[Music] [Music] call me Bain and I oversee an underground organization call Crime net I find the top thieves thugs hustlers and drug dealers I help them up with contacts and set the stage they think they’re working for themselves but they just can’t see the bigger picture what seems like a simple bank heist on the surface is much more and again we tested elsewhere believing jobs here and there little do they know I’m training them for the greatest heist of all [Music] robbing banks with your friends is fun especially the ones that have been robbing the people blind [Music] if some say we are modern-day Robin Hood’s and others they just don’t understand that we have a choice [Music] it’s a nice whip wolf they make it meant that cool easy recognizable hair so what you call it how about being a douchebag changed and what you one point wolf keep your finger off the trigger douse and take out the security cameras guys good all right let’s have some fun rulers get up get us there Newton said for every action there’s always an equal and opposite reaction this is our reaction am i criminal I don’t think so everyone needs a job right we all need a payday so let’s go I would’ve been good [Music] ladies and gentlemen we are robbing this Bank not you comply and you live resist and you die it’s kinda cameras are now a situation report [Music] two minutes move leg walk now you right now let’s go right down please remain calm and nobody will get hurt we are only recovering money that has been stolen by First World Bank from the American people hello I got him give me your hands they’re here they took your money to line their pockets that convinced you it was for your benefit we do not wish to harm think about your family think about your friends I said stay down do not I repeat do not be at here on no tracers no dye pack back let’s go clear let’s move [Music] come on clear [Music] alright alright 30 seconds leave it I’ve got my call [Music] fucking Birds [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I’m not mo get the wall fix them up get the wall let’s see your eyes you dick [Music] they got u s– in the stairwell we’re dead then they won’t catch us in the stairwell [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] come on this is it this way [Music] no such a big cash withdrawal [Music] fuck spasiba looks like the Alex and what made it come free we’re not clear yet don’t think sit now not worried about us so much to stay in low-key [Music] now their audience but this I told you not to jinx it I know this situation looks bad but I have a very good explanation so no these walls does it look like I know these guys give me one good reason why to waste you right now very good mr. BAE asked me to find so perhaps if a SWAT team arrives and you accept my invitation to my SUV we we drink we talk huh there’s some bad debts all vodka would you get us Leptis you literally stirred a polka good because I got to get back to work all right little brother just one this is Nathan steel there’s been a robbery at First World Bank true skill is finding order amongst the chaos the orchestration and crime that is a never-ending challenge every system relies on checks and balances the world of crime is no different sometimes you have to employ a little muscle to protect your investments [Music] hello everyone its Katey Dunham with breaking Washington DC Metro news an unnamed source within the FBI says that an international crime organization is behind a latest series of heists in the Metro DC area let’s go live to Nancy on the scene yes Thank You Katie right behind me hours ago first world bank was hit in another daring daylight robbery this time an unconfirmed number of first run security officers were killed who is Hector Morales this guy 38 years old no priors not even a parking ticket which is pretty good considering he’s the top meth distributor on the eastern seaboard all that crystal from the Gulf Cartel cos loses connection to the payday gang in the heists I don’t know yes but what I do know is that he needs cash because he is expanding and he is flooding Detroit when their cot X and every one of Hector’s deals has been authorized which you can’t even prove exists there are two types of criminals the ones who get caught and ones who don’t you can’t simply move millions of dollars of kilos of cocaine over state lines in the back of a station wagon you have to employ more creative methods that’s where Lucas comes in a longtime customer factors in a bullshit Hollywood producer Lucas is prepping for which Shore to be is the next mega flop there’s a bad law Lucas Thoreau line it up this is the last one left I should make Bane happy very happy there’s been a change of plans I don’t like last-minute changes like this I had to bring in a little extra muscle [Music] just to be sure the Haitian are you insane because little no offense none taken so you tell me is that the PD gang is helping Morales moved runts it just doesn’t make any sense Jordan I am sure that these guys are connected they are part a crime net they are planning something way bigger than what we imagined did you just go home and get some sleep you have to take a break you have to take a double date the beauty of movies is that nobody questions transport piles of fake money and drugs in exotic cars at least not enough to check if they’re real there is no better place to wash dirty cash than a Hollywood production run got that present