14 comments on “Payday 2 – Party Hat codes in a nutshell”

  1. clippeh. says:

    for everyone actually struggling with this, ask a moderator personally

  2. Светозар Нинов says:

    100% accurate

  3. Zoran Lazarević says:

    Guys, can you explain me the thing about the "hats" ?

  4. markmeme says:

    I did this to a trashy moderator, and I got it without havent to fuck around with twitter images or anything.

  5. Dribbleondo says:

    I got mine 15 minutes after the update landed, as I was on twitter by coincidence when it dropped.

  6. [PHS] AKAZ says:

    this is correct…

  7. Kanakravaatti says:


  8. CapitalTeeth says:

    I have my hat >:)

  9. Sonicthebitch says:

    i got a code for just reporting a bug…

  10. Remila Meguni says:

    idc about it lol

  11. Dlones says:

    Just go to PAYDAY 2 Group chat.
    Mods sometimes give out codes.
    I got mine today.

  12. Bender says:

    idk i got my hat easily

  13. Hoxtilicious says:

    Now it's happening all over again, but for the MEGA Clover mask instead

  14. MemesAndMiscellaneous says:

    Now it's the same thing, but for a stupid pencil melee weapon, which, from my experience using it, is trash.

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