PAYDAY 2: First time on…Hotline Miami Day 2

Hi all, we are Everett, Ziofrank and Shamalaya of GaminGuys, and this time we are on Payday 2 as you can see And we’ll show you how to do Hotline Miami (Day 2) The crew starts in crates in a storage room along with a few Mobsters. After putting your masks on, the crates open and the heist starts. Entering a small courtyard, one player must collect C4 charges and blow open the entrance to the Apartment Building. Once you’ve entered the building, the Commissar will escape through an elevator, forcing the crew to fight through the three story building. The building itself is heavily decayed, and is essentially a randomly generated maze, which also includes a randomly spawning security gate (that can be drilled or sawed to open, a non-upgraded drill takes 60 seconds) and blocked stairwells. Care should still be taken as claymores can spawn at the door entrances. Once enemies are alerted, the police will assault the building, and The Commissar’s crew starts flushing their stash of uncut cocaine; the faster the crew reaches the penthouse, the more loot that can be secured. Once the crew reaches the penthouse, the main doors must be breached with C4. The Commissar will always seal himself inside his personal vault, forcing the crew to drill it open; Bile soon drops a thermal drill, that must be set-up and defended for around four to six minutes. During this assault, a gunship owned by the Commissar will occasionally fire on the penthouse, firing rockets into the room and setting it ablaze. The shots from the gunship will instantly stop the drill. After three strikes, a valve wheel can be turned to activate the sprinklers. The fire will take several seconds to extinguish. Wait the drill. Once open, the Commissar emerges from the vault and personally fights the crew Once he is dead, the crew can take the remaining cocaine and any cash inside the vault and escape by helicopter. Guys we hope you enjoyed the video. If so, please leave comments, likes and subscribe to the channel: GaminGuys
Now relax…until next heist 😉

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  1. Stuart Finkelson says:

    i thought the commissar was the guy with the chicken mask xD

    now that i think of it since hox was in jail he mightve been hoxtons temporary replacement

  2. mille games says:


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