[Payday 2] How to Get the Theia Magnified Scope Without DLC

Paydays microtransaction system has come a
long way from the crime fest 2015 kerfluffle that got everybody upset. the
pay-to-win aspects have been entirely removed, but despite this there’s still
one skin that I absolutely recommend anyone get if they don’t own the
ultimate addition, meaning they don’t have any DLC. the star spawn skin is for
the platypus, the only sniper rifle available to base game players. star
spawn is only 19 cents on the market but it comes with the Theia magnified scope, a
DLC exclusive weapon mod that you normally couldn’t use without owning the
payday 2 Ultimate Edition and then unlocking an achievement. it has two
unique qualities that are showcased in this gameplay: first, it has a rangefinder
that constantly shows how far away your target is. this is mostly useful for side
jobs or achievements where you need to kill a certain amount of enemies from a
specified distance, but it’s also good for warning you if you’re seemingly
clear shot is being blocked by an unseen hitbox or some sort of invisible map
geometry. the second feature is the more useful one, it automatically spots any
special cops who enter your crosshair site while your scoped in. this ability
synergizes best with the ‘high-value target’ skill from the sharpshooter tree, though
even on its own it’s a very useful way to keep your team informed about the
position of dangerous enemies on the map. you can spot enemies through smoke
grenades, behind other cops, and in dark areas. neither these are unfairly huge
buffs or anything, but for 19 cents the Theia cope is a nice option to have
available for your sniper builds. hope you enjoyed this video,
keep those helmets flying! this is aabicus with the SPUF of Legend, feel free to
leave a like if you enjoyed the video and have a happy Thanksgiving!

3 comments on “[Payday 2] How to Get the Theia Magnified Scope Without DLC”

  1. janurz cygan says:

    clever! not useful for me, but for some players – sure it is!

  2. MaTTIn says:

    THANKS GOD… now I will use platipus

  3. Post-apocalyptic World says:

    how you get that scope look? that mod or game set?

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