I mean this one have that made special for you this work I’ll call you later other while special agent Griffin has arrived Hector Lucas in the Haitian should have no problem transporting the car if she starts to catch on I’ve wasted no I went to pull the top [Music] after normally I’ll contact actor myself but considering Griffin has some under surveillance I have no choice other than to rely on Lucas to keep after informed it’s a good news about your new movie nervous we’re in profit and we haven’t even little cameras yet I’m sure the car chase scenes will be most compelling you know I’ve got a big yacht and calm this year you should come Oh in norman focus you’re very disrespectful the fuck we haven’t know scumbags can touch the girls policy in my bar do I know you know if you don’t start respecting my girls you will [Music] your girls tell you what you go get me a drink and I’ll forget that you came over here ruin my fun hey don’t fucking fight in here every time you come here this place becomes a mess okay are you finished [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] give me the ball no I said give me the fucking ball give me your hand your hand [Music] cars will be in Detroit on set Sophie were going money can fluence a lot of things but with all this heat from the feds it might be a good idea to have some political cover lucky for me elections are coming up and I know one politician of a campaign donation and thanks for coming down here on such short notice mr. Steele anything I can do to help agent Griffin actually that special agent I’m pretty picky about that part would you like some coffee tea no sugar please that’s high thank you Wow that looks like it would hurt right you’re a busy man I get it so my first question would be were there any cyber security breaches prior to that security breaches well specifically was the bank attacked or hacked in any way we get hacked about a thousand times a day 99.9% of the time they never make it past firewalls have you heard of something called crime net crime no why can you please explain what exactly happened that day listen I wanted to call Scott chess yes trust and telling that we’re gonna take the remaining funds from his primary account and stick it into his IRA mr. trust wants his funds good into an IRA yeah John never mind okay listen the numbers on my desk lock the door and call the police please remain calm and nobody will get hurt we are only recovering money that has been stolen by third world language from the American people all right little brother just one you could read the police report oh come on indulge me – special agent Griffin director Keating line two am i through here councilman Simmons has racked up an impressive list of supporters he’s tough on crime brings death leadership and integrity to everything he does he gets the job done and to support you in your upcoming Senate race we would like to present you with a check for $50,000 and on behalf of the entire family at Whitmore development hammer honey a gold-plated mr. and mrs. Whitmore I thank you for this honor for all your support I pledge to all of you that I won’t stop until I’m delivered on every promise I’ve made and as Judy says I get the job done for you because you are what matters I had a go 50,000 its $1,000 for every time I gave mr. Whitmore contribution alone [Music] don’t you hurt I get the job done it’s the best campaign slogan I ever came up with yeah but I came up with the part about you all with matters I gotta get out of here come on you got it you know I think I might actually win this thing the elephant senator Simmons I like the sound of that in the game of politics to win you always have to put out fires crimenet it’s got an electric center found to be sparks now and then Charlie the lobbyist is such a smart they align itself with Don Elias my enemy now he’s a potential fire that needs to be put out still screwing your daughter’s wife you talk about the weather though or Redskins whoo I get down to business what do you need quant men full-access hell I couldn’t give it to you if I had it bang would have me killed I can have a killjoy what are you their little puppet on a string who else knows about me besides overkill bane nobody else it’s called tying up loose ends why now cooking up something something big mother of all heists Samiha lose a child why don’t you have your driver drive us around back I wouldn’t want the future senator to be seen at a joint like this play the smart sound you keep your head down all this blows over God on my boat and we will Marvel your bright future career sounds good charlie sounds good go [Music] give me hey buddy yeah an extra but sorry but well for a war vet I took one of my lower spine for you in DC please you can’t just spare me a fucking smoke really Belford it’s gone good our family [Applause] man elephant did you fix it it’s done good the point of testing is improving the elephant passes every test think about crimenet is that no one knows how deep it goes one thing is certain it’s got steam it’s growing and it’s ready to launch prior to Charlie’s untimely demise he informed me that the IMF ambassador to the Fed was double-crossing me the crime that does not tolerate weakness neither does Greta [Music] [Music] that whole development is gonna be at least 25 billion I think I can get you a little piece of it [Music] this is section three rooftop all clear over copy that