Payday 2 – PSA: How To Not Do Stupid Thing

I often look through forum and see many people do many stupid thing. Vlad tell me to help people not do stupid thing, sooo…. because
I like living, I do what Vlad tell me. Why are you throwing yourself off side of building?
You trying to kill yourself? Use vodka. You want to get down, is easy! Just walk on non-existent
ledge, to existent ledge, to ventilation thingy, and then to ground. Is like you people can’t even use ladders! Ah, pisdets! What is wrong with you! Ok. Ladders. You go down ladder like scared assed pussy, you die. Ladder is hard like that, like life. What you do, is you throw yourself at ladder. Ladder will catch you, is friend. Don’t do this with
life though, life is not friend. You standing in front of door like dumb fuck not knowing how to open? Eh? What, you forgot training area in safehouse? Ok, opening shit. You see door? Shoot. Door open. Done. But sometimes, door is strong, bullet not work. So blow up
door! Can only do if you have skill though. Everything work like this. You see icon? Mean
you can open shit, but only if bring skill. So no safecracking, no C4, and all that good
stuff without skill, da? What, silent? Ah mudak. You stand close to door and lockpick
for half an hour. Ok? Good. Otvali, are you crazy? Why are you lockpicking boxes! God invented saw for that. Hah! God invented saw for many things! But, but mostly boxes. You
use lockpick? Entire room, take you half an hour. You can rob another bank instead. But
saw! Saw kill boxes fast. If you not bring saw, forget about those deposit boxes. What? You bring one shitty electronic box to shootout? Why? You know BYOB? Bring your own bullets.
Bring good bullets, more bullets is better bullets. Or bring medkits, even got tiny bottle
of booze. Or bring first aid kits. Bring something! You can bring electronic boxes for stealth,
but who wants to not shoot things, eh. Govno! Why so slow? Did nobody teach you to walk
right? Ah, there is problem. You like rich white kid who no go to gym. Train yourself
in walking, carrying bags, throwing bags, running, all the good basic stuff. You think
police will wait for your slow ass to carry bag around? No, police will shoot you, send
you to gulag, all because you sit on couch all day and not know how to run. If you got
all that and not do stupid shit anymore, give yourself a drink. If you still do stupid shit,
give yourself bigger drink.

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  1. Mads Madsen says:

    ''Ladder is friend'' ''Life is not friend''

  2. Roldán Grijalva says:

    Please do a PSA on perk decks, I've been seeing a lot of newer players with a Crew Chief 0/9 since I got the Lobby Player Info mod.

  3. CROATOAN says:

    lol nice accent man. Keep up the great work Feldrin!

  4. Redey59 says:

    Kinda suprised you dident go over the jump on the pipes for watchdogs day 1 instead of going all the way to the front of the map to take the stairs, the amount of people that do that in my games and get killed because of it are getting hard to count.

    Anyway, great work as always 🙂

  5. 【Toastie►VG】 says:

    nice xD

  6. Axyo says:

    i love the russian accent, nice video :3

  7. Коля Васин says:

    "пиздец" nice accent.

  8. aubimed says:

    that's quite some overview .-.

    funny video!

  9. alsnana00 says:

    Cyka, Cyka blyat!

  10. JoeisProductions says:

    Haha, genius!

  11. John Carey Ultra says:

    Thanks, before this video I did not know about the skills that increase your speed.

  12. Bohdi's Bank Management says:

    Pure comedy gold, yet very correct and informative! 10/10

  13. VolcanoStrike says:

    Awesome Vid! The accent added a nice spice to it. Also the advices and jokes came in quick fast paced sentences giving every information needed, not more nor less, well balanced 🙂

  14. stalka929 says:

    Idea for future videos: add in small jokes with text. When you're looking at the skill tree, rename it something to do with the video at the point you're talking about. Ex: MOORBOOLET for your double ammo build, switch to another build for the doctor bags one and rename it DOKTOR, first aid kit one HOXTALICIOUS or TINYDOKTOR

    Another, similar attention-to-detail one would be renaming yourself for the clip at 0:34 to "ScaredAssPoosy."

    Small text jokes are fantastic, and show how devoted you are to the videos.

  15. Uncle Al says:

    I like to think that mobster at the end was your doppleganger and that he was narrating this fuckfest to no one at all while guarding.

  16. AGiantRoach says:

    The default skills you suggest are practically mandatory skills. Nothing is worse than trying out a new build after an infamy and realizing I don't have Fast Hands or Transporter aced. The only ones I take issue with is the Fugitive ones but in the comments you point that out. I wish Daredevil and Thick Skin Aced weren't mostly useless for most builds since their first points can be helpful.

  17. Gildenopa says:

    Ladder is not my friend 🙁

  18. Hoxtilicious says:

    What's hilarious about this is the fact that the new heister from the upcoming Golden Grin Casino heist is Russian himself! 😛

  19. Luke Greaves says:

    Fantastic, I try stealth most of the time and found the lock picking a door for half an hour pretty damn funny.

  20. UncleAndy says:

    you forget the transporter skill from enforcer. You move 50% faster when carrying bags.

  21. IllusionistsBane says:

    8 "Shitty Electronic Boxes" are a godsend in tight corridors if every member of the team has ECM Feedback. Ask GeneralMcBadass.

  22. auto says:

    50% of the time ladders are non-existant

  23. Jack Clock says:

    HI VLAD!

  24. Dennis Hakkie says:

    Да, good video!

  25. Sam WhyDoesItMatter says:

    Rich white kid who no go to gym.

  26. N I G H T S TA L K E R says:

    nice russian accent.

  27. kamido says:

    i like your voice accent =D

  28. job Robbemond says:

    I need to show my friends who are new to payday this!

