Payday 2 – New solo Death Sentence build (works for one down too)

Watch the upgraded video of this build here! Watch the upgraded video of this build here! Watch the upgraded video of this build here! Watch the upgraded video of this build here!

19 comments on “Payday 2 – New solo Death Sentence build (works for one down too)”

  1. Monkey Killer says:

    * * *
    0:38 – Instructions.
    0:44 – Perk deck.
    1:00 – Skill tree.
    1:28 – Armor.
    1:34 – Equipment.
    1:40 – Throwable.
    1:45 – Melee.
    1:50 – Secondary weapon.
    2:04 – Primary weapon.
    2:20 – Gameplay.
    18:40 – Escape!
    * * *
    11:20 – Awesome fact about my name and converted cops.

  2. GEEK GAMING says:

    In your opinion shall I put like hmm I think I will not put no no i'm joking nice video 1like for you I also have a channel for gaming you can subscribe for my channel

  3. Emil Hokkonen says:

    Do you know what time it is? The breathe of death! Perfect! Keep om bruh! 😉

  4. Nucleus says:

    The Buzzers very first swing is faster than the EBK's but spamming it is slower but why would you do that. So using the buzzer is better.
    The China Puff 40mm Grenade Launcher (China Lake) Is better than the Compact 40mm in literally every aspect other than damage but it will still kill shields/light ZEAL in 1 hit, heavy ZEAL in 1 or 2 shots and Tasers/Medics in 2 or 3. (not sure about exact hits but you have a magazine so shooting a few more shots is easier anyway.)

    Aced Combat Medic and Confident arent necessary. Instead get Joker aced, transporter basic, scavenger basic. Low Blow and Optical Illusions are also not needed for the light crossbow because it kills all units in 1 headshot excep dozers but those can also be killed easily if youre smart. Instead get Parkour aced and Feign Death aced.

  5. Monkey Killer says:

    Watch the upgraded video of this build here!

  6. Loki-CDXX says:

    I’ve seen that intro before

  7. Shagg M. 2wyce says:

    You brought doctors bags but had body bags without having jack of all trades. Lost

  8. scott campbell jr says:

    didnt cloud dasher make that intro

  9. D3zno Kill3ms says:

    Nice intro

  10. xRoyiC _ says:

    Hello whats the mod that allows you to see the damage done to the enemies

  11. Mr. J says:

    Pokémon !!

  12. MontyG says:

    False! All skills are optional.

  13. Giovanni Gobbi says:

    what's the mod you are using for bots?

  14. Cute Fanat says:

    Is that gameplay? I waited for cool build and what I see 50% stealth Heist + Build that you need stay in cover and slow go ahead. Try this build on Goat simulator or Green Bridge Solo.

  15. Darling errorka says:

    Solo build with inspire… Logic

  16. I got ur DLC right here says:

    First of all, I can confirm this works for console. Secondly, thanks. I completed my first death sentence heist with this.

  17. paulius vokietaitis says:

    How is that song called in the beggining?

  18. wayyartone takyinsok says:

    Rip XD i was close that

  19. Pretty Friend says:

    solo wich bots….

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