principle arrival two minutes beginning sweet oh sorry miss Ballou Beach back inside Greta my name is Greta I just really need to smoke this I need you bad this Oh my turn no I do not need you to return inside hey Jake they got some gold certificates coming out of Dubai that are well worth our time as we get this done take you into the office and we’ll focus on that transaction why neither the wimps inside keep a strong handsome man outside in the cold I bet it’s due to competition yeah really you can’t be here really fine could you pass me my champagne [Music] Oh such a way [Music] I owe you a couple of shots of tequila after this is over worth the hotel stay sharp guys [Music] like [Music] stay with [Music] [Music] whatever whatever pain is paying y’all I’ll double it triple it I’ll triple it oh wait wait wait [Music] sources saying that an international organization of double-minded Commission’s crimes using a fast and growing web of criminals I understand that this unnamed source says that one of the largest bank heists in history is currently being planned yes so we are tracking this story and the latest payday game host will keep you updated as we find out more and in other news last night the infamous DC lobbyist known to his friends and enemies alike as Jesse the mayor Trump was the reasons murder are currently unknown an unnamed FBI source that wasn’t me sir I thought it was you’d already be in handcuffs of swallowing your teeth it’s not necessarily FBI sir special agent Griffin your job is to track down international wire fraud not chase some mythical crime organization about to take over and you agent Riker you’ve been reassigned to the sniper case perhaps you heard for IMF security officers and the diplomatic envoy to the Federal Reserve were killed yes sir you will track down the one hundred million dollars in missing bearer bonds am i clear yes sir now if you two geniuses don’t mind I have a meeting with the director of the CIA who is so delighted with the evening news that he cannot wait to bend me over his desk and check my prostate with his very large federal subpoena damnit Griffin what are you gonna give up this fantasy about crimenet we’re gonna get fired four shots what about them all what more the one right here in this department is a letter kitty if they find out I’m fucking dead what do you think is gonna happen all right I’m the guide risk here what about me what about my family yeah no I understand this is my get set it’s my acid risk not yours gladden Charlie war a dangerous combination prostitution remember running completely back in prison for a long time but more importantly it’s also caught the attention of one very special agent and then we adhere to meet you back at the club no I’ll handle that pompous prick you listen I just got word Don Elias is back in town that’s a fucking game-changer you make sure your gang is ready no problem boss I hear that new girl some special what will happen before and so climate before Isis hell I couldn’t give it to you if I had it Beit would have me killed I can have it killed charlie hey buddy yeah an extra buck sorry man [Music] Rebecca you know to Segura [Music] [Music] yeah glad our friend has taken an interest in you just planning out tracking you down plan any time now okay she’s got a track on your truck lead her to the garage be there by 11:00 all right don’t let this bitch fuck with my business I understand good counting on you no problem [Music] no my own client Jean Cocteau Newton may I be Xiao niba t-money okay you’re sure yeah Jamie I be shell [Music] [Music] if you’re not gonna do what I’m asking you to do I’m gonna throw you back into the whorehouse you understand look [Music] if you don’t want to help me why do I need you or maybe I don’t I’m gonna be late [Music] [Music] [Applause] a muscle control muscle control muscles are for my dogs but only God is in control how many can I do I can do 12 my favorite number but I want all of them sure you do but those babies are hard to get and you’re not my only customer 10,000 / neither thieves nor the greedy so enter the kingdom of God Corinthians 6:10 I’ll give you five points for delivery but you left out drunkards and slanderers maybe you’re trying to spare my feelings anyway that’s a damn good price if you don’t want them I could just call bane and tell him you said no I’ll take them all of them I have my boys meet you at the Potomac waterfront docks and uh and the other thing special order when they cried for help I refused to answer for they hated knowledge and they chosen not to fear the Lord may the force be with you being said one job Allianz raised six nobody owns me the bane is making us as little fucking pawns hundreds of motherfuckers take trillions of dollars from people like us and not a single one of them goes to jail fuck yeah we take what we need and if he’s got to take 20 percent off the top so be it okay so what about this new job they want us to do all over them do as we’re told entire global banking system is set up to make us their slaves if I’m gonna be anyone’s slave instead I’m like a girl in the corner Federal Reserve even if there’s crime it’s impossible Jesus Christ what now you guys doing saved you see come on look brother I need to talk to you a private we’re in the middle the gate no one’s talking to you have a drink you think this is a joke I got dead bodies am i making a fucking federal agent up my ass is she really there