PAYDAY 2: Piromani Giorno 2 Stealth in Apocalisse (Firestarter DW)

Hi all, I’m Everett of GaminGuys, and this time we are on Payday 2 as you can see And I’ll show you how to do Firestarter Day 2 on Death Wish, Rush Stealth 100% Start The Heist! There are more than five guards and possibly as many as eleven – a stealthy attempt will require that the players simply avoid the guards whenever possible. To make matters worse, any guards killed will be swiftly replaced via the two elevators behind the front desk. The first step is breaking in, which can be accomplished via one of two doors to the main lobby or a side entrance which leads into the main office area. These may all be picked – or shot open if you are in a hurry. Despite Bain’s misgivings, either entrance can be advantageous; It really matters where the highest concentration of guards are at any given time. Be careful to check security camera locations and angles before entering the building. Trying to avoid guards may place you in the vision of an inconveniently located camera and shooting them is not an option if stealth is the goal.
Once inside, you must locate the server room. In the next phase, Bain will tell you where to go to access a computer which he can hack to reveal the proper wire boxes to sabotage so that the alarms don’t go off when you pick your way into the server room. Interestingly enough, cutting the wires in these boxes will also prevent the server barrier from engaging even if the alarm is set off by a guard, pager or camera; this allows at least part of the heist to be completed in stealth. The computer will be one of at least half a dozen possible candidates, which may occur in the station chief’s office, one of several offices on the first or second floor of the main work area, or one of several computers in the operations center on the second floor. Once you’ve gotten Bain in, he will indicate two of the many boxes – the exact number of them depends on the difficulty level and can be as high as five. When disabling the alarm circuit boxes, be aware that disabling the wrong one will immediately trigger the alarm and close off the server from easy access – the barrier that comes down can only be drilled open. Beware, each box may be directly in the visual range of a security camera, and cameras and guards alike will be alerted upon noticing an opened wire box. Therefore, it is imperative to open the box, cut the wire and close it again as quickly as possible when the opportunity presents itself, possibly with the help of an ECM jammer if necessary. It is possible to guess at the proper boxes to disable – without first giving Bain access to a computer, but doing so is extremely risky on overkill; Only a ten percent chance (one over the combination 5 choose 2, without repetition). That should be avoided unless going for the achievement (Guessing Game), in which case you should probably be doing it on normal difficulty. Finally, once the server room door alarm has been disabled, you must break through the final door inside the room itself. It is important to note that having ECM Overdrive aced is the only surefire way to avoid drilling the door open. There is occasionally a safe in the station chief’s office which contains a keycard to open the inside door, but the safe spawn is uncommon. If the safe doesn’t spawn, one of the guards may have the card. Since killing the guards is already a dubious prospect, it is better simply to come prepared with the properly skilled Ghost, or a Technician with Silent Drilling. Once you’re through the door, you may remove and bag the server without any trouble. The server itself weighs you down as much as a bag of gold, so keep that in mind when trying to escape in a hurry. Optional Step: The previously mentioned evidence room can contain some extremely valuable loot – or possibly nothing at all. If you wish to loot that as well during stealth then the evidence room can be silently drilled open, but there is still a slim chance the drill may be seen by passing guards if they walk close to the evidence room. Guys I hope you enjoyed the video. If so, please leave comments, likes and subscribe to the channel: GaminGuys
Now relax…until next heist 😉

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