PAYDAY 2 – MONEY GLITCH / PS4 / XBOX / PC ( novo )

a localizacao exacta so voltamos á estrada no fim para escapar barricar o local do laboratorio nao importa se o laboratorio é em cima ou em baixo,o glitch funciona na mesma normalmente existem 5 (planks) molhos de tabuas para barricar janelas nao vao aparecer policias no mapa,apenas helicoptros com 1 ou 2 policias especias,e snipers preparar para escapar nao esquecer de nao ir para a estrada como podem ver nao ha policias no mapa a carrinha so espera 2 minutos quando nos vamos para estrada carregar os sacos o inferno vai começar , lol se todos os jogadores tiverem c4 e sentry guns melhor se houverem 4 jogadores e que saibam duplicar, podem fazer mais sacos e ter um lucro maior como neste exemplo agora o problema vai ser arranjar espaço no cofre subscrevam o canal,deixem o vosso like e obrigado por assistirem

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  1. Wolfpac says:

    The way i did it:
    Drop the first silenced sentry in the right spot in the 1. gap of the fence, the second one is dropped between the 3rd and 4th pallet (from left). So you rush in, kill everybody and you can go everywhere if you dropped the sentrys at the right spot.


    2 Policeman will be dropped on the balcony. Shoot them from the garden (behind the house).

    If it isn´t working, you placed the turrets wrong, just restart it.

    More Detail to the turret:
    Right Sentry:
    If you are on console, the lid of the sentry suitcase has to "touch" the left side of the gap. Put it as close as you can.

    If you are on PC, the left legs of the sentry has to "touch" the left side of the gap. Put it as close as you can.

    The left Sentry:

    If you are on console, the lid of the Sentry suitcase should be up to the middle of the 3rd pallet from the left.

    If you are pm PC: The Sentry tube (where it shoots from) should be in the 3rd pallet of the fence from left.

    If you have any questions for PC or console, you can ask me.

  2. Firedragon 6298 says:

    Got it on my first try.thanks

  3. 69rattlehead69 says:

    podrías habernos dicho que al minuto 50 todo vale madres y llegan los swat y las fuerzas especiales 🙁 perdí casi una hora de trabajo uwu, la ganaba y fijo llegaba a infame 9000

  4. Todd Payne says:

    does this still work?

  5. dolan goobster says:

    need someone to do this with on ps4 I'm a low level (27) but I'll try my hardest and stay out of the way

  6. Avizamort says:

    Can't find cook off I'm on ps3

  7. Idropbodi3z x says:

    How does this work I don't get it

  8. Badstyles Gameplay says:

    69rattlehead69 this is for you my friend : as u can see i said : " HELL BEGINS " u have 2 minutes to scape,its not my fault if u fail my friend,u can cook without cops,but u have coops on the scape,wath u want cook forever? and drop 1 milion bags ? lol ,the plan its with u my friend,u can invite friends and everybory bring 4 sentrys,or drop the bags without put your foots on the road,the plan its with u Bro,i just show u how to do this glitch,u need to plan your scape the way you want,use your brain,we have 1 milion difrent plans,if u have sucess or not its depend of your skills,team,and your plan,you dont lost 1 hour you learn something be positive my friend,its just a game,if u dont like the glitch do a regular game and figth…. just one more thing …. you said : i lost 1 hour of hard work? realy ? hard work? are u joking ? join my loby and figth on my side on one down and you will see wath is hard work my friend ,sometimes we win and sometimes we lose but we never cry like babys lol ITS JUST A GAME BRO

  9. Patrick says:

    edit the title when it's patched pls
    btw is it patched?

  10. JC says:

    its really pached or not?

  11. Badstyles Gameplay says:

    as you can see ,its not patched

  12. JC says:

    its patched because after 8 to 10 mins cops spwan regulary

  13. Badstyles Gameplay says:

    just in your screen bro,i dont see any coops

  14. Mikey Jerado says:

    should I do the Rats heist? I'm on PS3

  15. Carl says:

    Thank you. Works great.

