Payday 2 In Minecraft [Animation]

We did it once, we can do it again. Get in there and boost that art clowns. OK guys get inside and locate the art. We want the paintings with the red stickers on. Look out for guards and cameras. [Grunting sound] There! [Scream] Yeah, brief coms malfunction back to normal now There’s something going on here! [Scream] [inaudible radio talk] Over there. Status report please. Nothing to report i’d say, not much at all happening down here. No sudden movements! Sound the alarm right away! New plan people because the old ones dead! HRT coming in! Everybody remain calm! OPEN FIRE! FIRE! There deploying SWAT units. Police Heli coming in! Dozer here and ready for action! They’re on the roof. Breach, BREACH! It’s a mother fucking Bull Dozer! That’s all you got? BullDozer down! Cops responding, here we go! Open Fire! Oh shit shield! Grenade! This is the police Drop your weapons and come out with your hands over your head! Look out, sniper team setup on a rooftop near by. Your surrounded, there is no way out! Don’t move a muscle! Fuck yeah! Hurry, go go go! Escape just drove in, you ready? Vans here! Say it again, escape vans here! Miss me didn’t you? Hey wolf come on come on! Subtitles by Game On

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  1. Game On says:

    Hello all, I've made this clear in the past, but I'll do so again, I do NOT give permission for anyone to re-upload my videos. I have spent the last few days sending out various emails to YouTube and anyone who does reupload my video will recieve a copyright strike.

    Seriously stop uploading my videos it ain't cool.
    Thank you for understanding,
    Game On.

  2. ЗА ОРДУ says:


  3. Infamous Auzie says:

    How did they put armour on if they were in suits

  4. ManRock says:

    Kill buldozer 1 shot really?

  5. Amaru M says:

    it just passed like 1 min. and already come dozers

  6. Rici 2 says:

    wtf the fuck the cloker is a flash 3:22

  7. Felipe Maldonado says:

    Esto es un atraco en España :v

  8. Fellt says:

    Nice Animation

  9. poon kinhin says:

    A camera in the toilet

  10. AbatedFungus34 says:

    Эх миссия с картинами

  11. Maria Isabel Cepeda Carrasco says:

    1:47 oh f###

  12. BirthOfSky says:

    Shit this is amazing for what it is

  13. KiLeR 710 says:

    ultra good animation

  14. Guilherme Mansanari says:

    this is not a simple animation is a new trailer for payday 3

  15. tentaction says:

    Well they didn’t have silence glocks.

    Wouldn’t they be caught?

  16. aiden Staudt says:

    Love it holy shit great

  17. Jalen Rojas says:


  18. Kareem Killer says:

    don't try to kill or run from the best heisting team

  19. Kareem Killer says:

    Dallas wolf hoxton and chins

  20. JüstGüming Stüdios says:

    Kids who are watching this recommend not watching this you must not be watching while you are a child but I recommend to watch if your a teenager

  21. Madyln Immetosi says:

    this is actually really well animated for minecraft. I appreciate the little things you added, and i honestly wish some of them were a part of the game itself, like guards doing takedowns instead of just shooting or handcuffing you. it's honestly far better, as well as guards noticing tiny things missing too. it would make stealth harder, but not in a BS way like making cameras indestructible or raising health values for guards. your ideas will NOT be wasted on this planet and i will try to make some sort of modification to allow things like this to happen, kinda like how the Ghost145+ mod makes stealth harder without BS elements. Good job to you, whatever program it is that you used and to your brilliantly fitting channel name. (holy shit i'm writing an essay here)

  22. Mike Furov says:

    Это шедевр!!!!

  23. Chase Marshall says:

    Lol can’t afford the real game 😂

  24. Certified Meme Inspector says:

    of all things why minecraft

  25. Felen Master says:

    Wow muy buen trabajo gg!

  26. Noppe says:

    This is so fucking inaccurate

  27. Kareem Killer says:

    They need to have all skills

  28. Kareem Killer says:

    I mean wolf ECM JAMMER can make them open keycard doors

  29. Kareem Killer says:

    And this must be the old version of game cuz Dallas have knife

  30. Kareem Killer says:

    And this must be overkill dif

  31. Erik Allen says:

    Man I wish you could repel into the gallery through the skylights. Also, the fact that they have a camera in the bathroom just tells me the camera guard is a pervert.

