Payday 2 – PSA: First Aid Kits and Proper Health Care

I see you are looking for that doctor’s
bag again. But, why? You are only slightly hurt, you do not have any serious medical
problems that need attention. Why not try a first aid kit? It is smaller,
faster, and your fellow psychopathic murderers can carry many more of them. In fact, with
only one skill point you too can bring up to four first aid kits to the party! A dedicated
medic can stuff his bag with 7 or even as many as 14 first aid kits. First aid kits will replenish your health
very rapidly. But, if the police have already shot you full of holes many, many times, and
you’ve been lying on the ground helplessly until your fellow scoundrels have helped you
up, it might be time to go looking for a doctor’s bag instead. You see, whereas first aid kits only help
you regain your health, a doctor’s bag also regenerates how often you can drop dead. If
you have been murdered 3 times already, your outlook on life turns grey, and the next time
you fall to the floor with zero health, you give up all hope until police take you into
custody. With one charge of the doctor’s bag, you
can valiantly throw yourself into enemy gunfire and drop dead for another 3 times. But, be
aware that doctor’s bags are rarer than first aid kits. One skill point only allows
you to bring one bag with 2 charges. Only a dedicated doctor can bring 2 bags, and if
you have a true medical genius in your party, his doctor’s bags might even have 4 instead
of just 2 charges. When survival is critical and nobody thought
to bring first aid kits, it can be prudent to patch up your wounds with a doctor’s
bag, but try to avoid this. Did you know that yearly more heists fail
from police custody than any other cause? Know your health care and help prevent police
custody from happening.

46 comments on “Payday 2 – PSA: First Aid Kits and Proper Health Care”

  1. The Dude says:

    This was amazing

  2. MC says:

    The big bags have 2 or 4 charges each. Other than that, great guide!

  3. ChiefSlapaGit says:

    Hud mods?

  4. Luponzo says:

    That voice… I love it…

  5. Jahn Jahn says:

    i used to think first aid kits healed downs, and wondered why anyone would choose medic bags over them

  6. Duraxy says:

    I'm not actually interested in the Tips. I just love your style and listening to you. And your voice reminds me of Sir Hammerlock.

  7. zyddsoral says:

    implying pubbies with first aid kits will ever share them with you

  8. 1 800 WISH A NIGGA WOULD says:

    Not even half of the chart was "Host was an asshole."

    0/19 ovk pls fix

  9. Imperial Dog says:

    Reasons for going into custody :
     team killing with …

    Rocket launchers
    All variants of grenade launchers .
    HE rounds with bulletstorm or swan songs active 
    grenades , dynamites , molotovs

  10. MegaHellstrike says:

    Now wait for the fugitive in your team to SHARE his bloody med kits…
    I sometimes have to tell infamy 25 fugs how to play properly by not letting their teammates die while the fugitive stuffs his face with small portions of morphines and bandaids.

  11. Kholif RZ says:

    "Host was an asshole" LOL

  12. D- Rusta says:

    Finally a video i link the summer sale and f2p scrubs. Thank you based announcer.

  13. Ludwig Bauer says:

    "From the Bureau of Totally Made up Statistics"

  14. trollbreeder says:

    There just popped up a video from Star on my fucking video.

  15. Brandon Vo says:

    funny as fuck

  16. Jako Shune says:

    I only use first aid kits because i don't give a FAK

  17. mr Android says:

    doctor bag is better

  18. Wolf-E says:

    do you plan on doing another psa since the skill revamp? just wondering

  19. Sylvester Savage says:

    or get a regen build 🙂

  20. fresh says:

    Could you add the feature that the community can add subtitles? I would like to subtitle your videos into a weird language.

  21. Teh Bro says:

    hey what is the Hud in the game? looks useful

  22. Wumbo Hoxton says:

    wait with jack of all trades can't you bring FAKS and doc bags

  23. SaltedChip375 says:

    Heh, FAK

  24. Litterbugtaylor says:

    if you are kn your last life a first aid kit will give you 1 more life and can be repeated

  25. Union_Of Beliana says:

    Payday crews never die

  26. Turn ∀mazing says:

    And even more competent medics put points into the "Jack of all trades" skill and brings 14 F.A.Ks and 4 Doc bags.

  27. Lucas Ortega says:


  28. Fabricio sensi says:

    i still cant use the dam first aidkit which key will use the firstaid kit

  29. smooth smoothy smoothington says:

    solution: jack of all trades aced

  30. Rusty says:

    The circle of failed heist causes is invalid! The biggest reason is because the leader betrayed you or abandoned the crew. Or you phased out lf existance! (Kick,Connection lost to host, Host left etc etc.)

  31. PEASHOOTER 6023 says:

    45% is only host was an asshole

  32. Da Real IvanPan says:


  33. Luka Megru says:

    burnt meat

  34. dadkwashere says:

    This should honestly be part of the tutorial for the game during the safehouse visit.
    So many people waste the Doctor's bag so Dallas always ends up dying because he needs a medic bag

  35. Kubijáš says:



  36. Foolish Beer says:

    what button do i press

  37. The Endleader says:


  38. Blarg Blarg says:

    You forgot the most important thing in healthcare

    Ahem …….

    PUT THE FUCKING KITS WHERE YOUR TEAMMATES CAN USE THEM! I can't tell you how many kit hoarders I've kicked.

  39. Just Mavi says:

    Y O U D O N T L O O K T O O W E L L

  40. Syl von Braun says:

    To be fair: The game makes a terrible job on transmitting this information to new players. Actually, it doesn't at all, not even in the skill tree can hint be found. Even I learnt about it outside of the game.

  41. mahdud says:

    0:30 one person can bring 4-14 FAKs but a person will often give ZERO FAKS

  42. DaAlexYu says:


  43. tachi says:

    whats the other reasons on that pie chart?

  44. Bull Dozer says:

    I don't need faks because i have hostage taker

  45. the guy says:

    I'm not going to say it
    I'm not going to say it
    I'm not going to say it
    Ah fuck it


    Did you expect medic bag? 😀

  46. Akash Suresh says:

    Hi I am a regular heister and I approve of this message.

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