Payday 2 How to: Big Oil puzzle tutorial / guide SOLUTION

Hey guys, so there has been quite a struggle
with the Big Oil engine puzzle in payday 2, and i basically wanted to show it to you how
to do it so there it is. So first of all you are going to find a notepad
that looks exactly like this one, and there will be something on it, something like helium
deterium or nitrogen. it always change so go and find it ! Okay great, so now you need to check whats
wrote on it, in my case it was helium, and if we check back at the whiteboard, it says
Helium=Green, so we are basically looking for an engine with a green can. Next thing we need to check, is to look for
ANOTHER notepad, that looks pretty much like this, and the last line says 3 x H or maybe
it could be also 2 x H and so on, this means how many cables need to be coming out from
the BLUE hydrogen can on engine. In my case it was three cables, that means
3 x H. Last thing that needs to be done, is to find
a computer with a screen just like on this video, and it will say a PSI number on top
of it. Here it says

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  1. snowign7 says:

    need more detail on where the clip boards and pc monitors are. i've heard one of the clip boards in the day 1 mission. is that true?

  2. scSupaplex says:

    Nope, on day 1 mission there are only escape route codes, so you can escape with airplane and dont have to wait for heli to come for YOU, heli will still need to come for engine tho.

    Clip boards and pc monitors are all over the 2 rooms in the basement with the engines, and they spawn at random places so there isnt really much to tell where they could be, you gotta look for them :/

  3. Edward Davidson says:

    Man, i cannot believe you can do that mission. Thanks so much for making this video, it will help. I do have a question though, Is the intel from day 1 useful at all? It always ended up burnt by the time i could reach it. x:

  4. scSupaplex says:

    Hey, thx for watching iam glad i helped πŸ™‚

    Intel from day 1 is as far as i know only provides airplane from the airport in day 2 as escape plan. So you dont have to wait for heli to pick you up, but you still have to wait for heli to pick up the engine.

  5. scSupaplex says:

    and dont forget to share the video around ! πŸ™‚

  6. 박은성 says:

    what is mean cables?

  7. scSupaplex says:

    On each engine, there is this huge blue can, and from top of it there literary go 2-3-4 cables from it, these outputs. Thats what i meant.

  8. Splamy says:

    there never are any notes, did they patch anything ?

  9. scSupaplex says:

    They didnt, they HAVE to be there in the basement in one of the rooms somewhere on the table, anywhere.

  10. John McNichol says:

    great work, subbed and liked

  11. Faarao69 says:

    they can be in the living quaters aswell, i found it once in one of the office rooms.

  12. Daniel Kim says:

    awsome!!!!!!!!!!!! this helps me a lot bro. thx a lot. i always fucked up there haha

    now i can run big oil job !!!!!

  13. scSupaplex says:

    Awesome πŸ˜€ Wish you good luck and have fun

  14. Spankimus says:

    Just a heads up, even with this being entirely accurate, you can still have more than one possible right choice to make. I had this exact same run – same pressure, color, cables, and picked the engine with exactly 400 bars and got it wrong. The symbol shows it being less than OR equal to 5812 PSI… I didn't realize there was another engine at something like 370 bars, 3 cables, and a green tank.

  15. scSupaplex says:

    Hmm thats interesting, meaning there will probably always be at least 2 engines that could be the right one, so 2 guys need to take the engines or its 50:50 chance. Seems that overkill really did a good job on this one πŸ˜€ Thx for additional info.

  16. RSONE32 says:

    you sir are a savior. thank you for making this guide to probably the hardest mission in the game. ^_^ hope you get paid well!

  17. bunimomike says:

    Best tutorial video for Payday 2 so far. Thank you for going through it so carefully then going over it again quickly at the end. Masks on!

  18. LoxG says:

    Thanks for the guide!

  19. Untrue Alchemy says:

    Nice video.
    I love the conversation in the chat bar at 2:19. hahaha.
    Poor Dead Star…

  20. bunimomike says:

    We had trouble with day 1 (twice) so checked the mansion… twice. There is NO clipboard with the gas written on it. Your tutorial is lovely. Just that we cannot find the day 2 gas name. I do actually wonder if they've patched this out. We ran around the mansion twice on both occasions. πŸ™

  21. scSupaplex says:

    Hmm there really shouldnt be anything like that happening, ill check on the mission again to see whats happening…

  22. scSupaplex says:

    I also checked some patchnotes, doesnt seem to be anything like that there :/

  23. scSupaplex says:

    waaait wait wait wait now just noticed you said day 1, there arent any clipboards supossed to be on day 1, only day 2 in the mansion in the basement, right ? Also they MIGHT be in living quarters as well of the mansion, but definitely day 2 !

  24. bunimomike says:

    Hi there. Thanks for reply. As far as I can tell, if you do Day 1 either stealthily (something I've seen NO ONE do) or rush in and go mental, you can get the intel on the tables before they burn it. Isn't one of those pieces of intel the gas you need for Day 2 objective?