  16. Badstyles Gameplay says:


  17. Stefan Ze says:

    IT is patched because i Do It and After That a guy go to the Streat and we must Do IT again But now IT doesen't Work

  18. Pineapple Gam1ng says:

    I don't under stand this can some one help me my psn is PINEAPPLE_K1NG send me a message

  19. BadID- says:

    Abood-_-404 this is my ID add me please

  20. BlackBurn *NTC* says:

    quando eu coloco a sentry meu jogo crasha
    eu coloco em qualquer lugar meu jogo crasha na hr q eu coloco tem como arrumar?

  21. SquidScward says:

    how do you duplicate my friend?

  22. BlAzEdPlays Games says:

    Hate how we have to unlock tower defence jus to get two Sentry guns😓

  23. Tactical Larry says:

    Hey can someone Help me with this

  24. M4_Notorious__ says:

    how you do for duplicate bags now bro? make Vídeo about it.

  25. M4_Notorious__ says:

    Mano tá fazendo como pra duplicar. eu tentei de todo jeito e não ia. as armas da firestarter não duplicaram nem as vagas de meth. faz um vídeo mostrando pra gente aí.

  26. M4_Notorious__ says:

    eu perdi meu save ontem e eu tô muito irritado com essa porra! kkkkkkk

  27. M4_Notorious__ says:

    porra eu nunca fiz assim não Kra. e eu acho que vou virar a noite amanhã fazendo essa porra. eu tinha 42 bilhões mano e perdi meu save. EU to Muito putooooooooo!

  28. M4_Notorious__ says:

    parabéns pelo canal. eu vou assinar aqui.

  29. Idropbodi3z x says:

    Can this be done solo?

  30. Dragan 70 says:

    Can you hard me to make the glitch i ´ m french my psn: trevor70290

  31. YT_GAMER2273 says:

    R u on ps3

  32. Is Auxifye? says:

    Aye can we try this? Add me girdle1

  33. InF3rNuS Gaming says:

    Can you transalate into italian?

  34. ZUCCLZ says:

    Hey do you wanna play on pc if so hit me up

  35. Mr Domo says:

    Nice one mate only one that works

  36. Patrick M says:

    Are you on PS4? wanna help me out maybe? or anyone with this just started the game :p

  37. ByTexas23 says:

    Does this works on mayhem and one down? Because i can get it work up to overkill but on higher difficulties it's kinda not working cause police is coming at you before you can place the sentry guns.

  38. Jesucristo De Nazaret says:

    Are You on Ps4 or Xbox One?

  39. benjamin slettnes says:

    Do u need any dlcs for this?

  40. Avos Alex says:

    Still works everyone, just use two sentries just watch out for snipers and helicopter troops

  41. daniel bergqvist says:

    Does it work when you are level 1?

  42. Zak Garnham says:

    does it actually work on xbox one?

  43. thong trinhbuu says:

    What do mean dupplicate bags ? Can u make a video about dupplicate stuff too ?

  44. EleCtRiCal_freez says:

    Can you please help me? Im going to add you now. 🙂
    I woulfd really line it.

  45. MrYbarra77 says:

    Can someone on PS4 help me with this? Add me PS4: smoke_dawg231

  46. ItsChris says:

    This works 100% thank you so much and even if your current looks different it still works

  47. Daniel Fuller says:

    Can someone on xbox help me

  48. kolton case says:

    Does it work on rats

  49. mrlamb1974 says:

    Oh my lord mission hot rinsed

  50. Beats Maker says:

    Does this still work and will you add me or I add you(Omar_ripper2001)

  51. Dante Vergil says:

    Does this work on ps3?

  52. Julian Jersemann says:

    Is There any way to Reload the Sentry Guns ?

  53. PlayerAngry says:

    does it still working?

  54. Badstyles Gameplay says:


  55. Damir Šarlah says:

    Hi add me on ps4 if you wana play together epicxy10

  56. Zinovius Graphix says:

    Add me zinovius_graphix

  57. Private Cheeks says:

    Add me luxsa?

