Payday 2 | Linux Review

Alright. 3 seconds left. No snipers on the
roof. Alright, get in there. Oh! Take out that guy. Alright. Here we go. Press F to
start the override. Ok. Man! This takes forever! 299 seconds! Are you kidding me? Anyone can stand around and look like an asshole Is that you Ghosty? Yep What should I do? I don’t want to wait. Don’t take it sitting down, son. You’ve
got the time; Murder some cops. Ohh yeahhh! Hey everybody! I’m the Linux Gamer and I
just played Payday 2! It’s a heist-based first person shooter, developed by Overkill
Software and published by 505 Games. Payday 2 was released for Linux March 21st,
2016. This review was made possible by my gracious
Patreon contributors. Thanks, guys! You’re awesome. Right from the start, there’s nothing on
a visual level that appeals to me, here. The masks, in my opinion, are uninspired–the
default one reminding me of Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal. I found the marketing for this
game to be quite off putting. I didn’t even want to try this game based solely on the
look of those masks. It’s a classic case of judging a book by
its cover, and I freely admit it. Having played the game, it feels rather well
put together. The controls are solid, the guns have a great feel to them, and the levels
have what I think seems like a realistic layout. I commend the devs who took a risk and shied
away from an open world layout in favor of cordoned off, vignette style missions. This
makes so much sense to me. The music is overbearing. Just incredibly
loud. It feels completely out of place. The AI is atrocious. This is forgivable for
enemies, where throngs of cops throw themselves at you without concern for their own lives
or the mental well-being of their families… but when you’re playing single-player your
AI teammates don’t meaningfully contribute. This substantially increases the difficulty. Now, I don’t care for playing games online
with strangers and despite our best efforts, Jake, Osirez, the rest of the crew and I couldn’t
get our schedules to jibe when Jake was live-streaming. I did, however, end up playing with a few
people which leads me to my next point. Mark my words: multiplayer is legitimately
the only way to play this game. Playing single-player is equivalent to waxing your arm with bandaids.
It’s not what they’re for, and you won’t be having fun by the time you’re done. With that being said, I had a lot more fun
playing Payday 2 with some guys I met in a lobby than I did playing by myself (shoutout
to Trixie7, lexi_mane, and probably a weeaboo on Steam). I made way more in-game money,
completed more missions, and felt like I had a sense of direction with a human team. Even without voice-chat, the team felt coherent
and focused and I had a ton of fun. Payday 2’s gameplay consists of a series
of missions and your goal is to make as much money as you can.
So, what’s the game actually about? Good question. Select a mission, look over the
objectives, then head to the first waypoint and activate it. After you activate it, you
wait; fending off waves of nameless, faceless law enforcement. Once the timer runs out on your waypoint,
move on to the next and activate it. Shoot cops. Rinse. Repeat. That is, until you have access to the macguffin.
Usually money, sometimes guns, or precious art. It doesn’t matter. You need to get
all the items to your getaway vehicle and get out of there. That’s it. It’s pretty simple. I’d like to take a moment and complain about
the DLC model in this game. While you have a small number of upgrades and weapons you
can buy with in-game money you earn from heists, entire categories of weapons are locked behind
a DLC paywall. This sucks as I only purchased the base game without all the extra DLC and
such an investment of real-world money discourages me from putting more time than I already have
into the game. Payday 2 performed great for me, with minimal
configuration needed. Settings were on high, resolution at 1080p, and, with Vsync enabled,
I was getting a smooth and constant 60 FPS. When it comes right down to it, I’m not
the target audience for Payday 2. While I had fun with multiplayer, it’s not my cup
of tea. And the DLC paywall really discourages me from playing it more. If you enjoy first-person
shooters, team-focued online multiplayer, or crime simulators, you’ll probably get
a kick out of Payday 2. It’s available for Linux through The Humble
Store and Steam. Links are in the description. Have you played Payday 2? What do you think
of it? Leave me a comment and let me know or tweet at me @TheLinuxGamer! You might consider
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32 comments on “Payday 2 | Linux Review”

  1. Mihai Azamfirei says:

    To be honest, I liked payday 2,i really enjoyed the heists at first… But then all the dlcs appeared and I lost faith in the game. I recently brought it again, to try it on my Linux machine. Interesting, it worked nice at first, but after 5 minutes I saw that my game really had fps drops when turning around…

  2. MalcontentMatt says:

    Is the game cross platform? Do Linux and Windows players play together?

  3. Joni Larsen-Haikarainen says:

    SteamLUG have several regular Payday 2 players.

  4. unicatte says:

    I thought this game was perfect until the microtransactions plague hit.

