Payday 2 Official Soundtrack – #44 DonAcDum (Assault)

On the goddamn GROUND! Don’t answer back, ya twat! FUCK! Donac Dum DoDo Donac Dum DoDo [houston noises] Hey, you, get on your feet! FUCK! Okay. [continued Houston noises] On the goddamn GROUND! Don’t answer back, ya twat! FUCK! [houston noises reach crescendo of not acting dumb] Hey, you, get on your feet! FUCK! Okay. [houston noises achieve zenith of not dumb] ????? On the goddamn GROUND!

100 comments on “Payday 2 Official Soundtrack – #44 DonAcDum (Assault)”

  1. ddable says:

    Don't act american.

  2. Zombie Reaper101 says:


  3. Mini_Peek says:

    One of the best songs on the soundtrack.

  4. Skeileen Fogle says:

    my dad

  5. GamePil says:

    I can't believe that i got both Payday games for free and that it still took me this long to start playing Payday 2. It's like GTA Online Heists but 100x better and with kick-ass music. I hope Starbreeze can recover

    EDIT: Who the hell made subtitles for this?

  6. fortnite bad says:

    me: accidentally triggers alarm

    host: "DON'T ACT DUMB!"

    you have been kicked by the host.

  7. _ScyHigh CCX_ says:

    Does this song have Danny Devito in it?

  8. 1WAYJOKER says:

    "hey you get on your feet"
    Bain – bodhi and jacket are now in custody
    Me – fuckin free paid skrubs maaaannn

  9. ダニダニオ says:


  10. Random Person says:

    Ahh… The first song I listened to in PD2. Probably the reason why I liked Houston so much when I was new.

  11. Topminator says:

    [houston noises]

  12. Deathclone900 says:

    Literally this song came out of nowhere when I was in the middle of playing Birth of Sky on Deathwish.

  13. zanezonair says:

    i miss the game. it died when it introduced the new poeice stuff like htme having lower hp and anally assaulting you 24/7 making anyhting overkill and above near impossoble

  14. Brian Davin gaming says:

    srsly i love this song

  15. KnightPlays13 says:


  16. FroGG says:

    Hey you, get on your feet!

  17. jedajuz says:

    I like listening this song when I play EDF 4.1

  18. Cranks says:

    my favourite part is when he says "dont act dumb"

  19. Кобей Тлеубергенов says:


  20. A Moose says:

    yo pass the aux cord

  21. Oh Hell No says:

    National pledge of PAYDAY2: 'What the fuck is what?'

  22. [GD] MagZ says:

    GET THE FUCK UP!!!1!1!!1

  23. The Wraith Summoner says:


  24. sniper man says:


  25. Super_Skills_101 Gaming says:


  26. Carson Speaks says:

    Need the lyrics lmao

  27. Someone9000 says:

    Houston trying to be silent be like

  28. Bob the magic koala says:

    Find some dirt,sit on it then eat that dirt

  29. Biohazard says:

    i came from murky station

  30. Carl Wheezer says:

    Been 4 years but still gold

  31. SpyKiller123 says:

    play this at my funeral with a radio near me.i might as well get inspire aced.or the payday gang will appear and place their masks around my coffin.

  32. Stay Frosty says:

    Host: (Uses DonAcDum as soundtrack)

    Player: Mixes in wrong chemical to make meth

  33. Aturkey says:

    Don act cum

  34. Joaquin Tenorio says:

    Os habeis metido con el italiano equivocado.

  35. Wojszach says:

    Wow so deep

  36. Daniel Wills says:

    First heard this on Murky Station, on the radio next to the Keycards.

  37. Debauchery says:

    Guys the dance floor, wolf is on it

  38. Lexx says:

    Houston noise x,D

    Turn on the subtitles

  39. LuckyTrigger 76 says:


  40. Арина Аланкина says:


  41. Arak Drakoniz says:

    I’m here because of Dani Daniels. 😁

  42. memey creamy says:


  43. GOTTA GET A GRIP says:

    [houston noises intensify]

  44. basically a Jacob dagnit says:

    Donacdum or dont act dumb?

