All of us know how Payday looks with vanilla HUD. Simple and, not too much information actually. So that’s why many of us choose to have custom HUDs, which can show you how many downs you have, how many seconds is left on Ecms or something like that. Then there’s of course the another thing=you want to have cleaner look and so on… Of course this is all personal preference I have been using MUI HUD quite a bit lately, to have a little bit cleaner look and still have a little bit more Information with some other mods. But today we are taking a look at something completely different We are going to ram as much sh*t to the screen as possible. Yes, this is Payday 2 HUD overload The first thing that came into your head might be “what the fuck is happening” And yes… That’s something that came into my mind as well when making this video. As you can see there is so much stuff on the screen. You can barely play the game because Everything is covering up. It’s really hard to Aim and so on. But let’s actually take a look and go over What we actually have here The main part no surprise if you have no custom HUDs, is WolfHUD. As you can see my own health and Teammates healths and everything like that. It’s WolfHUD as well as some of the custom of info panels as well I can see my own weapons, my teammates weapons, and they did take quite a bit bit of the screen here But we have more information now Now we know what our teammates are using and which weapon they have equipped as well. On the upper left corner We have of course timer as well as the objective which is nothing out of the ordinary Below that we have ammo, bags medic bags if we have drills How many as much time is remaining if we have converted Jokers? How much health they have and so on. Below that that of course is a mini map Which will show you where you are and below that is chat. Which will of course display information and so on… I try to actually Find a mod so that normal chat would be open all the time, but I didn’t really manage to find one So I just added mods that actually spam the chat a little bit so it’s taking more screen space at all times …almost At the middle of the screen at the bottom we also see all the skills active. That’s also from WolfHUD I was actually messing around with the WolfHUD’s one as well as the PocoHUD’s one But this was simple enough didn’t really need to mess around too much So that’s what I went away with. On the middle of course we have interaction circle going on as well as timer there You could have that bigger if you wanted to actually mess up and make things really big but to be honest I don’t really care. I just want as much information as possible Right in the Middle on the top. We have sustained assault states. So you can know If the assault is beginning or ending and so on and from right there From right to the fucking center. We have actually a money counter you can see how much money we were going to have and below that we have spending cash and offshore cash and Even below that we have the Kill feed so that’s going to fill up quite fast if there are four players on the map So you can experience some clipping Depending of course if they are teammates healths are in the same position as mine Of course in the middle of the screen, right below the “Sustained assault” You’ll see our combo meter how many kills we have popping out every now and then. Below that we have Health meter whenever you point at enemy you can see how much damage you’re dealing below that you’re going to have a kill Confirmation and some experience popping up as well and of course Main part of something we’re also missing is of course You can see the circles around enemies as health meters as well. That’s from PocoHUD we can also see all the Damage, we’re dealing all the damage our enemies are Dealing the us. How much damage our teammates are dealing and all that good stuff. There’s really tons of information on the screen And it’s really overwhelming most of the time you can see the enemy kill text numbers going on all around places I Didn’t imagine anybody would like to play the game like this But we try to make the game as cramped as possible, and this is what I came up with Anyways, I think this is pretty much it for this video just Wanted to test out how much cannot fit on the screen? And this is the result. I’m not going to play the game like this anymore Because this is to be honest really terrible Anyways, I’ll see you next time Master Indigo signing out

100 comments on “PAYDAY 2 – HUD OVERLOAD”

  1. Lon_es says:

    This is how you induce an aneurysm

  2. Droncipapa says:

    Its like an MLG mod

  3. Danihunt says:

    MLG gamers HUD Cx

  4. Random Black Templar says:

    the next call of duty

  5. Vladimír Dzoganík says:

    This looks like MLG payday 2 😀

  6. IrrelevantCommentsThatAreSometimesRelevant says:

    " Shit sniper " " Good Sniper. He hit " LOL

  7. Here There says:

    This is what you call "Using Hoxton Hud on a daily basis"

  8. Mike Diamond says:

    Is it bad that I could actually play like this and enjoy it?

  9. Camper BH says:

    you sound like b33croft

  10. yiğit alp Dalyan says:

    what build is that?
    Do you have a vid or link for that?

  11. Melvin Masser says:


  12. StealthinDaBetter says:

    i bet there is someone who plays like this regularly

  13. Hamdi Demiral says:

    This HUD "Setup" looke like a bad MLG Montage…

  14. Handsome Jack says:

    The true copmpetitive HUD

  15. Unforgivable Vegetable says:

    i actually like it, what the fuck

  16. Axl4325 says:

    Holy shit not even game of the year 420 blaze it has so much shit on the screen

  17. Simply Toast says:

    "I use this hud". Aderol Addiction Intensifies

  18. galactic_coffee24 says:

    when you don't listen to dallas

  19. 4pyR says:

    looks like some kind of Japanese game

  20. Phoenix storm says:

    you are insane, just saying.

  21. Kaibarg says:

    mlg hud

  22. 僕と恋するポンコツ梨々愛 says:


  23. Kerensky says:

    I actually wouldn't mind this too much.

  24. Nathaniel Krohn says:


  25. thorn says:

    autism,not hud

  26. Khenzhon says:

    Name of the job? (0:42)

  27. Eric Briones says:

    looks like ur wearing a futuristic mask or something

  28. Bulldozer says:

    even tho u kill me like 50 time but this is a incredible sight gud job

  29. JanKaszanka says:

    e v e r y j a p a n e s e e g a m e e v e r

  30. The Bro says:

    This is probably the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.

