payday 2 mlg stealth

I’ll wait for ya here, don’t take too long. (Hope you have a pleasant flight.) (long inhale) I got kicked. *some giggles* Bad music plays in the background. The end. Please, I’m only asking if you can get a job or not. There’s no need to be so rude. I’VE ALREADY GOT ONE, DICKHEAD.

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  1. Richmakwood Op says:


  2. ProperlyPsychotic says:

    XD he has 30 hours and is infamy 3

  3. Plandaster says:

    this in a way is kinda true if you think about it

  4. LightTheFuze says:

    That went exactly as planned.

  5. Adi Maz says:

    That is so real !

  6. fat nuka cola bottle says:

    actual weed m9

  7. Lizzard says:

    Little bit late, but where did you get that clip at the end from? Caus i saw a version on yt with a Score counter on the Top Right corner, asked the person where he got that clip from and send me to you! Thanks 😀

  8. Bram says:

    nice vid xD

  9. Augusto says:

    Why do I want to play PAYDAY 2 with pyro after watching this video?

  10. Teddy the Espurr says:

    I never knew Pyro was once a kettlekin

  11. Fuck ya Kant ya dog says:

    Nice hotline Miami 1 and 2 references

  12. Coolguy Caleb says:

    Why have I not seen these amazin vids before.

  13. nathank7256 says:

    I look for "MLG Payday" Because I'm bored and I find this by Pyro apprently….

  14. sean_m says:

    what is the difference between Career Criminal Payday 2. And regular Payday 2?

  15. GreenGuy852 says:

    watch dis lads

  16. IFCNI - Bagel says:

    I miss the old days

  17. Markkus Lillemaa says:


  18. Knif3plays says:


  19. Filbert Tuxen says:


  20. Mspaintfanboy says:

    Some good shit

  21. Shyro says:

    Tried Doing the tut but the detection bar went to 100%. Unsubbing

  22. Tiger Hynes says:

    Whats the name of that song he used at the beginning?

  23. Gabon says:

    Low FOV…

    Triggered 600 hours of PAYDAY 2 player

  24. Sebastian Čizmarov says:

    stealthy like a low flying jet

  25. Hemmer says:

    Lmgs can be silenced

  26. Zoltán Farkas says:


  27. Weebus faggottus says:

    tfw you see this vid at 420k views

  28. Nim says:

    when pyro had 250k subs, this is the great content
    1.7 million subs, face cam commentary, still good
    what will be next?

  29. Xertyo90 says:

    mak paiday 2 neu vid xd

  30. Jseffy says:

    PAYDAY 2 Stealth in a nutshell…

  31. Sh00peh says:

    When you can buy a 20$ game for one 40 second joke.

    Jk I know it was gifted to you.

  32. Qwertyuiopkl556 says:

    My kind of stealth.

  33. Milky says:

    back when pyro was not keemstar 2

  34. The Player says:


  35. mythingie says:

    I literally died

  36. ZapZesty YT says:

    First time i saw the mission ukrainian job i thought of a very special blowjob

  37. TR-KnightForEyes 1 says:


  38. George Joseph Delahunty says:

    play more payday 2

  39. TheDymed says:

    Months ago that I played Payday2….two seconds of Bain was enough to make me hate him just as much as I did back then.

  40. iulian oros says:

    hotline miami music , sweet

  41. Yejhesb says:

    Play more Payday

  42. Mr Steve says:

    pyro you play this too?

  43. nukeman1303 says:

    Make more you lesbian

  44. Ирина Орлова says:

    Skyrim stealth??

  45. Grish says:

    0:17 Is that the Jimmy Gibbs Jr scream from 'Profound Moments in L4D2' by Icton?

  46. Josie F says:

    Nice Jake The Snake Mask, I like how you added Divide from Hotline miami 2 into the video

  47. Dorun says:

    there can't be any witnesses if there's nobody to witness

  48. Nier says:

    I never knew you played payday 2 pyro! Infamy 3 as well. Only slightly lower than me 🙂

  49. Mr. Hoxton says:

    they don't detect you if you blast off their fucking eyeholes

  50. Doctor_Chaos says:

    As someone with 2400 hours in PAYDAY 2, this is generally how Pub game stealth goes.

  51. thiccwater says:

    Play more payday cheers

  52. over00lord Unknown says:

    0:19 What song is playing?

  53. Synth Always says:

    Start music?

  54. Jasgo06 says:


  55. 1885 Benz Patent-Motorwagen says:

    d0 u Lov Jameskii?

  56. Crispin Wolfe says:


  57. Shit Owl says:

    Dankline Miami

  58. PyroEatsDick1975 says:


  59. Nicola Matthews says:

    Nice hotline miami music

  60. Zachary Martinez says:

    Nobody can notice you if there’s no one to notice

  61. Dustadooch Ggamer says:


  62. Iplayroblox says:

    thats the best stealth ever!
    5 minutes later…

  63. Fedora Guy says:

    Pyrocynical, having golden guns before fortnite was a thing

  64. DanielCYA says:

    Watching in April 2018

  65. TheHolyCrusader says:

    WAIT WHAAAAAAAAAT PYROCYNICAL PLAYS PAYDAY 2 NANI ?!?!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? cool i play pd2 too lol why am i saying this crap

  66. Heitor Silva says:

    Are we rushing them? Or we are going sneeky beeki like?

  67. T4piok4 says:

    Pd2 my gyy

  68. callan landis says:


  69. ONI says:

    Woah a vid thats not about bullying 9 year olds? Whaaaat? Never seen that before

  70. Elias the taser says:

    Best tutorial ever 2018
    Rekt that bois

  71. Kve1N says:


  72. pharaz says:

    I. Played this game when you did

  73. SomeBigBlueFish says:

    This is how I found ur cancer chnl

  74. Jon Lurn says:

    31st vid in pyrothon.

  75. coli7330 coli7330 says:

    Dad played pd2

  76. flashfiredog says:

    is that hotline miami music?

  77. Doggo Dip shit says:


  78. Doggo Dip shit says:


  79. Doggo Dip shit says:


  80. Doggo Dip shit says:


  81. Doggo Dip shit says:


  82. Not The Miami Mutilator says:


  83. Spooky The Brit says:

    so guys we did it

  84. LeDimisiu c: says:

    D i v i d e

  85. Armiter says:

    oh god

  86. Go b I guess Russell :D says:



  87. HI says:

    Holy moly pyro played payday wow epic

  88. Uxío Álvarez says:


  89. Narancia_Best_Boy says:

    now THIS is epic

  90. Dr. Loser says:

    I haven't seen something as stealthy as this since the atomic bomb

  91. Anton Anton says:


  92. RockTex says:

    Pyro play payday with me

  93. Nepione says:

    sorry pyro but this one aint hittin right

  94. Sans #3899 says:

    there's nothing here

  95. Turdmanjones · says:


  96. ThatMallGuyTMG says:

    ah the old days of…pyro mlg montages

  97. ben just ben says:

    Holy shit how did i get here

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