we’ll look at that later. And as usual, I have 4 standard variations; The stock version, the loud version, the silenced (silent killer) version and the concealed
version. For these I will be building with non DLC
mod parts because this is a non DLC weapon after all. So let’s take a look at the stock version. Ok so these are the stats, we can see. Let’s compare it to the Deagle since that
is, this is basically like, a different version of the Deagle. So, the stats are pretty much very close,
the magazine, total ammo. It has a higher rate of fire, the damage is actually exactly
the same. Accuracy is slightly worse off. Stability is slightly better, concealment
is slightly better but much less threat. So basically it’s like a smaller version
of the Deagle if you actually look at the weapon model. It actually looks more like a Glock compared
to the Deagle right here. Alright so let’s look at the loud version. With the loud version, we have an extra 2
to the magazine, extra 20 to your accuracy, which you can further boost by taking the
Mastermind’s +4 and the Technician’s +4 to accuracy for a total of 96 accuracy which
is very good. For the silenced version which is, it’s
the same, pretty much the same with slightly worse accuracy, better stability and slightly
worse concealment. And for the concealed version actually basically
there’s no difference with the stock version because there are no mods that actually add
to the concealment. So what I actually have, the +1 here is actually from the concealment
boost and I have a laser right there, I have a Micro laser attachment. So let’s now compare it to the closest variant
that we can compare to which is the Baby Deagle and with this, you can actually see that they
actually have the exact same stats. So let us compare as again, build for build. So this is the loud version, it has 2 more
ammo in the magazine, slightly less stability and slightly less concealment. You’d notice that they mostly trade… the
2 different weapons they actually trade off a few stats here and there it’s pretty much
the same. And for the loud versions of the weapon they,
it’s mostly the magazine (size) you’ll see. It’s the magazine (size) and what they trade off for is
slightly worse accuracy, slightly worse stability. And for the concealed version, the Baby Deagle
is more concealed and has slightly better accuracy but slightly worse stability. Ok so basically what is good about the White
Streak pistol is that, it has… compared to the Deagle, which is the closest thing
we have, not considering the Baby Deagle at all, is that it has a much better rate of
fire. It is actually pretty much like the Bernetti,
ya it is actually the same as the Bernetti 9 So it actually has a better fire rate than
the Deagle. It also has a much smaller frame so when you actually fire the weapon you won’t
have so much (animated) recoil. So let’s take a quick comparison right here
to see how the weapons look like when firing rapidly. Alright so 2 things I do not like about the
White Streak pistol is that 1, the iron sights itself, there is no clear indication (markings).
It is all black. Compared to the Baby Deagle, you can actually
see that the sights have these dots to help align your sight properly, so it’s actually
much easier for me to use them to aim, aim with reflex when firing at something. And the other thing is that the frame of the
White Streak pistol is a little too small for my liking. For example you can see here that it’s almost
the same size as the barrel extension itself. So looking at the silenced version, which
I’m using the Jungle Ninja Suppressor, you’d actually see that the barrel itself is even
bigger than the frame. So essentially when you’re aiming at something
far you’d have your view slightly blocked. And while this is an exaggeration but imagine if you have fitted it with the Jungle Ninja Suppressor (Budget Suppressor) (Laughing) This. No I mean the Budget Suppressor
and this is what you’d get. I’m totally not sure how you would be aiming with this
at all. Imagine playing with this in a loud heist. Alright so that’s the White Streak pistol
for you. If you haven’t tried it, go try it out and see if you’d like it. Let us first look at Murky Station which is
a new stealth only heist, very similar to Shadow Raid because of all the Murkies. You will also encounter some reused assets
all put together in one heist, like keycards, blowtorches, thermite and hard disks. It’s also the first time we have a pistols
weapons loot and the weapons loot now have been renamed to show either the pistols or rifles. Also there are several other reused concepts
like laser beams, dumpsters et cetera. It’s nice to see the level designs getting more
and more detailed compared to before. And lastly, which I feel has the most effort
put in would be the camera drones. They function just like a normal camera and also have a
Deathwish or Titan version which is unbreakable. To break them just shoot at the camera, but
please don’t do it, you’ll most likely fail the heist because a flying broken camera
gets spotted easily. And the counterpart to Murky Station, we have
Boiling Point which is a loud only heist. Most noticeably are the Russian units, so
go have fun and enjoy all their sounds and whatnot. Other than that, we have another forest rather
than an urban landscape, which can be extremely irritating because the AI can spot and shoot you through the trees, branches and leaves while players have a harder time doing so. You’ll see some familiar assets as well,
like parachuting, mission C4, objectives to defend, though the missile launcher blast
and EMP effect is something new. Something newly featured in this heist is
the server loot, where it’s value actually increases when more objectives are met, rather than just churning out more and more of the same loot like Cookoff, Santa’s Workshop
and Counterfeit. I do hope we see more of such things like
that in future heists. And that’s all I have for you in this first
look video. Go play the new heists if you haven’t, or check out my gameplay videos,
which will also be in the video description below. I’ll keep working on more informative and
entertaining videos and I’m now up on Twitter, you can check it out. I’ll mostly be posting
updates to what I’m working on and when my videos get released so I won’t be spamming
if you decide to follow. Other than that, drop me a comment if you
have any and I’ll see you in the next video. Unknown Knight, signing off.

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