At one moment when the game bored me, I decided to make a challenge for myself. Complete all the heists at death sentence difficulty without bots, it seemed something unreal, however it’s not easy even now. If there were no problems with the jewelry store and the same, then the more serious heists can make you sweat. Especialy, Goat simulator with its idiotic randomness and a drunk idiot. But payday is payday. The Goat simulator only isn’t enough and the developers kindly added Henry’s Rock and White House to make our live harder. But the experience only is not enough to complete all the heists, you also need a good build. This video is about one of those builds. As people says: The man is an island! DLC aren’t necessary, you can play without them, but if you want you can buy: gage courier pack – for additional modifications. gage veapon pack 2 – unlocks a very good LMG ksp. gage historik pack – unlocks the LMG mg42. butcher ak car mod pack – for mods for SMG krinkov. Scarface heist – unlocks commando 101 rocket launcher. 100 LVL is enough. At 1st I just roll all the skill trees. In the controller sub-tree, we first take “Forced Friendship” – It’s increases our supply of cable ties by 4 and we can cable tie hostages 75% faster. Cable ties also drops from cop’s dead bodies. “Confident” skill – the force and range of intimidation is increased by 50%. Also allows you to convert 2 cops instead of one. To convert a cop, damage him a little bit, then shout at him several times. The enemy intimidated now and you can convert him. Best to convert heavy unit cuz they are more tenacious. I don’t recommend to convert Cops with 40 HP – they die to fast. I advise you to regularly take hostages even if you already have 2 jokers. If your joker is killed, you can immediately make a new one. Also some enemies are distracted by
the hostages. Let one cop distract from you, who knows, maybe it will save you. Joker – you can convert enemies. Your jokers get an 35% damage boost, and the conversion time is reduced. With this skill cops converts pretty fast, in 0.5 seconds. “Partners In Crime” is the most important skill when playing with joker. This skill is necessary. Without it, your jokers are shit, and you just wasted your skills. This skill gives a 99% damage resist to yours jokers. Jokers become very strong and live long, the only thing that can kill them is a turret, or bulldozers. Also, joker increases your speed by 10% and health by 30%. If your armor is depleted and enemies started hurting your health – you won’t live for a long time. This health bonus allows you to tank a few more shots from clokers and shields. Oh yes, I almost forgot, you can have 2 jokers at the same time maximum. But sometimes they get stuck and stand still, in this case you just can kill them, but because of bugs they can get stuck at another part of the map where you can’t kill them. For example, in “Beneath the Mountain” heist after climbing the elevator. That’s why I recommend to download the “replace jokers” mod. It’s gives ability to replace a stucked jokers. Just take a new hostage, convert him and a stucked joker will die at this time. The mod is a little bit cheating, but this is Gayday. Its bugs can be fixed only by cheats. Stable Shot – You gain 8 weapon stability. In “tank” sub-tree we take resilience – it speed up armor recovery by 15% and reduces the impact of the enemy flash. Very useful, cuz sit for 5-10 seconds with white screen is very dangerous. “Die hard” – it’s gives 50% resist when you interacting with objectives. You MUST have this. The skill allows you to tank 3 heavy unit shots and seriously reduces the damage of other enemies. A very useful skill when you need to interact with something, for example, a drill (to repair it). “Shock and awe” – a required skill. It’s increases the speed of armor recovery by 25%. If you play with the team, then their armor will be restored faster too. Ace version gives ability to knock back shields by shooting at them. Also, if they come too close you can knock bach them by melee weapon. “Bullseye” – One of the best skills in the game. It always will help us. If your armor is depleted, any shot in the enemies will give you 5 armor points. Ae version is useless, there is no differences between 25 points or 5, just like on anarchist. “Iron man” – gives us ICTV and also increases our armor by 30%. Without this skill you can do nothing. In oppressor sub-tree we take ace “Steady Grip”. It’s increases accuracy and stability of all weapons by 8 and 16 points respectively. It’s very useful for LMGs. “Surefire” – It’s increases the weapon magazine by 15 bullets and gives a 100% chance of pierce through enemy armor, except of bulldozers. “Lock N’ Load” – allows you to shoot from the hip while sprinting. Ace verison has a completely incomprehensible description, apparently I’m too dumb to understand it, the main thing is it works. I just say “killing 2 enemies will speed up your reloading by 40%” The most important skill is “Body Expertise” – The bodie-hit damage you deal is almost the same as headshot damage, but it’s only 90% of headshot damage. So, try to aim at the head to deal 100% damage. In ghost skill-tree we take “duck and cover” to increase our sprint speed, stamina regeneration by 25% and reduces the start time of stamina regeneration by 25%. And “parkour” to increase our movement speed by 10% and speed of climbing stairs by 20%. These skills are reaquired for any builds, if you don’t have them – your build is shit. In “silent killer” sub-tree we take base “second wind”. If you armor is depleted, your movement speed will increase by 30% for 5 seconds. It’s simple – armor is broken, we hide, if necessary run to the cover. Optical illusions – you are 35% less likely to be target by enemies. It’s means cops will more shoot your jokers than you. “The Professional” – gives 8 stability and 12 accuracy. Also we snap to zoom with weapon with a silencer 2 times faster. More accuracy and stability for our LMG is very good. “High value target” – marked enemies take 15% more damage. Enemies you mark take an additional 50% damage when further away than 10 meters. Also, this skill increases the duration of marked enemies by 100%. In order to quickly mark all special opponents, just aim for a second with the weapon, or mark the enemy yourself. If you shoot from the bipod, you have to mark special units on your own. “Unseen strike” – If you get 1 damage and don’t get any damage for 4 seconds after, you will get 35% chance to make a critical hit. This chance do not lose with taking a new
