Payday 2 – PSA: How To Not Do Other Stupid Thing Too

After last video, Vlad tell me people still
do stupid thing, and he say is my fault. If people keep doing stupid thing…he’ll…uh…he’ll….listen, stop doing stupid thing, ok. Is not healthy. Like, for example, I hear funny story from
brother about cousin robbing Jewelry Store. He case joint for months, explore every angle,
even buy expensive asset. Then, on day of heist, he forget about metal detector. He
walk in, alarm go off, police come, shoot him, and he…eeh, is not so funny story actually. He die. Ah, life kindof sucks. So don’t forget about metal detectors. Metal detectors are evil. If you just walk into store with metal detector on, alarm alert anyone in 12 meter range. Even cop eating hotdog come to shoot you, everyone come to shoot you. So find switch, kill metal detector, and then rob store. Look at cop. Is bad guy, you shoot. Cop gone, problem gone, поехали! [let’s go]. Now look at man in suit. Is also bad guy,
but is good bad guy, good suit. Don’t shoot. But even if you shoot, world is strange, and bullet don’t harm friend. If you shoot friend and he look like bleeding, is just flesh wound, is fine. But if use explosive on friend, he die. Don’t use explosive on friend. Although if you want to kill friend, at least use explosive on enemy close to friend, so you can always say извините [I’m sorry], I wasn’t trying to kill you,
you were just blocking my rocket. Is his own fault if he blocks rocket, no? Police, they don’t like when they explode… or put on fire, or be shot, police are not very fun. Sometimes they shoot explosive just
when you throw it, make it explode right in your face. So try and not use explosive when everyone shooting at you. Old dynamite stick don’t explode when shot. I don’t know why, make no sense, but I also don’t have lots of money, also don’t make
sense, so what do I know. Lots of thing are wrong. Aaah, блядь [blyat]. Why you bring shitty
gun, meant for stealth? Bring good weapon, bring Kalashnikov! If you blind or can’t
recognize Kalashnikov… Who can’t recognize Kalashnikov, what is wrong with you. But perhaps you have two Kalashnikov, or five, or ten! If you can’t remember which Kalashnikov you want to bring, give your weapon names, call them Julia, Lisa, or ба́бушка [grandmother] for that old rifle you love. Or something practical, as long as you recognize weapon so you enter fight with gun that kill people, not just tickle them. Finally, don’t try to be smart, is dumb.
I heard old story from дедушка [grandfather] about other cousin. He think he real smart,
he see armor piercing bullet just on market. Of course, he buy, bring to bank heist. He
think, fuck doors, I shoot through doors. So he shoot camera guy behind door. Camera
dead, great. But camera guy has pager, pager go off, door is closed… police come…aaah, дерьмо [shit], shoot cousin dead. So don’t shoot people you can’t reach, or
when body still crawl away a bit, like on stairs, or falling from building. I don’t have lot of cousin left. Don’t
be cousin. Don’t try to be smart. Try to be alive, is a good start. Is better than cousin at least.

55 comments on “Payday 2 – PSA: How To Not Do Other Stupid Thing Too”

  1. Dall says:

    Add caustic soda

  2. Dall says:



  3. sam craig says:

    If you wanted footage of explosives being shot out your hand, do it near a turret. They explode instantly, so you need to wait for it to reload before you throw molotovs at it and try to melt the armour plating

  4. WOOP-WOOP says:

    10 Babushek outta 10
    Vlad approves.

  5. Hoxtilicious says:

    HE'S BACK! And I can go back to my cheat pains where I almost die of laughter, what joy! :^)

  6. SiestaYonJyuGo says:

    undertale reference?

  7. artistic mediscout the medical scout of medicine says:

    Dont act dumb.

  8. Dezhen says:

    When you need to stealth, you bring Kalashnikov.
    When you want to rob a bank, you bring Kalashnikov.
    When you go to the mall, you bring Kalashnikov.
    When you eat dinner, you bring Kalashnikov.
    When you bring Kalashnikov, you bring Kalashnikov.

  9. F135T0RM _96 says:

    True story man

  10. gimok2k5 says:

    Okay, today I learned – do not be that guys relative. In any form. It's unhealthy, it seems.

  11. 〈Bullets〉 says:

    It's nice to have videos like this when the community is in a bit of a rough patch right now. Not that the videos about skins aren't important, but sometimes you miss the old content.