  5. David Rahd says:

    Overkill is killing this game, this isn't a shadow of the game it was in 2014. The perks and new weapon rebalance turned this into a casual game. Even death wish difficulty is easy now…. the future skill update will turn it in a baby game.

  6. Eho419 says:

    You can do most missions using stealth, trying to avoid rasing the alarm, it's pretty fun alternative actually.

  7. Major Gnuisance says:

    FYI: the game is Free to Play and 75% off until March 31 2016.
    If you want to try it out, now seems to be a good chance.

  8. Osirez Tech says:

    Yea the in your face DLC is a real turn off. On another note MORE Ghosty, lmao!

  9. PureTryOut says:

    Ooh god that start was too awkward to watch…

  10. Egee says:

    Amazing video, as always. KEEP THE SKITS COMING

  11. Rafael Bezerra says:

    I'm in love with Jake <3.

  12. Jakejw93 - Linux Gaming says:

    Good review man, I personally enjoyed it, shame we haven't played it all together yet as I think thats where it excels.

  13. Adachi says:

    Hi Linux, thanks for the shoutout

  14. Cody Dragonrude says:

    now if i could figure out how to get those pesky drivers from amd website to work on kernel 4.4 on linux mint arrg can't wait to join team nvidia

  15. Shi Yu Meng says:

    I played it alot last week and this week. I am at the point now, that i have too much money to spend, purchasing at least 1 gun from every category of NON DLC. Basically, if I want to progress, I need to buy the DLC (and this is only after playing over the free period). Basically, this game is designed for players to insert their money to keep playing. IMHO, its anti-consumer and certainly shows a level of disrespect for their customers.

    Not to mention the whole micro-transaction debacle. In 2013, the devs promised that PD2 would NEVER have micro-transactions and basically insulting those that even asked the question. Guess what, in 2015, they added micro-transactions. This means that its documented proof that the devs are dishonest hungry cash whores.

    Play the game free. Don't give the devs any of your cash.

  16. Zachary Rohrbach says:

    Playing solo is mainly for doing solo stealths of missions, but other than that solo playing is basically never done.

  17. Akzel says:

    I can agree that the DLC paywall is unfortunate, and a lot of the DLCs probably aren't worth the money, with few exceptions. Overall, though, I've played way too much of this game, even in singleplayer. Much more fun with friends, though.

  18. Ambigous Barrel says:

    It's a shame this game didn't have better AI, as it is a game I can imagine me and my brother enjoying online together, but there is only two of us so this game doesn't really suit that scenario…That being said it's nice to see it on Linux, variety is always welcome! 🙂

  19. しろ says:

    sigh You haven't tried Death Wish have you?

  20. Kimchica says:

    "…it's like waxing your arm with band-aid…" XD

    Bummed we haven't gotten to play together yet (the plague of 2016 hit me this week HARD), but soon! Soon! 🙂

  21. Mac·au says:

    Payday 2 is designed as a co-op shooter on purpose.
    Was this with SteamOS? Just subbed so, what is the setup?

  22. Cancer Cancer says:

    Runs like absolute shit on my pc with Linux Mint, fine with windows tho

  23. rose jane says:

    praise be to tux

  24. theinstigatorr says:

    For some reason I really dislike heist games where you are encouraged to shoot at law enforcement. I even hate the GTA missions where you have to shoot at cops, I don't mind running away from them in games but shooting at them makes me uneasy

  25. Bobby Bob says:

    Your have to get the saw skill to use the saw and why did you only play in one lobby? To get into bigger lobby's you need to get better, that men's making a mask and a deck of skill cards. And why did you not go over the mission planing? You know you can play the game without killing waves of cops by going for a quite mission, and steeling/what ever in the mission with none knowing. I just had to right down all my complaints because I had so manny.

  26. says:

    my videos are all payday 2, and i'd say this is about as accurate of a review of the game you can do.

  27. zabaweczki says:

    Can i play payday 2 at this comp? OS: ubuntu 16:04, grapihcs, ati mobility hd 5650 4gb ram gpu intel i3 ;p? (I want to buy that game on steam.) (game have linux port)

  28. Hooded Edge says:

    I got the game with my alienware steam machine.

  29. elo320 qwerty says:

    im playing payday 2 shadow raid on elementarny linux xD

  30. Harvey Hänfling says:

    You did some Huge fail here. In the First Hours you dont play the full game , there are So many stuff to do if you just play tactical, Experiment with weapons , skills and perk Decks, trying different tactics on the maps, 8 difficultys to solve etc!

  31. nicholas dean says:

    how do you get it running without 5 fps and missing textures

  32. broccolidood says:

    love seeing noobs play payday 2

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