PAYDAY 2: Ombre Cinesi Stealth in Apocalisse (Shadow Raid DW)

Hi all, I’m Tarantino of GaminGuys, and this time we are on Payday 2 as you can see And I’ll show you how to do Shadow Raid on Death Wish obviously Stealth, all loot! Must: zip-line on the riverside Start the Heist! The crew starts outside, a short distance from the gate into the main yard; there are several guards and civilians patrolling the yard itself. From here, there are several entry points: Through the front gate if a patrol is not nearby. The stairs to the right of the gate lead to rooftops overlooking the main yard. Not far to the left of the gate is a removable manhole, which leads down to a network of sewers. The sewers lead to several other manholes, including a couple inside the main building, but this requires purchasing the Thermal Paste asset to bypass metal grating. Be very careful when climbing down manhole ladders, as it is easy to lose footing and fall all the way down, resulting in incapacitation. (A safe way to avoid this is by entering the manhole from the opposite side as the ladder, and holding forward while facing downward.) Heading past the manhole leads to a neighboring building, which can sometimes be climbed. A crowbar may spawn near the corner of this roof, and this roof may be used to jump to the roof of the warehouse. This area provides a good view of the outside of the warehouse. Continuing further down the path leads to a chain-link fence, and the side and back of the building. The building can be entered by secure doors, or by climbing down a ladder to a sewer grate on the left (requires the Thermal Paste asset to bypass). Once inside, players should take great care, as the building is heavily patrolled by guards and workers, and a single alarm means fleeing. Once inside, players must first find the crowbar(s) (which spawn around the warehouse in various locations) in order to start opening crates; crates can be found throughout the main warehouse, locked inside cages, and inside the helicopter-dropped container. To get a better situational awareness of the interior, the player can crouch-walk along the roof beams at the top of the main room without much risk of detection, so long as they have a suitably low detection risk. Key areas of interest include the main vault, located at the back of the main warehouse and the security room, found one floor up. In order to unlock the vault, players require two keycards, one of which can always be found on the security room guard One can be found on the worker wearing full orange clothing, one can be found on a randomly patrolling guard, and a fourth keycard can sometimes be found on the counter in the kitchen. After acquiring two cards, co-ordinate to insert them within 10 seconds of each other and access the samurai armor. Failure to place both keycards in the slots within the time limit will result in the system disabling, locking the vault and rendering the players unable to access the shogun’s armor. After collecting several bags of loot, one or two designated players should start moving bags to the vehicle (or a nearby located drop-off location bought with assets) in piles, heading through the sewers or out the back to minimize detection. Passing the gate with care, bags should be loaded before returning inside: by doing so, the risk (and cost) of an alarm drops significantly, and allows players to use the little time available to escape. TACTICS: Alarms:
Do not, at any point, raise the alarm, doing so will leave the crew with 60 seconds to complete the objectives and escape. Should the alarm go off, multiple Murkywater mercenaries will spawn throughout the map. In particular, 3-5 of them will come out of a building across the street from the compound. As this is very close to the escape zone and the players are likely to be wearing suits, they should exercise caution. However, throwing several grenades at them will either kill them or will stun them long enough for everyone to escape. If caught, treat the mission like an escape sequence. As the time limit for escape is only 60 seconds, and remaining loot can be anything from light (e.g. paintings or cocaine) to very heavy (e.g. gold or artifacts), be sure to weigh odds of escaping against the amount and type(s) of remaining loot. If discovered, consider chain-deploying ECMs to delay the alarm. Doing so can add time for the crew to secure loot and escape. Equipment:
Have the entire crew use only suits, and primarily equip ECMs. The heist is best suited to Ghost and Technician loadouts, as ammo and health items have little use in a stealth heist. Ghosts are the team’s backbone, as the right perks mean alarms and/or pagers can be delayed, fall damage can be negated, and regular/Titan cameras can be looped. Technicians should be the second class of choice, as they make cage drilling easier, their Sensor tripmines can locate guards without getting detected, and their sentries and charges can make a loud escape easier. Use the ‘Thermal Paste’ asset to burn through gates in the sewers below the warehouse for additional exit/entry points. Be aware that only two cans of paste will spawn, and there will be three or four gates in the map; since only one can be carried per person, coordinate usage to prevent wasting them. Consider a hard-hitting, high-DPS silenced weapon, such as a Judge. Murkywater guards can soak a lot of damage if alerted, especially on Death Wish difficulty A Sniper with the Theia Magnified Scope can be used to mark guards in the yard, simply by aiming at them. Guards and civilians:
Murkywaters have pagers, and the number of responses is limited, so only kill those who are definitely necessary to advance. Some guards are static, and will simply watch an area rather than patrolling. By avoiding these guards, it is possible to move loot freely without having to kill them. Guards and workers can deviate from patrol routes, so they can change floors or enter the building without warning. This combined with the random chance of more guards arriving via helicopter requires caution to be exercised at all times. The Murkywater mercenaries have around as much health as MFR units, but a single hit will always kill them if they are not alerted. Being seen undoes this, however, and in most cases a single, silenced headshot will not be enough to kill. Although the metal and wooden containers emit a loud sound when opened, they do not alert NPCs.
Trucks in front of the warehouse can be interacted with, which sets off their alarms. This lures one of the guards to the truck. This can only be done once per truck, and trucks inside the warehouse cannot be interacted with.
Guards become alerted when they see an open vault, but civilians will not. Keycards:
The mercenary watching the cameras always carries a keycard.Additional keycards are carried by a randomly patrolling mercenary, as well as the worker in the orange suit with the yellow hardhat (Also red hardhatted ones), and one keycard sometimes spawn in the kitchen besides the locker room. Orange worker with the yellow hardhat
Once first keycard is inserted, players will only have 10 seconds to obtain and insert the second. A player can only carry one card at a time, so if soloing: Subdue one of the key holders while they are near the vault so that the player can, within 10 seconds, insert the first card, run to the second, pick it up, run back to the vault, and insert it. If the NPCs near the vault turn out to have no keycards, consider using un-silenced drills on two card-locked cages on the first floor. The noise may lure a mercenary or a civilian close enough to use their card, should they happen to have one. NOW WE HAVE TO RUN! GOGOGOGOGOGO!! LIKE USAIN BOLT! PHEW! SAFE! Guys I hope you enjoyed the video. If so, please leave comments, likes and subscribe to the channel: GaminGuys
Now relax…until next heist 😉

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