    However, if you don't, it's always there in Day 2 anyway or that's what I've read. Just that four of us, twice, couldn't find Hydrogen or Helium (etc) written down on a piece of paper/clipboard. Will check again later. πŸ™‚

  25. scSupaplex says:

    As far as i know the only intel you get from them are codes for airplane or so, gives you an escape route instead of waiting for helicopter.

  26. EndLessDream says:

    The first time i played this map together, we have no clue what should we do on this mission, so we decided to grab all of the engine and hope thats the right one.
    It took about 40+ minutes just to get raped by the cops.

  27. Juelz Sheen says:

    Thx bro! πŸ˜€

  28. Andy Grisham says:

    Great tutorial

  29. yordano loredo says:

    Great tutorial! Only problem I had was that one of the clip boards said nitrogen on them, while another said 3+H. Had no idea what to do when that happened.

  30. scSupaplex says:

    If i remember correctly, that meant you need to look for nitrogen can with 3 cables coming out of the big blue can. Each engine has 2 cans, each has one blue, and others have 3 different colors based on if its nitrogen or the other 2.

    So what you were supposed to find was a big Blue can with 3 cables coming out of it connected to smaller yellow can πŸ™‚

  31. Quentin g says:

    tank you very much πŸ™‚

  32. Blade3291PSN says:

    Nice, I used to grab any mission that popped up except this one but now I'm comfortable on them all. Good job.

  33. Citizen Z says:

    to avoid having to pop onto googler, use your phone and divide the number on the PC by .069

  34. iamwsu says:

    there are only notes if you get into the mission in the first house and take the intel before they burn it

  35. Jetblackcube says:

    The clipboards aren't always downstairs in the lab. Today, the clipboard with the green checkmark on it was in another part of the house on a table. I'd advise searching the house while waiting for the override to open the lab, just in case it's not in there.

  36. Crotalus Atrox says:

    I'm still confused. I had one where it had H and an infinite symbol and 5783 psi on the computer with Deterium. There were only three engines with the blue bottle and gauges at 300, 400, and 500. I snatched up the 400 with three lines and still got it wrong.

  37. Tim Jones says:

    With the psi thing you dont need to convert just devide by 14.5 and you will get a very accurite answer

  38. NoRemorse89 says:

    solo stealth in house get to lab bring 1 engine to heli and that heli start the alarm.. 1 hour 30 minits and killed by fk sniper when I trying to get engines to heli -.- life is cruel x( (my eng is bad so sorry

  39. Chief Beast says:

    great help…. i am watching all your vids from now on πŸ™‚

  40. scSupaplex says:

    Thank you very much πŸ™‚ Iam glad i helped ! πŸ˜€ Is there anything else you would like to see in payday 2 ?

  41. Jack Duck says:

    finally i wont have to walk back and forth between the lab and pickup a million times thanks

  42. Harrison Taeger says:

    Was doing this just now and my friend he took a random engine (so I yelled at him for five minutes) then I did all of the calculations and didn't find one that matched so he chose the right one somehow.

  43. scSupaplex says:

    :D:D Lucky lucky gj

  44. MrJenssen says:

    Great video, man! Quite a puzzle, for a shooter like this!

  45. Boris Todorov says:

    I was doing this for an hour with all engines. The last one fucked me over the most. I had to quit the game before getting in custody.

  46. BeenuZz says:

    You're the one who's retarded. Read again what he typed.

  47. lorderu1 says:

    thanks for making this vid!

  48. crazyactor80 says:

    The notepads sometimes don spawn in the lab I suggest you play stealth and search around the house

  49. littlejohnny41 says:

    can you show us how to do this mission stealthy?

  50. dankhippie42 says:

    thanks for the help been trying to do it for a bit now

  51. scSupaplex says:

    You're welcome πŸ™‚

  52. SomeNorwegianGuy says:

    The screen with the psi always show the same number for me. Everything seemed to match, pressure, nr of cables and colour of can. But in the end, it was the wrong engine, the right one was a engine with 350 bar.
    Anyone know how, why or something?

  53. SomeNorwegianGuy says:

    Hehe, i know now. It's all in the details obviously :p

  54. nan nandez says:

    qouistion guys my ps3 stays on the loading screen for this mission anyone eles haveing thise problem i have ps3

  55. budi says:


  56. AidynMaster says:

    Thankyou so much I was a noob now I know how your a legend now I can look smart in front of my friends

  57. MrDicerob says:

    What if it says nitrogen? Do you take the nitrogen color tank? Or just stick with the blue

  58. mr moseby says:

    did you watch the video?

  59. nca124 says:

    Big help and subscribed!

  60. xKarma _ says:

    The only way I pass this mission is that we had a player that was a Mechanic in real life. So he knew what engine it was.

