PAYDAY 2 Hardcore Henry Packs Trailer 中文翻譯

an exercise is a little out of the ordinary you and the boys are heading out to the merciless Siberian tundra to get some research samples you are going to be stealing from the Russians for some other Russians those two men on an ice ball a private plane ready to take you there drop you right in there that loaded huh oh yeah and they claim to have access to some high-level tech shit none unfounded claim so why do their target pictures look like they were taken in 1980s Moscow photo but they don’t have any color printers in Russia that was my friend the devil is in the details fuck me thank you what’s your name he sailor he seller what are you doing tonight nothing just going on him alone maybe see that blonde cat over there he’s your client yeah I have seen that motherfucker do things that you wouldn’t believe yeah try me you don’t want to know Dallas actually I do you will regret it that so take the ball get on the plane now fuck off and get the job done that’s your work room 312 good afternoon Danis I’m Jimmy I apologize for the theatrics what the hell happened here change i happened i happened dallas now I have a proposal for you strange as it may seem I’m actually on your side fuck you he’s a real nuisance you seem to be a fucking nuisance now tell me something I don’t know well what you don’t know is I’d like you to work for me I what’s going on glad someone talk to me shut up Austin pick up the guns chains going let’s not be sure so that’s a yes actually that’s a no that’s just not cricket what’s going on fellas good fucking question I heard such great things about you blokes such great things very disappointed what the fuck just happened yeah what the fuck did you stop him could someone please untie me here I’ll keep it quick lads a fucking terrible new guard she is number one you can’t work for I can he’s pure fucking evil I’m the good guy yeah number two I’m giving you the chance to come with me and save the fucking world Qaeda and to sweeten the deal oh man shake hands fee match +25 fuck it I see 50 nice last 50 all right seriously you one kiss what the fuck is going on in HR magnetic pulse bomb don’t do that what could you do their adventure excitement enthusiasm come on I get you know this reminds me of this story I want to watch this news report back the 80s on the BBC a it’s woman this poor woman her son was so ugly that every time she dropped him off at school but she was fine for littering for littering yeah littering Gilligan he saw only local party fights and stuff besides I lived alone that was fuckin now jungsoo dominat okay smokes yeah would you can while you can and get up get what you can while you can and thought oh I get what you can while you can yeah I get what you can while you can you

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    所以 那個金髮人是誰?

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    english here? x)

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    「她都會被開罰單,因為亂丟垃圾」(She was fined,for littering.)
    「因為亂丟垃圾你懂嗎?」(For littering,ya?)

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    一邊吸大麻 一邊殺人 = = PAYDAY催佛??

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    3:00 在進房門前就已經拉滑套上膛 擊錘已經是後定狀態不需要再扣
    7:39 jimmy的左輪擊錘沒往後卻擊發 相較7:54才是正確的

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    fucking yaaaaaaaaa

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    Jimmy狂到炸掉,整個就是神經病 WWWWWW

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    Hicieron otro crosiwer

  31. First Name says:

    Six sense perks?

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    看了這部影片才知道為什麼之前會在遊戲裡面看到Jimmy never gets to drive the escape van.

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