your cool guy now in front of your friends this is about your eye you want to take another shot I was being serious whose side are we on do you know oh we the good guys are the bad guys you need to bring it down no one’s fucking talking to you don’t do that hey we’re all family here let’s relax no we’re family don’t forget that [Music] rack’em up [Music] [Music] Hey [Music] [Music] scare the crap out of me that’s not pretty sight in this chair you zeroed it wrong no I did it’s shooting three inches too high and to the right it’s perfect a hundred yards I said two hundred yards you’re gonna kill me gage not today just I wasn’t planning on it anyway ah are you gonna do with that we both know you shoot blanks that is just fucking law Creta anyone for you you take care of my gun and you’re gonna cite it with six hundred yards and I’ll take care of yours fix you right up but there’s no fix in there just like there’s no way to fix your black heart [Music] are you sure that’s wet yep yeah just like you’re sure there was a mole right yep yeah where you going okay you stay right here Jordan wait [Music] [Music] [Music] special agent Griffin that’s cool that’s nice advil blue de and I’m anything especially that you have no idea how in our head you are Pelageya fucking anonymizer listen I don’t have time to explain you things but you must understand you’ve got too close to the truth and they will not let you leave if you get any closer you understand Hey who’s they prime net overkill I like your special agent we’re more like each other more than you know consider it a friendly warning and that’s one one be the same Kevin you should listen to Steven said but in a million looking pretty ugly upstage boys wish [Music] Jordan are you okay yeah [Music] I’ll have my friend wake us and we escaped [Music] I hear those songs again in me I’ve sacrificed [Music] when [Music] [Music] mr. steel you still steal yes excuse me sir sir is this yours No so where’s dr. Anderson vacation so mr. Steele what is it you do for a living financial transfers Mike thank you huh something like that are you ready sure open cavity one for you floss well you know the benevolent bank is 1510 oh it’s a huge place makes the First World Bank look like a toy store I guess oh no needles I can handle it I have a friend a patient who works there says that the vault is practically impenetrable I wouldn’t know I say well your need is the right through how about that no Kendrick huh looks like it’s gonna do some good I wouldn’t know I’m not into politics but mr. steel I here played the opposite or should I call you Dallas you know we take pride and taking good care of our patients but when they don’t floss it breaks poor Olga’s heart I guess I’ll start today good good so what’d he want it should be obvious about them I want you to work for me open I have to say I’ve been following you and your crew for some time now it’s quite impressive what you did with the election with such poor planning I have no idea what you’re talking about of course not then I guess you don’t want to know what I have planned for you do I have a choice when things cool down after the benevolent bank I’d like to send you on a little road trip to the National Gallery the diamond not just any diamond ddiamond Dax James gang tried to pull that off last year they all ended up in jail except for Dexter himself bite down on this if they find his body some of it the rightful owner another patient of mine will celebrate by sending you and your boys to Las Vegas sorry I don’t gamble the golden grin casino has more to offer than just craps and cards preplanning how’s the tooth it’s good I’m glad to hear that we done here sure excuse me very entertaining listening to your schemes I have another one oh I’m sure you do how did it feel leaving him behind Olga would you show mr. Steele the Department of Corrections transfer plan for inmate Jim Hawksworth when do we start right now you see I need my payday [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I eat [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Allah Allah Allah Allah [Music] No fucking asshole look what you’ve done Wow hey hey okay I have told you everything I know if comments are don’t want to be found people confirm understand fucking idiots motherfucker what’s this shit [Music] [Music] Oh we’ll see okay but yes it’s the hot blood what will get it to my promise you’ll get your fake [Music] [Music] [Music] no and all the credit slowly wither to the ground [Music] stop poking around get up look at this I’m rich it’s payday fellows I started smoking no motherfucker relax gonna be just one cocksucking motherfucker measured the c4 hard to be you hey I’m talking to you your fucking SWAT Jim relax come on come on let’s go hello that’s my cooking must remember all right big boy [Music] actually make that a left we’re not going to the safe house [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] shit hey how about you give me a fucking gun all right come on for their kisses like [Music] [Music] [Music] got any more guns least he’s not completely useless you gotta be fucking kidding clear up the stairs everyone [Music] [Applause] you got your man we got you you guys good let’s just get the fuck didn’t you guys forget something what I need a mosque it’s alright I came prepared [Music] your feet are needs garden is weakened plum there are some Shanker main calendar whole fucking weekend nobody so