Payday 2 Mod: How to add picture to your weapon sight

open your file with photoshop rotate canvas 90 CW circle crop your image i’m using Ms.Word Shape Tools to crop it because it easier to resize the image Save your image as .dds rename the folder as you want rename .dds to .Texture then place it on : X:SteamsteamappscommonPAYDAY 2assetsmod_overrides(here) *this is an example of combat sight retexture* *in-game inventory preview* *Combat Sight* *Military Red Dot Sight *In Heist Preview* you can add me on steam if you have any question *Check Video Description Thank You For Watching

4 comments on “Payday 2 Mod: How to add picture to your weapon sight”

  1. zw1tz says:

    nice vid

  2. MCSNGR says:

    i came for a reason

  3. Angery Sarariman says:

    What is your other mod in the game ? The whole game is filled with Nep nep lul

  4. yuxuan liu says:

    where did u get this ui and background? l want it too bro ;D

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