PAYDAY 2: La Grande Banca Loud in Apocalisse (Big Bank DW)

Hi all, I’m Everett of GaminGuys, and this time we are on Payday 2 as you can see And I’ll show you how to do The Big Bank on Death Wish…LOUD!!! I go piggy! LOL Start the Heist! Once the alarm sounds, the police will arrive in 30 seconds (or with assets, up to 60 seconds for silent alarms). Players must find and hack the correct employee computer to activate access the vault area; the doors are time locked, and the keypad must be reactivated should the police reach it. Meanwhile, another player(Me in this case) must drop the giant piggy-bank for the next sequence. Once the alarm is sounded, a zip-line can be placed on the roof which leads to a nearby crane. Climbing up to the driver cab, the controls must be interacted with four times, with the last use dropping the piggy-bank and its contents into the central bank area. Additionally, players may need to access a maintenance room on the roof (with a security door), as an additional step to unlocking the time-lock doors, if they have not been unlocked yet prior to the heist going loud. Finding the right computer to hack isn’t very hard. Every time someone interacts with the computer in server room, the correct computer will make a beeping noise and flashes an error message on its monitor. There is no limit to how many times the crew can interact with the server computer, so keep checking if you haven’t found the right one. Although do note that it takes 5 seconds to complete the interaction process and the screen will only flash the error message for one second, so at best that will be 1 interaction per computer checked. The interactable computers will always be in the eastern offices. After granting access, a timelock will begin (2:30, or 2:00 with time lock glitch asset). The giant drill, named “The Beast”, must be carried in three separate bags into the next area. Additionally, each player should use the case of spares to take a part: The Beast jams only when it breaks, and players must repair it with one-use spare parts to resume drilling. Now the players can only wait the drill Aside from the standard plans, there are three alternate escapes available in pre-planning, all of which cost 6 favors. Each escape option has its own advantages and disadvantage. The escape options are as follows: -Basic Stealth Escape – The Van
-Basic Loud Escape – The Helicopter
-C4 Tunneling OUR ESCAPE IN THIS CASE: Bus Stop: Using a phone in a vault-area office, a driver rams a stolen bus through the bank wall, creating a hole from the vault area to an adjacent parking lot. Players then climb through the bus to the lot, where the escape vehicle is waiting. Only an option if the heist goes loud. The Bus Stop escape is a more effective loud escape option than the chopper or C4 escape. This is because the “bus stop” is relatively close to the vault, arrives as rapidly as all other escape options, and does not subject the crew to sniper fire, not to mention the particularly entertaining prospect of ramming a city bus through a wall to escape. Note that while enemies will not spawn in the parking area on the other end of the bus, they can and will follow heisters through the bus. Guys I hope you enjoyed the video. If so, please leave comments, likes and subscribe to the channel: GaminGuys
Now relax…until next heist 😉

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    Grandissimo 😀 io sarò il rompi coglioni che ti commenterà tutti i video ahaha mi spiace 😉

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    Il meglio!

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    1 dei primi 100!!!

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    Gran bel video!

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    Bel video complimenti.

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    Puoi fare un video in cui spieghi la build ideale per fare una missione in overkill/apocalisse loud?

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    Bel video come sempre XD

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    Lo sai che hai dimenticato un pacco dietro la porta dove vai per la gru?

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    Io prediligo l'only stealth però bel video… 🙂 quando puoi passa su Ts 😉

  12. enrico brunetti says:

    complimenti, finalmente qualche italiano che gioca bene a pd2

  13. Carmine Tavicca says:

    Che mi sa dire perché non posso comprare le missioni in apocalisse? Non penso dipenda dal livello, sono all'80

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    metti l'audio del gioco 

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    chi a messo non mi piace lo dica subito

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