damage. Our LMG will deal a lot of damage with this skill. Enemies fly like logs! There is nothing, even 9 lives is missing. Cuz all this for suckers, we can handle it anyway. We take an armorer, cuz this is the best perk for this build. It’s uncreases our armor to 280 armor pooints. This buff gives ability to tank 2 shots of heavy unit. Also, the perk increases the speed of armor recovery by 20% + it increases armor recovery speed of your teammates by 10%. And the most important thing: perk gives immortality for 2 seconds after breaking your armor, but it has 15 seconds cooldown. You can track these 15 seconds in your head, or download HUDs. Our armor will restore very quickly. Skills inceases our armor recovery speed by 40%, perk inceases by 20% as aditional. It’s means we will restore our armor in 3 seconds. In the offline our armor will be restored in 1,75 seconds. But this is not the only feature of offline game. Also, captain Winters doesn’t come there. That’s all. Of course, there are clever people who say “there are less spawns”, but you don’t believe them. Our armor has 2 main enemies. The first is a SWAT turret. In my opinion it’s one big fucking BUG. Even if you are in the bunker it will still shoot you and don’t let your armor to recover. As usual, overkills did everything through the ass. And the second enemy is bulldozer. They deal a lot of damage and go in croups. As we know fagots always go in groups. Skulldozers are especially dangerous cuz they can turn you into sieve in some seconds, so use covers. Of course, I could mention minigundozers, who shoot across the entire map and deal GIANT damage, but I don’t want to scare you. It would seem well, it will not be worse You know, I wouldn’t believe that it was Pease’s build if you hadn’t thrown the flash. But seriously, the flash only because they can stun all enemies, sometimes it helps a lot, especially if you need to run through the crowd, or when you are stuck and you need to run to another cover. Melee – electric brass knuckles or a Buzzer. As experts says “This is shit and this is shit” We take them in order to stun enemies. Also it’s easy to take hostages with them. Armor: ICTV. It’s obvious. Deployable – you have to take the best equipment, but there’s all depends on the heist. Somewhere mines will be useful for undermining a door or safes, somewhere useful ECM to convert turret of you can take an ammono bag. I think you will find them worthy of use. You have to choose one of 3 LMGs. Ksp, ksp 58, mg42. The rest I’m not recommend, they are not so good. KSP – has high stability, accuracy, a large magazine and big ammo pick up. Perhaps this is the best choice. Ir has a big magazine and not too high rate of fire, which allows you to play longer without reloading. And its reloading is the fastest among this three. KSP 58 is a free analogue of KSP. If you don’t have DLC, you can take it. With all mods, it has 4 less points in accuracy and stability. Not so much. It has the same ammo pick up, but a little longer reload time. Mg 42 – the most powerful machine gun. Its power is due to its rate of fire of 1,200. This is the highest rate among all weapons (not counting the minigun). It allows you to quickly deal with enemies, but the rate of fire is also disadvantage. Its magazine is less than 50 rounds and Its reload time is longer. Well, for such power you have to pay.
Also the ammo pick up is even higher than other’s. But modifications unlocks by achievements. Cool. right ? KSP: long barrel, “the bigger the better” suppressor, bipod, stability boost, LED Combo and Solid Stock. KSP 58: “the bigger the better” suppressor, bipod, stability boost, LED Combo and Plastic Stock. MG42: Light Barrel, “the bigger the better” suppressor, bipod, stability boost and LED Combo. If you don’t have any modifications, buy it for coins or use others but only those that will give stability and accuracy. For mg42 modifications you first need unlock by the
achievements. You have a choice of Krinkov SMG, Commando 101 and other granade launchers. Krinkov – it’s good to kill snopers, cuz it will have 100 accuricy and 100 stability with mods. Use it as the main weapon is not quite economical, cuz it will quickly run out of ammo with his ammo pick up. Commando 101 – use it for a big crowds of enemies and turrets. It’s hasn’t ammo pick up and if you want you can take ammo bag or use bag which you bought in assets. Krinkov: “the bigger the better” suppressor, Moscow Special Rail, LED Combo, AK Wood Grip, AK Quadstacked Mag, Classic Stock. If you want you can use sights and Scope Mount. f you don’t have any modifications, buy it for coins or use others but only those that will give stability and accuracy. I will talk about them separately. LMG silencer breaks the breakpoints a little. For example, you cannot kill a sniper with one shot and you have to spend 1 more bullet to kill heavy unit for 1. But if you shoot from a weapon with a silencer enemies will be stupid and not going to respond to you immediately. But if you want to overcome
breakpoints and oneshoot snipers and spend a little less shots on other enemies, then: For the KSP LMG, you need to remove the long barrel and use a Railed Foregrip if you want to play suppressor. For KSP58 and MG42, remove the suppressor and fit a Competitor’s Compensator. I won’t consider how much ammo need to kill enemies, LMGs are oblique and you won’t pay attention to the consumption of bullets. I will only say “with crits all die quickly, and marked special units die almost 2 times faster. Thanks for watching! I’m really grateful to you. I urge you to not write “where are inspire, nine lives, swan song?”. Only the motherfucker with IQ of cat food can write this. The build is for solo games without bots. This build helped me to complete Henry’s Rock, and right there it receive its baptism of fire. If this buld can complete Henry’s Rock, all other are not a problem. Of couse if you are not a noob but I think you still need an experience to play without bots. This build is for death sentence, but
it can be used at lower difficulties to get needed experience. Also, I have the guide in steam. Check this out! There you can found another builds for solo games if you don’t like armorer. That’s all! If you like this video the best what you can do is push the “like” button and share this video with your friends or classmates. I’ll be very grateful Thank you! See you in the next video!