  32. L. Ennard says:

    The CloakerXD

  33. канал артёма says:

    Is realle cruto

  34. Plasma Hydra says:

    One minute into loud 3:05 Pretty true tbh

  35. Bertrand Lyn says:

    0/10! Cloaker didn’t down wolf ;(

  36. ImNotCalm says:

    I have one thing to say…
    The cloaker in this video is too op nerf please

  37. Sebastian Márquez says:

    2:20 bulldozer

  38. Raphael Hendrick Panganiban says:

    I have the game and thats not how the game works

  39. Abraham pedrZa says:

    HOXTON-Is the fucking bulldozer

  40. 猫 ogufwaw CATS says:

    3:21 Watch out flash there a new DC hero in here and the name is "CLOAKER" xD

  41. thanos says:

    Why they make payday2 minecraft they dont go together

  42. Almighty Dankukus, the REEE says:

    wait why was the shield made out of wool

  43. The BalMax says:


  44. Turts says:

    Really cool in my opinion

  45. The Frienz :v says:


  46. Pawełek! krecik says:


  47. SpyKiller123 says:


  48. Ahmet Ulusoy says:

    Very very very very goddd!!!!!

  49. FaDon Z says:

    Fake. Dallas didn’t asked for medic bag atleast 100 times.

  50. Chara says:


  51. coli7330 coli7330 says:

    This is very well done! I'm impressed.

  52. Ayman Mohamed says:

    this is how I play pd2

  53. sans says:

    hey dude do you know that in payday 2 guards dont notice stolen paintings there are more mistakes but im to lazy to type them.

  54. address142 says:

    Looks good. It's huge work. Don't listen stupid commentaries from people which just can't create something later like this.

  55. Michał Delert says:

    This is like payday… But payday dont have down

  56. A Random Peep says:

    0 out of 10 needs more cloakowning

  57. Konrad Światek says:

    XXV-100 Has arrived

  58. what do you need? says:

    Payday 3 trailer?

  59. messed up pathetic trash says:

    This is why you don't play public stealth

  60. [REDACTED] says:

    Payday in a nutshell

    Men try to rob convince store

    Police: yea send the army bring a mini gun dozer with an army of clickers to deal with this petty theft

    Police 2: sir the men took all them out

    Police: well s#!t

  61. the_No0b 3 says:

    wow nice animation! :O

  62. Саша Николаев says:


  63. FinlandHamster says:

    WOW! That so cool! Make more please with crusher heist.

  64. BaBa YaGa says:

    This is what i called trash

  65. arsalis TV says:

    wow cool animation
    and map Art gallery

  66. Ádám László says:


  67. Pepsu says:

    Guys the thermal drill go get it

  68. lucas lima says:


  69. MaxZone150 says:

    Подстава с картинами ночной хайст

  70. gaia doble says:

    when you did one down on art gallery loud


    Ahh im dying

  72. ROBLOX says:

    Art gallery robbery

    In Minecraft LOL

  73. hiitoast242 says:

    Why did Houston have hoxton’s voice?

  74. КлейманМLN says:

    Pay Day in a nutshell

  75. XxShearxX says:

    Nice good luck future

  76. Ádám Hajós says:

    Nice animation

  77. Wladik Guschin says:

    Nice job man

  78. Mrofunivers says:

    Minecraft estra-melhorou o jogo(Minecraft Spo-Improved the game)

  79. JASZCZUR GD says:

    Wolf's mask looks like polish flag

  80. stickman joe says:

    You took something and made it horrible

  81. Fairy//CSGO says:

    this better than Pay day 2

  82. евгений гнездилов says:


  83. Virus says:

    Вот это хуёвина

  84. Bandit Kriek says:


  85. Anti says:


    edit: + there are no suppressors on the deagles

  86. have says:

    0/10 no medic bags for dallas

  87. 덤렌 says:


  88. 1ial says:

    Holy shirt, this is freaking insane!

  89. Ryan Sanderson says:

    Every day we stray further from god

  90. Beklemishin says:

    Why twitch looks so weird

  91. Houston says:

    This is dope 10/10

  92. Jevil Boy says:

    basically when launching minecraft java demo while thinking that you can play online

  93. WaTeR LeMoN says:


  94. Brad Ruiz says:

    Nigga what the fuck

  95. Mr. Communist boy says:


  96. Homa Double says:

    Cloaker! Eliminated!

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