    Good job on another fun video 🙂 Always had interest in making videos to help newer players, and these do it much better than I ever could! Look forward to more whenever you get around to it!

  12. Truckin Convoy says:


  13. Mac·au says:

    The vodka blyat, go get it!

  14. TheEngineerTCR says:

    Terry crews…Pretty good videos man. Way more interesting compared to the other boring youtubers.

  15. El_Nacho says:

    Thanks to this I stopped doing stupid thing!

    <mandatory donacdum goes here>

  16. GAMING ASHTON says:

    also dont use a sentry in shaddow raid

  17. Joacovw123 says:

    hey, how do yo do that escenes in the air, showing all THE BANK AND POLICE? Is that a mod to use FREE CAMERA? Pls help

  18. Assault Gunner says:

    still using the AK

    now at infamy 2


  19. Lucas Vouitsis says:

    this should be series

  20. Xybetrion says:

    omg. im fucking dying XD "This is allso a bad guy, but a good bad guy. he has a nice suit no? good suit dont shoot" XD man i NEED MORE OF THIS GUY Make him a mini series ore something

  21. bin says:

    I… Love this?

  22. Slash Merc says:

    Papers please soundtrack yay 😀

  23. glitch fire says:

    So has vlad killed him yet i see more and more stupid things happening.

  24. Ed Cox says:

    А как Дядюшку звали?

  25. Samuel Ruben says:

    Yo today i go to normal lobbies to see how new people play but fuck infamy 6 infamy3 and even a fuckin infamy 25 thats only played for 13 hours and 408 achievment is complete 10/10 payday community

  26. myname jeff says:

    gg like every video u have that's not payday has like 500 max views then payday videos over 30k views XD

  27. UAV iz Up says:

    Can you teach us how not to do other stupid thing again I'll call vlad

  28. Erick Viana says:

    dont try to be smart, is dumb

  29. Kathy Porter says:

    +Feldrin can you do more please?

  30. yan kesler says:

    Gotta give this guy some credit, nice russian accent XD

  31. MEMDIC says:

    Maybe we need more? About 10% dodge on loud, or just money managment? I see to many noobs with AMCAR and SUPER-PUPER (Russian word) chimano. Compact. On loud.

  32. Caporegime Clutch says:

    Does your cousin ask you to go bowling with him often?

  33. Mr. Outlaw says:

    2:17 Oh my gosh…I didn't know I could do that actually… (Rename weapons.)

  34. Jakob Smith says:

    what about ladders on murky station?

  35. Jakob Smith says:

    what about ladders on murky station?

  36. German Gamer says:

    i never knew that AP rounds could shoot trough doors…

  37. Maximilian says:

    *donac dumbing intensifies*

  38. Pounc3r says:

    Holy shit i named my GL40 that too lol

  39. It's LamMenade says:

    "Terry crews"

  40. Наталья Ковшова says:

    exactly the reason why I have SilentKiller installed

  41. Аркадий Зарипов says:


  42. Gizmore says:

    "Good AK" "Better AK" "Best AK"

  43. Pfitz says:

    "Good suit don't shoot" is a good code to live by.

  44. Timeward says:

    that shooting through the door trick is at the same time the smartest and dumbest trick I've ever seen.

  45. EpicTrain999 says:

    super jammer so you can fuck door how much you want

  46. Hotpies says:

    Why do stupid thing when you can do not stupid thing

  47. Peri says:

    Whats funny is that in real life, Metal Detectors are common when it comes with Handbags with Gold Ass real shit, And when the metal detector detects it, An army will go after you in payday.

  48. Adam Wyscarver says:

    Dynamite doesn't explode because it's not compressed force like a grenade it. So when it's shot the only thing that'll happen is gunpowder may come out of it.

  49. JayHog1992 says:

    Wait, there's metal detectors in this game!? I've played even the hardest difficulties and never saw one besides world first bank!

  50. ALN Y says:

    We keep did stupid shit now Vlad pew pewed him 🙁

  51. Biome 657 says:

    Dude….Thicc Russian accent. I'm jealous of how well you do it.

  52. GamerForLife 11 says:

    2:35 Silent assistant mod would be useful lol

  53. King Duck Plays says:

    I don’t think HEF Grenades explode when shot either, never got killed like that when I use an HEF Grenade

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