man [Music] Hey Nicholas I Yellow Bird your Trident today John yeah how’d you get this number I’ll explain later not so busy she’s good [Music] shit John what the fuck is going on I got a couple of job offers in DC right now I’m a little more concerned with collateral damage hey Nicholas what’s going on don’t call me that I knew it so who are you then put this on it’s not the police listen you not only spend all that time at the ranch [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] John stop motherfucker you bring the heat on me question welcome to the crew you come out on the account yet [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] it is known by many names the Chinese blue the eastern star or the eye of to muten but to us heisters it’s just the diamond any of you guys heard its story and not the history book bullshit mind you I’m talking about the real story legend says it was a meteorite found into the very heart of Asia Kayne West with the great kind came a fire blood and claim for nearly a thousand years the diamond changed hands its owner’s reads like a who’s who of history’s rich famous and horribly killed kings queens and common fees it’s history is one of treachery and murder [Music] wherever it went darkness followed it raised Tyler’s forged empires [Music] [Applause] pass them into the abyss [Music] then it disappeared but some things aren’t meant to be hidden [Applause] [Music] cursed maybe I don’t know if I believe that I know the diamond is real I know it’s priceless [Music] and it’s ours [Music] [Music] nobody on gospel job do them a classic old toaster huh cosmos a whole lot okay my name is mr. Zubov ish and this is inspector Rakesh – mrs. Horowitz are you familiar with the EFSA though we’ve already had our food inspection this is I’m sure you have miss Horvath but not with the EFSA so many men well unlike your countrymen I’d like to do my investigations thoroughly I see go back tomorrow night one of us goes for Joe someone on Tibetan in Osaka Masha was of course please follow me how long did you say 49 years and how long since you took over seven eight this is good huh maybe but it must be otherwise you wouldn’t hear so much about you the way Overland were the best what about employees what about him well it seems you have problems finding people who are both competent and loyal you see I met an old friend of your while ago before he passed away he was quite talkative right dragon show me I don’t know what you’re talking to show me lights [Music] [Laughter] [Music] we’re gonna get Budapest on the line [Music] Oh [Music] to the team with the right keys while the guards enjoy their nap get the code crack the vault get the hell out and what if it goes loud [Applause] there’s been a Dodge [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] here’s a wonderful book [Music] [Music] [Music] yaho wha Sabourin Ocana Chiquita do Monty so stay with sudo yo he torn a posse no namaha zero okawa Patos a canoe haricot autonomous a sabre north america kikunojo yadda Jews are not any auto no finnaly demo dead [Music] oh god Misano sabato dope guy kita mr. arid Allah co2 cretin Warsaw’s of [Music] when Odin to walk on your tail she language me watch emotional Nagamani hi dr. curry knocks telethon you okay sir do you know colony Ted Karuna Regina Okinawa guató whoever knows many tangos Amanda hiya kiddo Oshawa Saigon Abstergo Kodama sOccket a can Tottenham Ayotte’s gotta pass nakooma denying cure about cannot a Tennessee animal graduate order car anymore Yang’s Mitzvah of Quran date [Music] Butare attack easier e yo u re taco to de coco diner vision and stubble wattage they wanna make a little jockey dough Massimino Kotova not took it again da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da it’s Midori the dead whoever stole my licorice decreto youto Kent of America I put over shitty Greta miss conn-young Kreutz Mead and Excel you took Tonga Bay kono machi de estos a la Senora Canton sua esto demonym Kaiba carnitas Spiti [Music] [Music] since 2013 DC has been rocked by a major crime wave with no signs of this violent sea scene brutal robberies and police killings have become regular news for the citizens and we ask ourselves have the MPD lost all control more and more drugs are flooding the streets of DC and recent polls show that the trust for the police is at an all-time low the numbers not only show us an increase in bank robbers but a far wider range of crimes kidnappings extortion home invasions and the list does not stop there can’t anyone regain control mayor Mackendrick is under a lot of criticism for not being able to handle the ongoing situation and if this continues many doubts you will be able to retain his position in all this now look Simmons I have to do it if I want to stay in office I’ve got to set up the payday gang [Music] Washington is safe the city slowly rotting away infected by this major criminal organization known as Friday mayor McKendrick with the support of Senator Simmons has brought me here to be the cure the antidote to purge see they might think that Washington is their playground where they can rule as kings and queens but I tell you this playtime is over crimenet is ruled by one man and one man only and his name [Music] is pain pain is the mastermind behind all of this chaos the one hiding in the shadows and pulling all the strings that’s who I’m going after with all like that when I catch him it’s only a matter