  61. xKarma _ says:

    Hey what melodic mix is this send me a massage if you guys know. Pleeeeeeeas!

  62. scSupaplex says:

    FEINT – Past Futures

    Sorry i forgot to put it in description πŸ™‚

  63. CockRoachist says:

    hahahha ya scary of overkill cops goo play splinter cell

  64. InfamousDownhill says:

    Soooooo much help before we was just taking every engine untill we got it right YT FTW

  65. clipsahoii says:

    The ps3 version does not have the psi info on the computers I believe.

  66. Jayybones says:

    Thanks!! This helped a lot! I just finished this heist on ps3 and I follow every step, and I finished it in one try

  67. Jordan Wallace says:

    Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH

  68. Alex Whitaker says:

    Very helpful, thanks!

  69. yordano loredo says:

    Another thing worth knowing is that the one clipboard will always say some number times H, whether or not the other clipboard says Deuterium, Nitrogen, or Helium. The small canisters mean nothing so make sure you only pay attention to the wires coming off the larger canister.

  70. Brigada91 says:

    do you need to get all the infos or is that not really neccessary?

  71. Brigada91 says:

    also I had the same describtion as you did ( just couldn't find the 1st note did you showed ) everything was the same for me except nigtrogen was orange BUT the right machine was the one with a blue lil can instead of a green one, I gave every machine that had a green can with 3 cables and 400 bars, all wrong.. wtf

  72. William Perez says:

    Thank you for this guide man, I've always wanted to complete this mission and I never knew how. I just wanted to clarify that when you spoke about the wires the picture taken was dark and to me it looked unclear of how to determine how many wires were there. But still I found my mistake last time and it was not changing the PSI to bars.

  73. Adamolocio says:

    Ty so much

  74. Greg Jennings says:

    Best vid I've seen about this mission

  75. Fadedgogeta says:

    I got a low end PC and everything on clipboards and computers are untextured and pixelated

  76. BrickWall_94 says:

    thanks!! very helpful.

  77. Ronin says:

    Where is computer, showed PSI? I Fail 2 mission, i can't find him(((

  78. scSupaplex says:

    It is somewhere around, probably changes location every time, but it must be there , just look at every single computer screen dont miss any ! πŸ™‚

  79. scSupaplex says:

    Also its supossed to be in down in basement πŸ˜€

  80. Matej Bajnoci says:

    Dakujem za Navod!!!

  81. Glen Meagher says:

    So just finished this bullshit mission,took us just over an hour and finally got the right one :L Thank god for level 100 tanky enforcer is all i'm sayin'! But yeah thank you so much for this,should be a lot less of a hassle now x]

  82. scSupaplex says:

    Congrats πŸ˜€ Yeah it gets to be a tough mission, i actually almost failed this one while waiting for chopper, alot of stuff can be prevented with day 1 being done properly, but i failed at that πŸ˜€ Glad i helped, and btw i haven't played payday 2 in a long time, is this mission still payed so poorly ? πŸ˜€ i was shocked when i saw the amount of cash we've got at the time, definitely WASN'T worth it πŸ˜› unless looking for challenge and tough survival πŸ˜€

  83. Left4CD says:

    Does it really need to be som many &Β€/)#(% engines down there? i failed the mission

  84. farhad71414 says:

    So i have to google psi to bar in middle of the game to find out the exact measure

  85. Maggut Minecraft says:

    Can you invite me on steam… My name is X-RAY

  86. vec the bard says:

    i believe the psi changes depends on what canister it uses but the green is better to understand

  87. Johnson Pham says:

    Almost did this today but someone warned me about it (not host) I see why

  88. wolfas13 says:

    really ty!!

  89. UndergroundKiller42 says:

    This is insanely helpful to me but there are so many damn retards that just take all the engines and bag them before I can even check. Wish some people would just wait before they make something like this much harder than it needs to be.

  90. Sallasin says:

    Very nice, thank you.

  91. YoungRace says:

    what if you get h times infinity

  92. lara is away says:

    Ty jsi SlovΓ‘k

  93. Mert Ak says:

    Instead of googleing it Β you can Type X times 0,07 into your calculator. X ist the PSI number shown on the computer screen ingame.Β 

  94. ArcticLost says:

    On PS3 everything is blurry af. You can barely read even the big board…

    And no explanation ingame. Stupid mission.

  95. Hersacce says:

    Bro, I dont understand the 3 x H part. Whatbdoes exactly means? Please tell me!

  96. bask185 says:


  97. Scotrik says:

    Thank you for making this tutorial. I followed all the steps and wince watching this I have gotten the right engine on my first time everytime

  98. Robert Lancaster says:

    I understand everything apart from the bit when we have 2 go on google. Stupid stupid heist. Thank you for the rest of the info my friend

  99. andrewsomo1 says:

    You were so wrong I hate this video

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