PAYDAY 2 NIGHTCORE RAP | Dan Bull (Lyrics)

Newspapers strewn
Warm bodies sprawling Appalling
It’ll be in the papers tomorrow morning Along with mourning
The names of the fallen Embodied in bold print for you to take as
a warning Never intervene with the American dream
We do whatever for the green Fill you with lead up in the streets
For that liquid cash Hot red liquid splash marks
Spattered on your dash then dash Brash
We bring the hustle Back to sinew and muscle
Cracked bone Cracked glass
Cracked windows in the tussle Flash ringing from the muzzle
‘Til you’re cinders in the rubble I don’t value pigs unless they’re sniffing
for the Truffles I’m singing for the struggle
What you bringing to the scuffle? I’m about to come and stick a pin into your
bubble Here’s a cop killer for your trouble
Blood spattered on the asphalt But it doesn’t matter
Rat a tat tat Fuck a black mask
When death is entertainment then I’d better act daft
Like the Beatles on the rooftop The police’ll never let it be or get me to
stop You or me are going to soon drop
Down a staircase flight or fire escape To a violent fate
Fight or flight kick in right away Rotate
But there’s no turning back You’re going to roast
Flames are going to burn your back Murder rap
I’m sure you’ve heard of that This is the real deal
No limit to who we’ll do in and what we’ll steal
And if you feel ill Then you can go away
This is the USA If you can’t take it you’ll be thrown away
But if you don’t back down you’ll be blown away
Your wife’ll tell your kids “Daddy isn’t coming home today”
Mayday! Mayday!
The situation’s getting cray cray I’m Jesse James in his heyday
I’ll face your grenades, melee weapons, AKs Arrange the date of your funeral
And the wake is my payday They’ll say that you were brave, pray
For the angels to change The state’s got to save face
I say grace Cos tonight you dine in paradise
While I take a plane Hijack a flight to Paraguay
I can’t taste the prepackaged airline meal And I can’t say what the Hell I feel
You made a dogs dinner On a dog day afternoon
I must be off, sorry But I’m going have to shoot
Said You made a dogs dinner On a dog day afternoon
I must be off, sorry But I’m going have to shoot!
In God We Trust…

13 comments on “PAYDAY 2 NIGHTCORE RAP | Dan Bull (Lyrics)”

  1. Aussie Reaper says:

    I was here. 😀

  2. Kevin Leonardo Perez Moreno says:


  3. Chase Anderson says:

    Anyone want to play payday 2 with me on ps3 add me at igetgwap1

  4. AimLesZ says:

    Why did you rape this song? It's not even good nightcore, and there is only one thing worse than nightcore; shit nightcore.


    can you make an other Dan bull rap gta5

  6. Bober Fairburn says:

    Awesome video for the lyics and over all cool thanks for the vid and helping learn how to rap it fast 🙂

  7. HowL KinG says:

    This is awesome! I love Dan Bulls raps! Cool that you made it nightcore!

  8. Los#' Muertos_/ says:

    There should be an instrumental of this song (not the nightcore version though)

  9. angry buffaloes says:

    agen jest my opinion but how is this "your original video " you jest had Danbulls video over a payday 2 trailer and made his voice hipiched

  10. 2Low Villain says:

    your gay dude for pushing this "nightcore" shit

  11. Moni says:

    Nightcore is cancer

  12. External117 says:

    why does night core has to copyright everything ?

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