of time before this whole crime syndicate begins to from while I focus on babe my own cabinets will focus on these master plans these special operatives have a set of very specific skills tailored to make these criminals lives of living hell oh sorry commissioner I didn’t know you were still here can I help you with something agent Smith sir Wesley Smith I see you’ve received all the files a lot to go through isn’t it Smith you still haven’t answered my question yes me and the boys got you a little something nothing special just a welcome gift you know it was supposed to be a surprise but what the hell thank you that’s kind anything else no no welcome to Washington commissioner good night agent Smith I will not fail on this assignment I have heard the cries of this city and I have answered its call bane I’m coming for you and you better prepare for war it’s done [Music] [Music] [Music] hey here’s some spare change what do I know you I’m sorry my my eyesight is not as good as that we used to be you’re the guy who helped my brother-in-law to get back with my Christmas present oh yeah yeah oh well thank you ah see yourself more for me change right things change that’s right King I got a few more mouse hey whoa whoa whoa wait wait listen I have some special news for you a while ago I went to the west coast you know the Washington no not the city the state in the CLO yeah go on you know what there is in Seattle yeah bunch of shitty grunge bands no the biggest crime organization in the world you think crime that is big these guys will steamroll all over an elephant dentist who no one compares to these guys they may give me and I made a deal with them they’re gonna make me rich I’m gonna make you rich they need someone on the East Coast under new man you think it’s funny I will rise like a Sputnik of the East Coast right listen I will sell safes and you will help me to find heisters who will buy them top US is not really our mo believe me if you try like I did you will understand it and you will love it [Music] take care yourself light [Music] fine but it’s coming and you remember who’s bringing it here [Music] ya know emotional you know [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] the next assignment is a little out of the ordinary you and the boys are heading out to the merciless Siberian tundra to get some research samples you are going to be stealing from the Russians for some other Russians those two men on the next ball private plane ready to take you there drop you right in that load it huh oh yeah and they claim to have access to some high-level tech shit none unfounded claim so why do their target pictures look like they were taken in 1980s Moscow photo but they don’t have any colored printers in Russia Dallas my friend the devil is in the details fuck me thank you what’s your name he sailor he seller what do you do it tonight nothing just going on him alone maybe see that blonde cat over there he’s your client yeah I’ve seen that motherfucker two things that you wouldn’t believe yeah try me you don’t want to know Dallas actually I do you will regret it that so take this wall get on the plane now fuck off and get the job done [Music] that’s your 4 room 312 [Music] good afternoon Danis I’m Jimmy I apologize for the theatrics what the hell happened here change I happened I happened Alice now I have a proposal for you strange as it may seem I’m actually on your side fuck you he’s a real nuisance you seem to be a fucking nuisance now tell me something I don’t know well what you don’t know is I like you to work for me I what’s going on glad someone talk to me shut up Austin pick up the guns chains going let’s don’t be shy so I said yes actually that’s a no that’s just not cricket what’s going on fellas good fucking question I heard such great things about you blokes such great things very disappointed what the fuck just happened yeah what the fuck did you stop him can someone please untie me here [Music] oh nice a fucking terrible new girl she is number one you can’t work for I can he’s pure fucking evil I’m the good guy number two I’m giving you the chance to come with me and save the fucking world kinda and to sweeten the deal how much I can’t sphere merch plus 25 fuck it I see 50 nice bus 50 alright seriously you want kiss what the fuck is going on magnetic pulse bomb don’t do that what would you do there adventure excitement enthusiasm government you know this reminds me of this story I once watched this news report back to the eighties on the BBC yeah it’s woman this poor woman her son was so ugly that every time she dropped him off at school she was fine littering [Music] [Music] [Music] that was fucking that up Sudama debt okay smokes yeah but you can while you can and get up and get what you can while you can I thought oh I get what you can while you can yeah I get what you can while you can Hey what about this new guy not my deal got us tell me why we need another one please get information plus I need someone to carry your fat ass back to the van you know I pull my own weight I just don’t like new faces that’s all I don’t like your face but here we are right this beauty face you know women loves it man is that with your mask on or off finally Americans huh I always have an answer guys are so cute together they sound seriously by kiss you can’t trust them trying you don’t trust anybody that’s true but still he’s a biker what you promised bikers they’re