[Payday 2] [Mod] Simulate Online

Hey guys, It’s me again. And now, to share with you the other mod that
I worked on. Again, I’m bad on naming stuff, and I call this one, Simulate Online. Ok basically this mod is for those of you that travels frequently and have a gaming
laptop. So, without internet connection, this mod tries to bring CrimeNet offline closer
to online by doing the following: The base armour recovery rate is set back
to 3 seconds from 1.75s. And Winters now spawns in single player mode
as well. Now I know not everyone likes to have him
in the game but he’s part of the online experience afterall. Lastly, the chat is enabled. Of course you can’t really chat with anyone
else but some players, including me, use the chat like a reminder or a post-it
note. It’s easier if I demonstrate that to you. Ok so armour recovery rate and Winters is
self-explanatory, I’ll not go into that. But here’s what the chat can be used for
in single player; to write notes to yourself. Just type in whatever you need to remind yourself and when the chat fades, just enable chat again to see your notes. So basically, in stealth, you can use the chat to count pagers or to keep track of drills and ECM times. Or like in Election Day and Big Oil, to note and remember the clues to use again
later. You can see me here typing out the clues, all 3 of them and then later referring to it again to get the correct engine. Ok so here I’m pausing just to show it’s in single player mode. And we have Winters coming in, so I’m going to give him a warm welcome. Alright and that concludes the various uses
of this mod, you can find the download link right below
in the description. This is Unknown Knight here, and I’ll see you in my next video.

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