Payday 2 Jewellery Store bug / glitch

Jewellery Store on Hard, Solo.
I don’t know if this is, like, a known glitch or bug or something ? And, this is after the
25.1 Patch or Update, or whatever. So, I can move my hostages around, which
is what I did. I~ stealthed the mission; tied up 4 civilians outside- shot 2 who I couldn’t
reach because, y’know, I scared them too early and I couldn’t reach them to tie them up.
Got the patrolling guard out the back, got the guard inside, answered the pagers fine.
Uhm. I think I tied up one dude out the back of the shop, and, sort of got the other two
people who wandered out the back of the shop- told them to get on the ground. Cracked the
safe; there was 2 jewellery boxes in there (y’know to make bags out of) and a couple
of wads of cash so I got them. Chucked them (the loot bags) in the alley ( the left alley
) and uh, got the rest of the jewellery out of the cases. -So basically what I’m trying
to say is; I didn’t, like do any glitches I didn’t do anything weird or strange I didn’t
try any hacks. BUT ANYWAY yeah nobody called the cops, got all the bags out, and into the
van. (by the) Time I put the last bag in the van another civilian (i think) spawned outside,
so I don’t know if there’s like a time delay after you get the mission bags in, and then
another y’know outside civilian spawns in the streets or something, perhaps. But yeah
so, I climbed in the back of the van and he’s like “Oh, I gotta split” -or whatever it is
he says. And uh, so yeah, so the van took me out of the map and I ended up in this weird
place. 🙁 Where…thee…van guy is just parked up *clears throat*. In the middle of this
police raid, and I can see them all over there. Once piece of small advice I would give is
to use your primary weapons on single shot mode in case you don’t already. Just ’cause
it’s a lot more accurate – you only need one head shot on Hard – at least I can see here
– to pop helmets off the cops. It just saves on SO MUCH MORE AMMO, it’s just good practice
to adopt. Especially when you get into the harder difficulties and you’re a real PRO,
and you need to save all your ammo. Or you don’t, because you’ve got a team mate who’s
got the Ammo Bags, or something like that but. Y’know. It- it’s good uh…good teamplay
really. You don’t wanna be using up all the ammo bags. If we just fast foward this bit
here, I’m just testing my sort of Infinity Theory, showing you guys how it, what actually
happens if you get stuck here. Jump thru these cars (for future reference). But yeah, so
I’ve jumped off here *clears throat* re-spawn straight back in the street. Can’t, y’know,
I don’t have an explanation for that. …kill these…but… I figure if you just jump off
it takes you back to the nearest piece of land, y’know, piece of Safe Land that you
just jumped off (of). So, I’m like “Okay, well let’s just give it a shot”. Jumped closer
to there, maybe it’ll take us around the corner ? Aaand… DA NA NA NAAA~! It did in fact
get me back into the level ! 🙂 -with a smidge of health. And then I found ammo, to uh, and
determination to take out the rest of these cops, and, make a good getaway. So, hopefully
this video managed to help you if you did get stuck *COUGH COUGH* wherever the van takes
you… 🙂

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