[Payday 2] [Gameplay/Fun] Yakuza Stealth, Shadow Raid

Hey guys, Unknown Knight again. I’m sure every one of you have already heard
about the recent perk deck updates. While I was participating and reading through
some of the forum posts I came across a very interesting bit of information. Credit goes to JimTomav (I hope I got that
correct) for sharing this interesting information. He shared about using Yakuza for stealth for
that added speed boost And I thought, “Why not try that out?” So here we are today. So now we’re here right in the skills page. This is my stealth deck as you can see.
I’ve been using the Burglar deck, So let’s switch it to the Yakuza deck. *Mumbles So what we’ll have is
an extra 20% (move speed). Alright so we will have an additional 20% movement speed gain. We’re going to combine that with the other
skills For example we’re going to combine it
with Shinobi and Run and Gun. Unfortunately I have the Cat Burglar skill
aced so I’m going to have to repick that. *Mumbles So that we’re going to use fall damage to get to our berserker state. *Mumbles *Everyday I’m mumbling We’re going to take basic
Cat Burglar for 10 (fall) damage
rather than the 40 damage And we have 230 health so we need to fall
22 times to get to 10 health for that added berserker
boost. So let’s go for… We’re going to go for Shadow Raid
because that’s where you get all the heaviest stuff like the artifacts. *No subs here, sorry! There are subs near the end. Alright, so all in all we’ve managed to shave off
quite a fair bit of time even if we include the 2 minutes jumping to get the berserker state. In my previous video I took about 33 minutes
to get all the loot with about 4 or 5 artifacts. Even with just 2 artifacts this time round,
we have saved about 7 minutes. So is Yakuza a good stealth deck? Maybe just for the bag moving. But try it out for yourself sometime and let me know in the comments. I hope you enjoyed the video. Unknown Knight, signing off.

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