Payday 2 – PSA: Cleaner Costs

Afraid of cleaner’s costs when someone accidentally
kills a civilian? While there are legitimate reasons to keep civilians alive, don’t worry too much about the money. Unlike cops, civilians are actually people. If you kill one, you will have to pay a fee
for the cleaning service. This includes getting rid of the corpse, bribing
relatives, as well as a complimentary box of Belgian pralines to offer comfort for failing
a proper silent heist. When you kill a civilian, the cleaner costs
are subtracted directly from your spending cash. Cancelling or restarting a heist will
have no effect, the costs have already been subtracted the moment you killed someone.
Only the killer himself will have to pay up, so even if your teammates shoot a few civilians on accident, it won’t cost you a single dollar. Of course, it will increase hostage
negotiating time, and might increase police activity, so try to keep civilians alive on
a loud run. The amounts you pay, depend on difficulty
as well as which heist you are attempting. The Jewerly store has the lowest cleaner costs.
Most heists are in the $3000 to $24000 range. Going up from there, things get quite expensive
with Election and GO Bank, and get even more expensive on Election Pro
and The Diamond. Finally, the most expensive civilians you’ll
find on the Big Bank heist, apparently the life of a banker is just worth more. When you kill civilians, be prepared to pay cleaner’s costs. But keep in mind that only the killer pays,
so don’t get upset about every little accident. Sometimes shit just happens. No civilians were harmed during the production of this…. HAHAHA no. I killed about a 100 of them, it was glorious….Also cost me a few millions.

43 comments on “Payday 2 – PSA: Cleaner Costs”

  1. Harley says:

    11/10 Would kill civies again

  2. subzeroab0 says:

    you forgot the bomb dockyard has a higher cleaner cost than the big bank

  3. Dreadgrave says:

    Jacket is willingly paying up for each one he caps. Or beats. Or blows up.

  4. Xeraser says:

    Thanks for the PSA, Sir Sebastian #2. I'll just let the rich guy kill the civs instead.

  5. TypetyTypeType says:

    uninstall hud mod

  6. Raphael Gajowczyk says:


  7. Etriuswimbleton says:

    @Feldrin Can you talk about the Akimbo Dodge build? (master-Fugi)
    and (Tech-Forcer)

  8. PlebNC says:

    Pattrick Steward, is that you?

  9. CadetRedShirt says:

    I subscribed for the PayDay ;3

  10. violentdawg says:

    lol gotta love it when a civilian runs out in front of you firing a gun/shooting cops…. logical thinkers!

  11. Aida! says:

    What's the gun you're using at the beginning of the video?

  12. gunguy100 says:

    Thanks capitalism…

  13. W0Y4K says:

    They should really make the cleaner costs lower on heists where it is almost necessary to kill them. Go Bank is near impossible to do if you don't kill them. It just makes no sense, unless if that's the whole "make the game harder" type thing, but I really think it's unfair. The places where they should increase the costs is where it's really unnecessary to kill civs. Shadow Raid would be a good one to increase the costs. You can either tie them and save a lot of money, or kill them and "play it safe." A lot of the stealth heists should have increased cleaner costs, with the exception of Go Bank. Like there is not much purpose to killing civilians in Car Shop, besides simply playing it safe, so they should increase it there.

  14. Jerry Can says:

    Crazy magic bank robber with AK shooting at cop? Now would be a great time to run through the door just in front of the nice policeman!

  15. WOOP-WOOP says:

    So only the killer himself lose money? Wow,didn't actually know that.

  16. LALO_KILLER17 says:

    I always did wonder why they charge you

  17. GAMING ASHTON says:

    does-it cost if Ur playing crime net offline

  18. Stormy says:

    I once managed to get a cop to blast 3 civvies with a shotgun

    His murder was justified

  19. butt wrecker says:

    also bain gets SUPER salty if you kill one

  20. PsychoEmbassador says:

    I love playing games where you get to kill indiscriminately, but this cleaner crap just put me off. Unless you can go back to playing any heist you want after beating the game, I won't be picking this up.

  21. Gestrain says:

    *has SIxth Sense skill Aced*
    Cleaner costs? Please.

  22. GGPL says:

    paying for killing civilians is retarded idea

  23. GGPL says:

    kills 600 cops
    bain: good work guys 😀

    kills one civ:
    bain: omfg fucking triggered

  24. Max Aldebarane says:

    Grab the most meanest, aggressive, destructive RPG you have. And BLOW the fuck out of these civz.

  25. Serpentar9000 says:

    fuck civs >:(

  26. nigger bitch says:

    those are some shweet gun sounds

  27. 1v02P_6 says:

    I could've sworn I lost 12k for a civ kill during a normal heist…

  28. The Mammalizer says:

    i think it would be better if it was subtracted from your payout cash

  29. hotdog says:

    I wonder whats gonna happen if u have no spending cash 2 pay cleaner cost?

  30. Nether64 says:

    Cleaner Costs PSA: GIVE. US. MORE. CABLE TIES.

  31. NoOne says:

    When you get some millions (Not so much, like 300K or 400K millions) you dont care about cleaning costs

  32. R says:

    You sound sorta sound like Neil Patrick Harris 😀 Your channel is awesome and very informative, really wish there were more people like you!

  33. nimand niemand says:

    and the cleaner costs on one down? (i know this vid is 2 years old…)

  34. Random L3vel says:


  35. Mr B says:

    The real question is how do they make you pay it and why do you have to xD

  36. Liam Vogl says:

    C I V I L L I A N S A R E A N A S S E T Y O U K I L L E M T H E Y R E G O N E

  37. FATEd Pondera says:

    This is why I play offline and use pirate perfection. That wonderful program completely removes civilian cleaner costs. I mean… how exactly does this work? I can gun down cops by the hundreds (possibly thousands on a particularly long and violent mission of Cook Off), but if I accidentally splash little Timmy with a stick of dynamite, I'm branded a horrible murderer by the criminal underworld and need to pay a fine? Yeah, no. Sorry, Timmy. Collateral damage. It's a shame but it happens.

  38. TheAussieBlue says:

    Even now two years on this PSA is relevant to me.

  39. Gaming Braaa says:

    What about if u kill them and restart do u lose money?

  40. lasse van de acker says:

    ofc belgium pralines xD

  41. William Simons says:

    Like shit he pulled that card

  42. Ameute says:

    Ya about that “increase police activity”
    I got a good group willing to hear me out on keeping hostages on Big Bank. I left a trail; 1 or 2 at the front of the bank, a trail of 5 or more and the last one I put in the cam room outside the vault. When the wave died down and we had to move the money. The wave never started. You could see the hostage number going down as they where releasing them one at a time. By the time they got to the hostage in the cam room we where done and left right as the wave started up again.

  43. Radioactive Duck says:

    Once I stealthed go bank with Vulcan minigun and frag grenades

    I lost 1 million spending

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