  58. PP PLAYS says:

    Ótimo vídeo!

  59. Unknow _Papi says:

    I need a friend add Savage_kingz990

  60. ITSATOASTER says:

    when was dis patched??

  61. MajesticNOOB says:

    Took me a couple of times but after practice and knowing where to put them i got it down

  62. uzi says:

    could anyone help me with this. me and my friend want to do this to get some extra cash we broke af

  63. Lewdsette egg says:

    I need exp lol not money tbh

  64. Cristian Garcia says:

    msg me on xbox GT BiggDaddyyG93
    rank xxv-100

  65. Roomy Elf says:

    I don't think this glitch work anymore I stepped outside on the road than the cops showed up


    Does this still work on xb1 ? Also liked the vids well put together cheers mate

  67. 123JoeDeee says:

    The invisibility doesn't work on ps4 anymore

  68. XyDragon22 says:

    Doesnt work anymore :/

  69. Leonardo Fabricio gta says:

    alguém ai joga payday no ps3 online pra joga junto

  70. Badstyles Gameplay says:

    e o glitch continua a bulir

  71. eduardo ruivo says:

    Mas aida funciona ???? :3

  72. Sans Undertale says:


  73. Sans Undertale says:

    Badstyles Gameplay does this still work and could you help me my psn is Arandomplayer476

  74. GamerBaers says:

    Can you add me please? gamerbaers

  75. smileyman3456 says:

    Can you add me please? smileyman3456

  76. Rising Jokerman says:

    Hey bad styles can you help me and my friend we need the money for infamy and we’re lvl 100 but we can’t get it to work

  77. Ali Albahadly says:

    Can You help me lvl up on PS4 bc i was a high lvl then i lost my acc plus i need money

  78. Kajus Z. says:

    It's a console, what did you expect. Good luck trying it on pc

  79. Ale Teles says:

    Provavel q n vai ver meu comentário, mas como vc mata os nego dessa missão sem chamar a polícia, e tbm qual nome dessa missão, oq vc fez q eu n entendi nada

  80. xDABvPRO GangStarZz-_- says:

    Bro can u help me with this on ps3 pls my name is xDABvPRO pls add me

  81. yonson mills says:

    About to try this out I just have to level up and if this works many thanks

  82. RaminhosPlays says:

    Eae meu brother o glitch ainda dá?

  83. troon lagado says:

    Amigo tem um bug de ganhar offshore account até 500.547.372

  84. Carmen Monreal says:

    Didn't work on ps3 I tried it

  85. Miss Angie says:

    Does this still works ?

  86. Zer0 _calories_burnt says:

    Yo I can’t wait so try this on ps4 crimewave edition… I hope it still works cause I really want to level up in it lol.

  87. Heitor Santejo says:

    Cara ele funciona no Xbox 360?

  88. Gab Dub says:

    plz send me friend request i'm gabi27gab

  89. Brolee TM says:

    Still works?

  90. Brolee TM says:

    I feel so sad about you you deserve 10000 sub

  91. Darth Canic says:

    So i watched but i guess im stupid bc i dont understand lol so to duplicate u throw the bags under the van in the same spot?

  92. Darth Canic says:

    Im having trouble doing this can anyone help. Im on ps4

  93. Galactic says:

    Can you add me and help me do this please? My PSN is OrxmxYT (Alot of thanks if you can)

  94. Anto / JustDann says:

    Still work

  95. spartygrad89 says:

    Have tried 50 times on PC, no luck. Did it exactly like this.

  96. Red_berrye says:

    How i can get thats sentry guns?

  97. yolk ey says:

    if you have ps4 can i play with you

  98. yolk ey says:

    how do you dup

  99. Ryan Shirley says:

    It works but you have to have 4 2 at the locations he showed and the other 2 need to be with armor piercing rounds at the 1st floor stairs

  100. DedSec says:

    Ainda funciona?

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