PAYDAY 2 – Framing Frame Overkill Pro Job – Plan C

Hello, everybody
I’m InnerPeace I want to show you something different plan
I call this ‘Plan C’ Our target in this video is
Framing Frame Overkill Pro Job Suit is enough for this plan People think that ‘Plan A’ is
neutralize the guards one by one slowly and ‘Plan B’ is assault play style
with portable saw or/and C4 ‘Plan C’ is assault play style like ‘Plan B’
But you have to equip an ECM jammer Some people may know this plan Each teammate deploy ECM jammer
in order every 20 seconds You have to steal 4 or more paintings on day 1 I promised that deploy my ECM jammer
at 00:00 and 00:20 We just stole 1 painting each
for fast progression Every teammates learned
‘ECM Specialist Aced’ So each teammate has 2 ECM jammers,
25 secs duration and can delays the pager Just one minute will do this You have 2m40s if your team deploy 8 jammers
in order every 20 seconds You will trade paintings for money bags on day 2 More paintings, more money
That’s it You can complete day 2 without assault
if you completed day 1 without alarm Just run as fast as you can You have to neutralize these cleaners for stealth If you failed stealth on day 1
cops will be arrive after trade in the train Easy, isn’t it? Deploy jammers on day 3 in the same way If the guard already take gun out
you feel that cannot dominate him You can dominate guards or cops easily
if you make him stagger by attack But guards are too weak
So, just wait for dominating first guard Dominated first guard successfully
Time to find and kill one guard each Just makes some noise
if you feel hard to find the guard Kill him and then look around
for destroy cameras Stop deploying jammers and prepare to answer the pager
when every teammates are ready Pager require your answer
when last jammer has been stopped You got this place in two minutes Thanks for watching
Enjoy yourself

13 comments on “PAYDAY 2 – Framing Frame Overkill Pro Job – Plan C”

  1. bibi24 says:

    hahaha too good

  2. MorphineOD says:

    I don't think you should place the jammers right from the get-go, rather when everyone's ready and at the entry points.

  3. yakmmosmacktalk says:

    Awesome job boys! That's how it's done!

  4. yakmmosmacktalk says:

    Clearly they know what they are doing and you don't!

  5. Dean Daniel says:

    ewww lol, anyone can go in and smash grab 4 paintings. the mission is not complete unless you get all 9 as far as im concerned.

  6. MorphineOD says:

    clearly you're a little bitch

  7. Gabriel Marchildon says:

    The minimum is 4. You can get more if you want more cash and more cameras in the last day.

  8. Dean Daniel says:

    so you mean to say, that there will be more cameras located in the mansion on the last day if i get more than 4 paintings?

  9. Gabriel Marchildon says:

    The mission is to steal painting (day 1), hide cameras in them and sell them to the guy we want to frame (day 2). So if you only steal 4 paintings, you'll only have 4 cameras in the 3rd day.

  10. Dean Daniel says:

    i know about the paintings on day one. you put them on the table. and then they throw you the money.

    i just dont know what you mean about the cameras. are you talking about cameras on the walls in the mansions? like the security cameras?

    by the way ive done this mission on overkill probly 20 times at least. just confused by what cameras your talking about

  11. Gabriel Marchildon says:

    No, in day 3, you have 2 kinds of camera. The security cameras and the hidden cameras. The hidden cameras is for you. On the roof, there's a computer where you can access them, but they don't do it in this video. The purpose of those cameras is for tagging the guards and help the search of the 5 items.

  12. Dean Daniel says:

    well! thank you for clarifying this, this is very helpful to me

  13. KorsarNik says:

    Awesome! Thats what I call a pro job!

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