[Payday 2] How to Use the Saw in Stealth

we’re going to party hello friends my name is nanak metal and today i would like to talk to you about using a saw in payday to install heists there are a couple of things that you need to learn before you can use it effectively so let’s get right into it first thing is that you don’t really need any explicit skills for this so directly and the only skill that is available right now is probably the portable so I still ace it because I have the extra points however if you don’t have it maybe your level is not high enough and you just can’t afford to get the skill yet you don’t really have to go for it it will improve the saw quite a bit but it’s not necessary the next very useful skill is the jack-of-all-trades and when you ace it you will be able to bring a second deployable for some heist I go with the mo bag because say there is the bank and there are a lot of deposit boxes you will be able to use the saw on them however the amount of mo that you can bring with you with the saw is always not enough and this is why the ability to have the mo bag and to replenish format is going to be very beneficial to you one last skill that I would like to talk about is the Berserker and what it does is whenever your health is below 50% you will do more damage with the soul and it will allow you to open doors and other things faster Molotov cocktails are a great way to get you below that health threshold just make sure you don’t alert anyone when you throw it because it still makes quite a bit of noise here’s a direct comparison between me using a saw with a berserk on the left and without it on the right let’s talk about what you need to put onto your saw it doesn’t really matter if you bring it as a secondary or primary they aren’t going to be exactly the same thing but what I want to do is to get the silent moderate is the most important thing that you can equip on it for the stealth heist and the reason for it is because when you have it equipped it will reduce the noise produced by the sword down to about eight point five meter range so remember that I mentioned that the sixth sense will highlight guards and civilians within a ten meter range and it’s going to tell you if someone gets highlighted that means you probably shouldn’t use the sword I might walk into the range where they will instantly hear it and this is why we used both of these skills in conjunction the concealment of saw is not that great and this is why I would recommend you to bring the consumer boost it’s not much but it will actually end up in decreasing your detection risk by about three points once again because of the concealment issues I can’t really go with the judge because otherwise my detection risk is going to be off the roof and this is why I’m going to use the Gruber Kurt’s pistol it’s not as good it you cannot boost bodies with it which is a little bit unfortunate but it still works it actually is one of the highest concealment weapons you can get in payday 2 with a concealment of 34 and in order to get that we will need the group accrued specific boost specific consumables as you can see there are two consumables that I have got and one of them is the general one and that only adds one point but there is the specific group records and seen the boost which adds three points if you don’t have it of course you go with this one and if you don’t have any of them unfortunately you will have to play with a little bit of a higher detection risk group records pistol is available through the armored transport DLC so once again if you don’t have the DLC go with the Chima no 88 perhaps they are going to be fairly similar and just make sure that you put as many of low concealment mods on it as you can and most importantly the consumer boost and the silencer that doesn’t have a huge human penalty the rest of the things I will leave up to you and just once again make sure you try and achieve that and cement of 34 so currently the minimum detection risk that you can get is da is 10 while using the saw you cannot go lower than that unfortunately but you know if you get it down to 13 detection risk or even 16 it’s still not going to be too bad on Deathwish difficulty it’s going to be quite noticeable but you just have to be a little bit more careful okay so I’ve set up my build I’ve got my ammo bag as a secondary why don’t we check out how this all works in the actual heist the first heist that we will look at today is the shadow rate it doesn’t really have a lot of things to open there only the doors and four cages that allocate inside of the building still using the soil will increase your speed I don’t really have to pick this door anymore I can just go for it and here I’ll show you another example of how I can quickly open up the cages so I don’t have to drill through them I don’t have to waste the keycard on them I’d rather keep that key card on the vault therefore using a so in this situation is very very very anti I have to make sure that I had there is nobody around me nobody is below me or above me because there is the roof where the guards walk there is the area the first floor below where the guards walk and right now the couple of guards are coming through which is going to let them walk away but as you can see they got eerily close and but still they didn’t hear the saw the range is not that great therefore it would be clearly easy to adjust for it to control for it as long as you pay attention to your surroundings it took me quite a while to open up this cage and sometimes it is tricky you missed that little hitbox and therefore you basically just grinding the wall wasting ammo most of the time it’s alright just aim for that little symbol of this saw in this situation I ignore the fact that that civilian will hear me let him get highlighted but it’s six cents so if the six cents highlights him I know that 99% chance that he will hear me and this was an example of what goes wrong when you don’t rely on the sixth sense when you don’t take care of your surroundings here’s the last example election-day heist it has 8 cages that we can open with the soil key cards or the drills and here is probably going to be one of the most beneficial uses for the saw because once again I don’t have to rely on key guards anymore and if I want to find those crates if I want to find the money I can just make sure that the guards are not around me and I’m just going to draw I’m going to solve through all the cages and recover all the possible loot now gonna run on the other side of the compound and find the other four cages there’s a guard right there but I’ll show you that he’s actually not going to hear you he is already out of the range even though he’s fairly close I’m about to run out of Emma so I might as well replenish from that and then I’ll be able to continue opening up these cages okay so I made a little bit of a mistake did not once again stop caring about my surroundings and let’s take that guard out reply to his pager and as you can see with the jack-of-all-trades I was able to bring your ammo bag with me as well as body bag cases so I will be able to hide this guy without any problems this is it for this heist and as always if you have any questions do let me know down in the comments below and if you enjoyed this tutorial I would really appreciate if you share this video with your friends because good people need to watch good videos I will see you later bye bye

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  1. Opexxrator says:

    Go. To. Sleep. DansGame

  2. TheTankDivision says:

    Bernety 9 так же может иметь 34 скрытности

  3. Ray - Nobody Important says:

    The Bernetti 9 also has the 3 concelment boost. If you build it right, it gets the same concealment as the Gruber.

