Hi guys Master indigo here. In this video I will show you all you need in order to complete the Easter Egg secret in Payday 2. The answers to the puzzles and riddles have taken months solve and were solved by the amazing Payday secret community None of this would have been possible without them So huge huge shout-out to you guys for figuring everything out first of all You need to be at least level 25 in order to unlock the upgradable safe house because part of the puzzle is done there. In the Safehouse Customization you need to upgrade Scarface’s room to max level to unlock the piano. This will be needed later. If you don’t have enough Continental coins to upgrade Scarface’s room Completing the following heists and trophies will give you exactly the amount you need Next off you need to complete the following heists for trophies. Henry’s Rock on normal or above to unlock the Scribe’s Coffer Shackleton auction or normal or above to unlock the Obsidian plate The Brooklyn Bank on OVERKILL or above to unlock the medallion of Perseids Golden Grin Casino and Henry’s Rock or normal or above to unlock the Healer’s Coffer The Breakin Feds heist on normal or above to unlock the elephants coffer. Lastly No Mercy on normal or above to unlock Bain’s Guide Many other guides have I found online seemed to be missing that No Mercy is a requirement I tried the Fresh Save (file) not having played No Mercy (On that save file) and the piano puzzle just didn’t work So be sure to complete No Mercy as well. If any of these are missing the piano puzzle won’t work. Also, make sure the trophies are “on display” on the menu here. Once you have completed all of these mentioned heists You can interact with the coffers after taking the medallion from duke’s table Open up the boxes and the parts should start moving to make the moving stop We need to complete a small puzzle in the piano on Scarface’s room You need to play these nine notes in Scarface’s room in this order If you have done all the required heists and played the piano correctly the parts should stop moving and start hovering still. You can now interact with the device and Interacting with it will give you 20 different plates that you’ll need to translate Thankfully the language itself is in English. Just the typeface you see is not something you understand with the help of these handy translations You need to just translate all of these 20 to normal alphabet you can read I suggest flipping the image because the letters are mirrored. You can however do it without flipping the image Just remember do it from right to left. If you however decide to flip the image translate it normally from left to right Translating all this 20 might take a while. But after you have done it, you will end up with smaller riddles that point toward achievements The game chooses 20 achievements from a pool of 56 that you need to have completed in order to be considered worthy of the secret If you don’t have these you can still complete the secret with some help But remember you are not worthy, more on that later Now those clues that you have translated are English and all of them have been figured out Already so we don’t have to think about them too much I have a link down below to all the 56 clues and what achievements they represent for example if the translation of the plate is Under the cover of night and shadows the thieves stole many bags of valuables and not a single drop of blood was spilled You need to complete the achievement: I will pass through walls Check your achievements If you have completed all of these 20 you need to complete and if you have completed all of them You are worthy. If you haven’t done some of them you aren’t worthy and you need to complete them in order to become worthy Now time to actually go do the secret! Start up the white house heist on overkill difficulty or above with 4 players At least two of these players (one being the host) needs to be worthy You can start the heist loud or stealth it partly Continue the mission normally until you are inside a library If you were strolling before make the game loud now before entering the airlock Once the game is loud proceed to PEOC and enter the room with a painting. If all the players in the lobby are worthy the painting should start glowing and it is interactable If some of the players in the lobby are not worthy. They need to leave the game now Once all unworthy players have left the lobby The painting will start glowing. Now be careful not to interact with the painting before the unworthy people join back in Once you interact with the painting the lobby will become unjoin able So next invite your unworthy friends back in and when they are in-game interact with the painting and reveal a crack in the wall Wait a short moment and you as a host will receive c4 the blow hole in the wall. Beep Beep. Proceed into the old mining tunnels you see ahead and step onto an elevator and pull a lever slowly the elevator will start going down into a dark deep hole the crew takes off their murky outfits and leaves them onto the elevator and Locke’s connection to the heisters drops elevator finally reaches a ground level Revealing a massive vault door of some sorts. The door is filled with same letters used on the plates You translated it earlier You need to unlock the puzzle door while Demon Cloakers are charging at you These cloakers have no ammo drops so your your crew better bring some ammo bags. I recommend most guys Taking ammo bags as well as inspire skills Medic packs are pretty much useless because these downs count as cloaker downs, thus not requiring you to use medic packs I Also recommend one guy solving the puzzle and the rest of them defending against the demon cloakers Anyways, you also need to understand how the puzzle here works Thankfully all of the work has been done for us and we just need to enter correct answers instead of figuring out all The answers to these riddles This door needs four different passwords to open Each of these passwords is five letters. The outer ring here is our riddle. That doesn’t straightaway Give us a password but as I said These have been solved by the amazing community members and our job here is much much easier you can translate the Whole outer ring if you want to but translating the last 10 or so letters gives you enough to get the right answers Translating the ring works counterclockwise same as the passwords so be careful, if you want to enter the password correctly if your last 10 letters are a A C o m p a n i o n Now down in the description there is a list of all possible Last words and what password is required to open puzzles? I’ll also display here on the screen What password should look like upon entering? Now you might be wondering which lever to use first And in which order. The front one on the right rotates first two letters The back one at the right rotates the middle one: and the levers on the LEFT front one is For accepting your inputs and the back one Turns the middle one as well as the bottom one So in order to get the correct letters easily we start with the first two letters move on to the last two letters and last the middle letter this way the middle lever is independent of the rotation of the other wheel Remember I see the password is entered from right to left. So your answer should be entered like this Now as the puzzle is mirrored the letters on this chart here are also mirrored compared to what you see on screen I’m sure you can figure out what the letters are supposed to look on the screen But if you’re not sure here are all the answers As of making this video these are all the known riddles and their answers If you encounter a different riddle, please tell me in the comments below and possibly report on Steam forums as well as Reddit. Use the front lever on the left input your password and reveal the next riddle Solving the riddles works the same way once again just with different answers. If you enter your password wrongly Your progress will reset and you will have to start from the first riddle once again After entering all four answers correctly the floor will start trembling And the door will open slowly Enter and witness a huge open room containing the Ark of the watcher You will hear some dialogue from the dentist who has come down the elevator and is now waiting behind the door holding Bain and Locke At gunpoint When told you’ll pack the same route and wait for the doors open when the door opens. Don’t get too close or this happens As soon as you can shoot the b***d and make sure you don’t get too close As the dentist falls to the ground Locke start pushing Bain who is in a wheelchair? Towards the arc of the washer Grab mayan gold which is sitting next to the wheelchair and head back to the arc. A point of no return timers starts But don’t be too scared. The time limit is not actually too strict Grab a gold bar from the bag and put them one by one in the holes around the ark Once you have filled the places, the whole ark will light up with a bright white light and you have completed the secret achievement! Congratulations! Shut down your game, and there should be an update on Steam for you to download The update includes two videos, which I’m sure most of you have already seen anyways guys, thanks for watching and hopefully at least someone got something out of this video and completed the puzzle. I hope you guys are all having a good day Master Indigo signing out Thanks to my Patreon Supporters!


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    There is a mod that shows which achievments exactly you need for the secret-"Secret achievment highlight and Filter" and it will highlight all the needed achievments in yellow in the achiements tab in the start menu

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    You can also bring bows&crossbows, because you can repick up your arrows. Unless you have no DLCs. I don't reccomend using the DECA Techs bow(the free bow).

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