PAYDAY 2: Galleria d’arte Stealth in Apocalisse (Art Gallery DW)

Hi all, I’m Everett of GaminGuys, and this time we are on Payday 2 as you can see And I’ll show you how to do Art Gallery on Death Wish, Solo Stealth 100% Must: Spy cams in A and E, Access to the Roof, Body Bags in Toilet Start The Heist! Art Gallery plays out the same way as Framing Frame Day 1, and thus the same rules applies. Every lobby has one camera located on a wall, it is advisable to take out the guard in the security room which will stop the cameras. Be aware that passing guards will notice a destroyed camera. A laser will spawn between two random lobbies. Lasers detects the crew and paintings passing through them even with an ECM activated. Should stealth break at any given moment, metal bars will cover the paintings. The computer in the security room can be hacked in order to raise the bars allowing the paintings to be taken or an Enforcer can use the OVE9000 saw to cut the bars off. Security shutters will also close on the Halls A and E, sealing the crew inside until the police arrives on the scene and open them. Guys I hope you enjoyed the video. If so, please leave comments, likes and subscribe to the channel: GaminGuys
Now relax…until next heist 😉

2 comments on “PAYDAY 2: Galleria d’arte Stealth in Apocalisse (Art Gallery DW)”

  1. enrico brunetti says:

    poi i quadri sono tutti molto belli e di buon gusto 😛

  2. Area Gaming says:

    Ma per disattivare le grate che ci sono sui quadri come faccio a non farmi beccare?

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