Payday 2 [FPS] #1 – Japanese Wife Goes Criminal (English subtitles)

If you see this text, your subtitles are on Today, we are going to have you do some bad things. Are you gonna be okay? What do you mean? You are going to play as (become) a bad guy Yeah, but uh.. Not sure if i can BECOME a bad guy though But i’ll try Ok so lets start with… Oh! This here! Huh? You can read this as “Payday, right~

3 comments on “Payday 2 [FPS] #1 – Japanese Wife Goes Criminal (English subtitles)”

  1. Hana Caena says:

    I'm not really up for these kunds of games either! But fun to watch!

  2. Route 24 says:

    I really enjoyed this haha

  3. Sonii_TV says:

    Hi there! I just happened to encounter your video, and I have to say, it did entertain me. I remember learning to stealth, and laughing about it. One question: How did you get Japanese text in the game?

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