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    Единственное, что не помешало бы – таймкод чтобы пропустить объяснение навыков, для тех, кто все навыки помнит наизусть (я энивей полностью посмотрел)

    P.s. 16:20 у меня истерика, отсылка понята)

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    Как обычно немного накосячил. С ПП кринковым лучше берите пластиковую рукоять, тогда будет 100 на 100, можно ещё спид пул магаз взять (если он есть).
    2:16 DLC
    2:42 Infamy
    2:49 Навыки
    9:04 Перк
    10:50 Снаряжение
    12:12 Оружие
    14:20 Вторичное оружие

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    Блят ну серьезно в эту парашу не сбалансированному ещё и одному вылез на секунду и сразу сдох от хевика за пол километра который на бегу поподает.
    Даже пробовать не буду в соло играть.
    (Уже пробовал)
    Ещё Навык Мессия очень мне в этой игре нравится (который работает через раз но разработчикам как то наплевать)

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  20. Hwoаgao says:

    И он не нужен никому потому что все играют с Билдом столена , я знаю что ты ответишь на мой комментарий и будешь оскорблять меня типо я школьник хотя я родился раньше тебя , я уже пересматривал касеты на квадратном телике с кузей после школы когда ты родился , гордится тебе нечем отдыхай

  21. Hwoаgao says:

    Прости я не пользуюсь блм спасибо что закрепил мой комент под ним будет больше лайков чем под твоим бездарным билдом , как люди могут смотреть это , смотреть твои видео себя не уважать до свидание ноунеим, который с этого видоса и $ не заработал

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