    Or maybe the most beautiful, I'm not too sure.

  31. StriderOwO says:

    This actually hurts my eyes.
    I don't feel very well.

  32. Timare Chain says:

    looks like a WoW with addons

  33. Wadabuzbuz says:

    this is like MLG meme shit there

  34. Dovahiik says:

    What mod makes all the items have the outline glow?

  35. RogerFK says:

    Japanese Mode

  36. CACATUA 242 says:

    Payday the mmo

  37. JuhoZero says:

    You sir are a genius! This is the way for me to stop playing Payday for few days. Finally, all those hours saved ;D

  38. Hellios55 says:

    Looks like a WoW hud

  39. Unusual Gibus says:


    Наес ник)

  40. Eetu M. says:

    Are you from Finland? Your accent sounds very Finnish-like 😀 Torilla tavataan

  41. Nicko Pavlo says:

    Feels like im watching japanese Payday 2 gameplay trailer xD

  42. CoolmanGaming says:

    3/10 can't check stock market prices

  43. adria sanahuja yuste says:

    can you tell how many of each different class unit are deployed? like 3 medics, 4 bulldozers, 2 cloakers, 5 snipers, 7 shields, 24 swats, 17 heavy swats

  44. Quantum says:

    The worst part is that there are people who use this autism

  45. Shinhu Park says:

    Where can i download the mod which is showing the killing counts when each enemys get killed.?

  46. P.R.J. Carlstedt says:

    Took me a long time to understand that "custom hushs" was custom huds"

  47. Dave says:

    How did you show the XP like that?

  48. bigfunny2003 says:

    I didn't know you could play hotline Miami in first person

  49. Clorox Bleach says:

    crosshairs are for people who cant aim

  50. Maeve nando says:

    Gratz… you turned PD2 into fucking MMORPG…

  51. juniorbee says:

    looks like a typical korean shooter

  52. Xepi says:

    Just WolfHud with KillFeed, Minimap and Crosshair. I use this everyday 😀

  53. That guy you don't know says:

    Payday 2 finally became the MMORPG it always pretended to be.

  54. Beebo says:

    There is no way your accent is real

  55. Jack Valrey says:

    Advanced warfare 3

  56. KeLoman0 says:

    oh shit, checkd

  57. ZimZam says:

    My Vision is Augmented.

  58. AdiZak Y says:

    lol that hud overload on the first is very cancer

  59. Small Blue Box says:

    what the fuck is this

  60. Ven TV says:

    looks like the ui of an oldschool WoW raider xD

  61. xXcarlos117Xx2 says:

    Lmao… that's actually my hud with less things 0:50

  62. Lockistart Et skylines says:

    Whats his primary ?

  63. Zombie Hunter says:

    Gotta love that 30 FPS with all of that crap of your screen XD

  64. Uberosh says:

    holy. "someone" throw cup of acid in my eyes.

  65. Sh00peh says:

    "Chat will display information."

    I lul'd

  66. MetalGearDoge 64 says:

    A "hud overload" can't be THAT bad
    1 minute in the video

    help me i'm scared

  67. Excalibur Rebel says:

    Any one got the name on the xp on kill and the money hud.

  68. mun mun says:

    "how many huds have you downloaded"
    "like, maybe 3 or 4 my dude"
    "you are like a little baby

    w a t c h t h i s"

  69. Co-op says:

    Need 4:3 screen

  70. RackTheRocket says:

    I have that framerate on the lowest settings on the lowest resolution in windowed mode. Doesn't seem too bad to me.

  71. Avys5 says:

    This looks like an MLG montage

  72. Lord Def says:

    mlg mod activaitet

  73. Lawn Care says:

    what? is this a japanese shooter?

  74. Dávid Németh says:

    Bain's view in a shellnut

  75. Toyosatomimi No Miko says:

    So this is what Payday would of looked like if Overkill base it off StarCraft?
    Sounds like my type of thing.

  76. Rocu Legends says:

    the mini map literally does nothing to help you

  77. John Paul Brebonia says:

    How Bain sees the heist

  78. Rolls Ross says:

    This is pretty much the mlg hud mod

  79. Vla-D says:


  80. dodo bird says:

    ADHD nightmare (or heaven)

  81. Gh0sT says:

    You have and for PayDay The Heist?

  82. Isaac says:

    not enough

  83. TheMilk Sauce says:

    How the fuck did it not crash? Lol

  84. Hobsido says:

    This looks like a mlg montage layout

  85. Ghoulish gyro says:

    Pfffff that looks normal

  86. Akuraj Sound says:

    Thank you i love huds like these

  87. TechionDigit says:

    Oh look guys, it's the new Call Of Duty Game HUD.

  88. OWNPlays. says:

    looks gorgeous…

  89. madi says:

    why didn't anyone ask about the build though?? I'm always that one guy..

  90. Solo_ Steve says:

    this shit uses ram as much as the game does

  91. Mod DehBird says:

    Payday 3 but its a MMORPG

  92. lol1000gt says:

    what is that map thing i want it

  93. SwordStar2002 says:

    i only need the thing that shows the guards 🙁

  94. SaladBoi37 says:

    Payday 2 huds in a nutshell

  95. The Endleader says:

    Yea but Wolfhud causes crash to desktop is you go into custody

  96. MrFoxPlay says:

    Nice RipHud you got there.

  97. adictivgunner says:

    35 fps very understandable

  98. Grenadio says:

    Which mod has the Exp in the chat?

  99. SGT Loki says:

    Lmao That's for useful information!

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