gray lazy and fat looked in the mirror recently a change come on all right cut the shit I got a plan to secure soil do you see Dallas has a plan [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we’re not expecting anyone now are we [Music] [Music] hey John rust thought we were brothers yeah about that you showed up I always show up yeah so you need any more convincing I already called Ben Cruz waveless for you so what the hell am I doing here drink from a dead man’s glass no I’m good [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you up for this sure it’s better in it Cole Mart pumping fossils round my veins now oh yeah I’m gonna fucking decorate it all right [Music] fuck this shot the hooks worth residence buttless ba oldstone I got tired of waiting and fixed a new place with a crew Master Hawksworth are you alright still playing cops and robbers what me oh just languishing here in an empty house tending the graves and talking to the portraits no no I have not gone nuts yet what it’s alright sir I know what this is all about yes I will come to Washington Old Stone don’t worry sir I’ll have this place sorted out in no time at all good to see you old geezer selling drills on the black market is not the best idea you’ve ever had now was it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] oh you jobs you cannot be our club you’ll fucking locked up I tell you one kiss islands not ready for clover coming home there are good fingers then i’ll stone with her l still may not be more worried about him it’s not working last wolf what fuck you I got it you believe Duke went bought himself a fucking Museum still not fucking working chains I just got here man I’m on it wait dick piece of shit TV hey guys look at some fucking move ah fuck yeah we do and zero he’ll be fine arrange safe travel Sanctus went with him said he wanted to see Japan well that could be trouble hey can you believe block over there wearing full fucking fatigues in this heat 10g says he hits a fucking shock and a head with one of those golf balls helps I got that you better not hit my fucking bone excuse me gentlemen I will need a couple of words with mr. fatigues over there lucky did good though I mean he really got us to that guitar Oh business ah he’s just doing it for the fucking gold I’m not so sure I mean things didn’t end smoothly and he stuck with this anyway he could have screwed us over at any time right fair enough here we go damn I felt that shit from here I guess he never apologized for Alaska huh you know what this point go with it yeah of course here and this concludes our business gentlemen everything go smooth oh yeah b-but what the fuck does that mean no fucking clue [Music] [Applause] I said you fuckers would give a shit one day ha within bows the best fucking drinks but you’re up in Seattle raising fucking Sputnik fuck the underworld I change so no Medina I heard about that shit I’m sorry and condolences and all that yeah yeah yeah my mind is poison yeah just casual with the same familiarity although I don’t know what you guys told me about that huh it’s not good you know some people are not really happy about this those guys in Seattle with all the rain all the time you guys are time out to like eat some some maybe retire to Cuba or something me me coming down there you guys no fun fuck you Hey ladies I have a great recipe for cupcakes you know maybe this Beach thing wasn’t such a great idea punk is gonna get his ass kicked that’s right now yeah as usual in the oval office after a week of turmoil with suspected terrorist activity and even rumors of mass gunfire on Capitol Hill law enforcement officials have declined to comment on whether the rumored gunfire is connected to the apparent takedown of the notorious paid a gang by Washington Special Commissioner Solomon Garrett a bright spot in these days of dark news we take you now live to the White House where the president is about to present the Commissioner with the public safety officer Medal of Valor for his service my fellow Americans it’s been a difficult time for our nation indeed for the entire world but after much dedication and perseverance we have triumphed mightily we’re here today to honor one of our best an officer who under the most difficult of circumstances did his duty with great skill ending a wave of crime the likes of which this country has never seen before Commissioner you are the very very best our country has to offer we owe you a debt of gratitude that frankly can never be repaid because of your outstanding service it’s my pleasure to bestow upon you our highest commendation it is now time for our country to heal to come together as a people as individuals we have opened many doors to fortune now it’s time to open our hearts we must leave these trying ordeals behind us and follow our forbearers to make this country not one or two but three times as strong for future generations so that when we go to bed at night each and every citizen of this great nation will have earned their pay America let’s do this [Applause] gentlemen hey friends tell me what I miss her the greatest heist of all with my fucking drink [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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    buenas esta pelicula esta completa y en español?

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    Había una mujer tan pobre y fea…

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