PAYDAY 2: Giorno dell’Elezione Stealth in Apocalisse (Election Day DW)

Hi all, We are Everett and Tarantino of GaminGuys, Luke4316 and Random and this time we are on Payday 2 as you can see And we’ll show you how to do Election Day on Death Wish Stealth The crew must place a GPS tracker on the truck moving the ballot machines in order to hack the ballot machines later on. The heist contractor is The Elephant who wants to make sure the vote is swung in favor of his mayoral candidate Bob McKendrick. In exchange he will use his connections to help the old Hoxton be transferred to a prison with lighter security. You can look in open containers scattered across the docks that match the same color as the trucks. You will need to find a container that contains voting cards; the color of the container with the voting cards will be the truck you need to tag with the GPS. If there are 2 trucks with the same color of the container with the voting cards. Then tag the one that doesn’t have a second truck from the same company. On Death Wish, the chances of the voting cards appearing are rare. Therefore, any container you see that is open is more than likely an incorrect truck. However, it may still be worth checking the contents to make sure, since although it is rare, it is not completely impossible for the voting cards to appear in a container. If you have found the correct color of the truck but there are 2 trucks with the same correct color and both are from a separate company that don’t have another pair then you will need to find the computer or take a guess. If containers don’t contain the voting cards then you will need to use the computer to find out which truck is correct or take a guess. Make your way over to the two warehouses and search the offices upstairs and downstairs until you find the computer. Each interaction with the computer will bring up one of three companies. Each company will show the location of where it is going. Interact with the computer and remember each company listed. The company that is not shown on the computer will be the truck that you need to tag with the GPS. There will be six trucks. If you look at the companies printed on the sides you will notice that there are two pairs of trucks from the same company. Those trucks are not the ones you want. The correct truck will be one of the remaining two trucks left, which will be from two different companies. Tag any of the 2 remaining trucks (50% chance). Objectives (Stealth)
Find a Crowbar. (Death Wish only)
Locate the ballot machines. (8 in total)
Hack the ballot machines. (30 seconds)
Retrieve Gold next to escape van.
Get the gold to the van. (optional)
Escape. First thing to do: CAMS OFF DONE! CAMS OFF! Now find Crowbars to open crates and hack votes In Death Wish the ballots machines are 6 Now we can escape Retrieve Gold next to escape van and get the gold to the van. (optional) Guys I hope you enjoyed the video. If so, please leave comments, likes and subscribe to the channel: GaminGuys
Thanks to Luke4316 and Random
Now relax…until next heist 😉

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    effettivamente delle 3 questa visuale è la migliore 😛 ottimo lavoro ragazzi 

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    Grandissimo scusa se commento in ritardo ma oggi non potevo 🙁

  7. Michele Ferrero says:

    Per il mio compleanno volevo prendere payday 2 ma dalla demo ho capito che sono scarsissimo e le steath non sono buono a farle. Puoi fare una guida per i nuovi di payday sullo stealth e le abilitá da potenziare? Grazie 🙂

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