PAYDAY 2: Il Diamante Stealth in Apocalisse (The Diamond DW)

Hi all, I’m Everett of GaminGuys, and this time we are on Payday 2 as you can see And I’ll show you how to do The Diamond on Death Wish, Solo Stealth 100% Must: 3 Spycams, 2 Body Bags, ECM, Smoking, Silenced Weapon Start the Heist! The museum itself consists of two wings upstairs, an eastern wing on the middle floor, and two wings in the basement. There are only two methods of entry from the southern starting point: the main entrance, which has a standard lock; or the basement windows to either side, each of which requires a thermal paste can to remove the grate. I always go right, it is easier Numerous guards and civilian conservationists patrol at random throughout the main parts of the museum, requiring care when avoiding alarms. Every civilian carries a keycard required for the time locks There are several white locked doors which contain either the camera room, a single electric box, or will be empty. The said doors can be opened with the OVE9000 Saw, C4 Charges, or by picking the lock. Four junction boxes must be rewired to disable the security systems. The boxes can spawn in numerous locations on all three levels, and may require picking. Players should start opening the white locked doors around the museum, as even if they don’t contain objectives, they are a good safe spot for hiding from enemies or storing bags 2 Left! In THIS room, you almost always find a box 1 left! THE LAST! Once the rewiring has been fully done, an area in the upper floor will lose its laser grid and be free to access. Inside, players must activate a time lock with a keycard and, once past the shutter, do it again for the timelock in the next area. This next area also contains a few patrolling guards. Now wait. Past the first gate, a large room with patrolling guards and a second time lock gate. . The time lock gates require a single keycard for stealth, or hacking after alarms; regardless, players have to endure for 90 secs on Overkill and Deathwish, whilst the timer runs down It is recommended that at least one player has Camera Loop so the lock can be picked without wasting an ECM jammer Entering the main diamond room, the door of which requires picking, the treasure sits across a large hall covered in pressure Pressing an incorrect plate sound the alarm, dispense gas from above vents, and will drop the diamond into a floor safe which requires drilling. Players can avoid this by opening a security box to the left, which, when rewired, shows the correct path in green lights for a brief period of time Once the timer expires, the path changes and the box requires re-hacking to generate a new path Wait for the easier path! Patiently! HERE IT IS! GOGOGO! Take the diamond and run back on the same path! After acquiring the diamond, players must then navigate back across the tiles and secure it at the Bag Man loot drop off, or back at the van waiting outside the front of the Museum. Escape then becomes available, although players can continue to look for loot in the form of artifacts throughout the museum exhibit rooms. Guys I hope you enjoyed the video. If so, please leave comments, likes and subscribe to the channel: GaminGuys
Now relax…until next heist 😉

19 comments on “PAYDAY 2: Il Diamante Stealth in Apocalisse (The Diamond DW)”

  1. CL Clarck says:


  2. DaPlaysMen 1 says:

    Buen vídeo pero… Es 24# no 25# :(((

  3. AGD- L'Alba Dei Giochi Dementi says:

    UN INSERVIENTE MORTA É SEMPRE UNA BUONA INSERVIENTE…..nn conoscevamo. Questo proverbio sinceramente. XD

  4. Lost Tube says:

    I like it!

  5. Sparvy says:

    Grande Everett! 😀

  6. Svideogame74 says:

    se lo facevo io , tutte le guardie mi avrebbero scoperto!! Non sono un mago dello Stealth ! ah,ah,ah!

  7. Cristian Lenzi says:

    E bella questa però devi fare più minuti

  8. Cristian Lenzi says:

    I minuti a 20

  9. Cristian Lenzi says:

    No 8 min

  10. MrPelly8 says:

    Avrei una domanda: Come si chiama la skill (o il modo in cui posso farlo) per scassinare più velocemente, io già sono veloce ma da quando lo faccio io, al video c'è grande differenza..
    Come posso fare?

  11. Underr says:

    Sei bravissimo

  12. Dennis Verde says:

    Sei davvero bravo nello stelth peccato che pay day 2 lo ho su 360

  13. Dennis Verde says:


  14. ThePowerAlex93 says:

    Io tutt'ora penso che sia un po difficile questa heist..comunque complimenti,la hai finita in meno di 15 min,cose del tipo che io ci metto tipo 30 min se voglio essere sicuro de nn sbagliare ed andare di fretta xD

  15. XChrY0Gen says:

    Grande everett

  16. light in the night says:

    Rifalla in Loud

  17. Matteo Tonioni says:

    l'audio del gioco mettilo anche basso 

  18. Nøt Nemęsiş Łazęr says:

    everett puoi fare il diamante da solo senza ecm

  19. Nøt Nemęsiş Łazęr says:

    ma se non fai queste per forza ti chiedono cose impossibili

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