  45. basically a Jacob dagnit says:


  46. Tom Ad says:

    Gotta give props to Chains for just saying “FUCK!”

  47. Un Casualsniper says:

    Lets do this…

  48. Ege Karataş says:

    Dont act dumb?

  49. Rey Spartan Nightmare RSN says:

    Sound For Rats Labs Heist Ok No

  50. FL4ym3Burn says:


  51. Yüntem xd says:



  52. Luka7 YT says:

    [Countinued Houston Noises]

  53. Luka7 YT says:

    [Houston Noises reach crescendo of not acting dumb]

  54. Phoenix says:

    On the god damn ground

  55. Валентин Нестеров says:

    hard bass cyka blyad

  56. Andrew meierholz says:


  57. Weird video's says:

    I was playing payday 2 with my boy on diamond heist, my finger was begging for me to hit the E button (Meele) then by mistake I hit the E button, and what comes next? A turret from the roof of the vault. Tear gas he gets downed.
    This soundtrack blasts into my ear. Then we win the heist

    The best Easter egg ever.

    (If it is a Easter egg)

  58. Alec Cross says:

    I thought the lyrics were Don't mag dump..

    as I mag dump onto the police

  59. Czech mate says:

    You heard the man bois, donacdum

  60. Dalton Goodale says:


  61. Der Monotone says:

    The captains are another world of funny.

  62. Snoopy1996 2 says:

    Death wish niggas be like

  63. GamingProTV says:

    Bulldozer: Aims at Houston
    Houston: Dont act dumb
    Bulldozer: Shoots Houston
    Houston Gets down!
    Chains: GET THE FUCK UP!

  64. Alex Schmidt says:

    Dont act dumb.

  65. cavila 33 says:


  66. sleepy! boy says:

    SAY IT HOUSTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Damian Skill says:

    Get the fuck up!

  68. GoogleTristinTheFox N Gamer says:

    Wait a sec I've heard this in Saints Row 3 couple of times

  69. Oh whats this? says:

    When im in GTA and i see a flying bike: DONT ACT DUMB

  70. Tim Cowen says:

    Wolf phase… SHIELD SHIELD

  71. Evan Nave says:

    Hey you, Get on your feet!

  72. Chris Steve says:


  73. Kitty says:

    i…may have overplayed this song

  74. Seamus Peacock says:

    I thought he said dont let go

  75. juan acosta says:

    What heist pack is this from?

  76. Hunt3r says:

    This is the best soundtrack in Payday 2

  77. Kitty says:

    turn on captions

  78. zynide says:

    this isn't my type of music but holy fucking shit thats a banger

  79. You got WOOSHED says:

    someone made a subtitles: He's a legend [Houston noises]

  80. Alex Stapleton says:

    The uploader added subtitles. That’s actually hilarious

  81. David R. says:

    1:21 When an officer calls for backup

  82. ninezer0seven plays says:

    i love how the captions say "[continued houston noises]" in the middle of the song😂

  83. Marta Zaleska says:

    Explains why i main houston

  84. Tyler Mitchell says:

    [houston noises]

  85. berry dijkstra says:

    Best muziek payday

  86. J. Jonah Jameson says:

    Officer down!

  87. 우수 says:


  88. Aidiano Spaghettio says:

    Bain: you got this

  89. MeDfEt says:

    Subtitles: [Houston noises reach crescendo of not acting dumb]
    Edit: [Houston noises achieve zenith of not dumb]

  90. Labedz says:

    he says "don't act dumb"
    i hear "don't move that door"

  91. KnightPlays13 says:


  92. Zander Attack says:

    Me:ok now i only need escape with the Loot

    Cloaker: wululululu

    Me: 0:28

    >:v FUCK

  93. FSB_SCOUT_FSB says:

    Damn on subtitres

  94. Juan Jalapeño says:

    This is what McDonalds sprite tastes like

  95. lil tich says:

    We are all here for one thing: ON THE GODDAMN GROUND

  96. CruelMellow says:

    Don’t answer back ya twat!

  97. Depx [Дэпс] says:


  98. Aiden DeCaire says:

    These bloody subtitles.

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