[Payday 2] [Mod] Last Man Cloaking

Hey guys, Unknown Knight here. In my last video log I shared about me doing some modding. Well, here’s one of them. I don’t think I’m very creative with names, and I call this one Last Man Cloaking. This is 1 of 2 mods that I wrote for myself
to train while playing solo, without AI bots. You can probably guess from the name that this mod allows a cloaker to kick the last
man standing or a solo player playing without bots. This is most likely a host side mod (I haven’t really tested it out) and changes gameplay so use it with care. You can get this from the Last Bullet forum, just follow the download link right below. Well for most of you who know what I do, I tend to play solo without AI bots so I’m pretty rusty against cloakers when I join a public game and this mod helps to keep me on my toes. If you want more pain in your game you can check out this mod but please use it responsibly. I’ll see you in my next video. Unknown Knight here, signing off. Ouch.

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