  4. praxZ says:

    The +3 Concealment boost can also be applied on a Bernetti 9

  5. Dank Memes says:

    dude you deserve a lot more subs! great video keep on going!

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    Keep up the good work m8.

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    again good tutorial. keep doing these ^_^

  8. Tom Wilkinson says:

    Btw you can't get silent saw in crimewave edition (consoles)

  9. sgas says:


  10. grfff3 says:

    You can actually go below 10 conceilment, when in the skill tree to increase your damage with ailenced weapons theres a skill on the left side of the tree that let's you get targeted 45% less and aced it will negate 2 negative conceilment points for a silenced weapon and increase overal conceilment +1 for every silenced weapon you have equipped

  11. M2DaZi says:

    Yo Man! I think I saw you at Uni on Friday!

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    i playd your map on happywheels

  13. Keirsten Thomas says:

    KEEP! ON! GOING!!!!!!!!

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    watching the video and notice youre at 999 subscribers. so i subbed. i just HAD to be 1000. but yeah. great content keep up the work!

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    gratz on 1000 subs. btw i am 1000th sub

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    чет у тебя пипец жесткий акцент, палишся 😀

  18. NanookMetaal says:

    Seems like I lost a part during editing that mentions the Sixth Sense. GET SIXTH SENSE ITS IMPORTANT FOR STEALTH SAW.

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    6:50 it's just magic

  20. Вадим Жариков says:

    Подскажи хад пожайлуста)

  21. Penetration9000 says:

    Why would you ever need to use the silent motor? On most heists you will have cleared everything out already, so there's nothing left you could ever alert.

    The only two missions I would ever TRY to use it on is the Train Heist, Election Day and maybe Shadow Raid.
    Edit: Wrote this comment before you got into the heisting, yet besides of those three heists the silent motor is useless.

  22. TheRedTomahawk says:

    bernetti is not dlc and is better than gruber kurz and also can have 34 concealment

  23. Nux says:

    Where are you from? Your name sounds looks like dutch

  24. Azure Waning says:

    Personally, I like to have bullet storm aced on bank heists, it's so good!

  25. Sneaky says:

    Hey, good video ! I know i'm late to the party, but i discoverd payday 2 a few weeks ago, and i'm loving it so far.
    thanks ! 😀

  26. 孫阿謙 says:

    So the melee weapon in skill “ berserker” metioned concludes the saw ?

  27. Alex Rogalski says:

    I have the +3Concealment boost for Bernetti

  28. BeefMudkipz says:

    I would use the bernete 9 as it can get the same concealment but higher stats when upgraded

  29. Omega7 says:

    You Can tell i SAW this video.

  30. SneakyLeaky says:

    Pro tip: Put silencer on it

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    kill everything and all. done

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    the bernetti 9 pistol can get 34 concealment and it is free 😀

  33. Total_Kayhem says:

    Best concealed pistol is the Chimano Compact Pistol

  34. Derpy TW says:

    for those without dlc. you can use a bernetti 9 mm. it has the same detection risk

  35. Mr. Night says:

    I've got so much xp (I'm level 40) but no suppressor.
    Not many attachments…
    I've been grinding the four store LOL.

  36. Nucleus says:

    STEALTH: "Portable Saw" + Silent motor + Sharp blade = 1 tap deposit boxes for stealth.

    LOUD: "Portable Saw" + fast motor + Durable Blade = LOUD 1 taps on deposit boxes but you have a lot more ammo.

  37. SVAROG says:

    When this vid came out, i thought it wasnt useful, now i found myself linking this to noobs (AND high lvl players) who have no idea you can do this.
    Also, can you make a 'best way to complete Train Heist' video?

  38. Alex Ramirez says:

    Finally!!! A Excellent video, you made..
    I’m a beginner in this game, but..
    Good explained, how and what to do, what not. How to use it, well..
    basically you won’t missed anything..
    just amazing!!!

  39. TheErlend97 says:

    what MAGAZIN on saw ??

  40. Dr Enjoi says:

    Oh well im infamy 2 level 61 and i never get good attachments, lol i don’t even have any attachments to put on my judge let alone concealment or silent motor.

  41. Noah Sharp says:

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    6:50 hmm ok


    Thanks you saved me from marking a big mistake

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    The probpem is in consoles versions dont have silent motor ._.

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    every time i try to saw a door, nothing happens, it don’t even open

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  47. You can save 15 % or more on car insurance says:

    I just realized youre buying a saw off the black market

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