  29. Sleigh says:

    I can't… too… funny… dies of laughter

  30. PSRFOX says:

    For the future, that one ladder swearing pronounce "pizdec", not "pizjec". Otherwise great video and some good jokes

  31. BAR Rei says:

    this is so funny i keep watching it over and over

  32. Nota Realname says:

    "apeezjits" rougly translated to "aww piss jets!"  XD

  33. artistic mediscout the medical scout of medicine says:

    stop doing stupid shit,and grab a drink.

  34. Пейсструкт TV says:

    My heart is touched!

  35. Mae Holliday says:

    Hai 😉

  36. dragster1018aone says:

  37. Mischa says:

    Probably the greatest Payday 2 vid I've ever seen on youtube.

  38. Stefanonimo says:

    How to donac dum

  39. metin berk aydemir says:

    A video on saw would be splendid

  40. Yeong Rong says:

    no. saw is -1m

  41. Forcedminer says:

    10/10 needs to be payday 2 intro video.

  42. Stefan I. says:

    This man. This man needs more attention! Keep up the good work man.

  43. DimentiosLoyalest says:

    "You standing in front of door like dumbfuck not knowing how to open eh?"
    I can not begin to describe how much I love that line.

  44. Sith of Darkness™ says:

    Da! Dis vil work!

  45. George  Mingulin says:

    факин найс ворк

  46. gamerbats star says:

    omg keep the good work man this made my day

  47. GAMING ASHTON says:

    how come when i play payday 2 i don't get the green circle in the top corner that shows how long till pager operator sets aram off

  48. Felipe Alvarez says:

    8 people need to throw themselves to life, no ladder for them.

  49. TheRacoonGhost says:

    however i do beleave it takes longer with max lockpicking (think its 100%increesed speed = about 20 min)

  50. Mr.Trolldier says:

    I never knew Vlad also teach heisters what's good or what's stupid in life

  51. ElInspectorRicardo says:

    ladder is friend

  52. RafTheDude says:

    cyka blyat ecm rush

  53. Hatr the GOD says:

    Cheeki breeki

  54. XnXTNT says:

    I learnt alot from video

  55. Horison says:

    im not friend ;-;

  56. CrossbyIsToasty says:

    "Are you crazy? Why are you lockpicking boxes? God invented saw for that." I lost my shit there xD

  57. Mr. Trashman says:

    boolet not work. lol

  58. Erick Viana says:

    spasiba for the advice Sokol

  59. VintagePC's alike says:

    For once I've found a youtube channel that can make fun tutorial/tips and tricks videos for a game. Keep it up, man.

  60. Jotthew Bloxxer says:

    it's a shame this guy died… his advice is great!

  61. Pounc3r says:

    That is actually a nice russian accent

  62. Tuck says:

    I once locked pick all of the safe deposit box in small bank… I failed the mission soon after ;-;

  63. Fly LLion says:

    You should voices for national geographic .. 😀

  64. Neps says:

    is vlad's friend russian,ukrainian or polish
    can tell

  65. Davvy says:

    can somebody help to help me convert his saw skill tree for console please the site shows skills for pc

  66. christian908 says:

    Will you ever make videos on the new skill trees? I expect not, but if you ever feel like it. Nice work by the way, very nice,

  67. Aura 0 says:

    this is basically Sokol's Heisting School.

  68. Steel Snake says:

    Чем дольше я смотрю твои видео, тем больше я думаю что ты русский

  69. fright fulpath says:

    aleso was in 2015?

    feels like forever

  70. Dark-Defector says:

    OH MY GOSH IT'S THAT EASY TO GO DOWN A LADDER!? I tried to go down the ladder crouched, and all of the sudden I fell and died…

  71. Just Nothing says:

    I Like that Russian Accent

  72. Richard V Lionerheart says:

    dont act dumb

  73. O-One says:

    "You think police will wait for your slow as to carry bag around" XD IM DED

  74. Shubishu says:

    you mean, how to not acdum

  75. Nguyễn Hoàng says:

    I fucking love your voice

  76. X_TheIronFist_X says:

    Could you update the vid to latest version since almost everything in the video is outdated

  77. Grammar Nazi says:

    russian feldrin is best feldrin

  78. BIG BOY DANPTOL says:


    My attempt at writing out that ear rape moaning noise

  79. I dont like this says:

    "You see door? Shoot. Door open. But sometimes door is strong. Bullet not work :("

  80. marxxplaysgames says:

    "If you still do stupid shit, get bigger drink"

  81. JayHog1992 says:

    Instructions unclear, I suddenly gained a Vodka addiction.

  82. Lorena Villalta says:

    he sound like russia

  83. Cloaker boi says:

    you know how to russian comrad, kalashnikov is best weapon.

  84. Just a Top hat says:

    I have bigger drink

  85. Kuan Lee says:

    Ecms are actually fantastic. I'm running hacker perk deck right now (Switch exclusive). I'm basically a walking ecm and I also carry two normal Ecms. Great for stunning enemies and getting past turrets. Your teammates don't appreciate your ecms until they need it in a fight.

  86. Boyko Evgenui says:

    Уууу сука!

  87. Artorias The-Abysswalker says:


  88. Robbie Hall says:

    Gawd I love this guy.

  89. Robbie Hall says:

    "Police will shoot you, send you to Gulag, all because you sit on couch all day". Too good 😂

  90. xXArcher3133Xx says:

    "Who wants not to shoot thing eh"
    Me playing in loud in a nutshell

  91. R3Volt. says:

    "Or bring medkits, even got tiny bottle of booze"

    Feldrin predicted the Stoic perk deck WAY before it came out

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