Payday 2 – PSA: Pagers, Patrols, Police Incompetence

At GenSec we highly value your valuables and place a premium on security. Hello, my name is Jacob Fallere, Vice President at GenSec, and allow me to talk you through some our finest cutting edge security measures. Our highly trained personnel pays the utmost
attention to anything out of place. We always contact our guards to inquire whether everything is fine mere seconds after any suspicious noise from our pager system. If there is no
response after 12 seconds, we immediately send in the troops. On the fifth suspicious
call, our pager responder will freak out for having to do too much work on one day, and
we will also send in a murdersquad to fuck shit up. That is how serious we are about
safety. With these security measures in place, there
is no way that any intruder will eliminate multiple of our guards simultaneously without
the alarm going off…. – Actually, that’s not entirely true… What? There is a way? – Yeah. Isn’t that…bad? – Euh, kinda. Can people just murder
us without the alarm going off? – Uhuh. Is this still recording? – Yep. Ahem. Our guards will tirelessly patrol your premises making sure that nobody can hide anywhere. Oh wait, I’m getting a call. Yes?
What’s up. Sir, I’ve encountered a door.
– Ah yes, open it, I assume you’ve read the ‘How to Properly Guard Shit’ manual?
Yes Sir, but doors are from chapter 5, ‘What to do when shit goes hot’. And Sir? ‘Shit has not gone hot’, I…
I don’t know what to do with doors….Sir. – Huh….well…euh, just, go around then. Yes sir! But I’ve been ordered to patrol
to the ledge outside so….I’m…I’m just going to stand here, ok?
Yes, yes, whatever. Maintaining the efficiency of our patrols,
our guards will ignore areas closed off behind doors making sure their time is not wasted.
With the help of advanced algorithms, our patrol routes cover almost everything. ~ owl hoot ~ … What, what do you mean they actually just
wander around at random between some waypoints? Seriously, is that how this works?
Shit, I need to read our memo’s more often. How the hell am I going to sell this… Our guards are purpose trained to certain
areas, some love the outdoors, whereas others are better at patrolling inside, and still
others just love to guard doors. To make no intruders go unnoticed, our guards will periodically
walk between waypoints in their area of expertise, almost entirely at random so as to utterly
confuse any potential miscreant. While it might look like we just wander around aimlessly,
this is merely to confuse any mischievous onlooker. If we suddenly notice that our patrols have
gone missing… what the hell, do our patrols go missing? This is normal? Christ. We will
send an additional unit to the area to make sure that everything in alright. This supplementary
security measure is only available on a limited basis. If the new patrol finds nothing out
of the ordinary after a thorough investigation, he’ll leave the area again, because apparently
nobody I’m working with wants to put in any effort. We at GenSec value your money more highly
than we do our own employees, and in the case things go tits up, we’re delighted to send
you hordes of disposable mooks that will valiantly throw themselves into gunfire, or even ordinary
fire, if the situation demands it. Because your money is our profits. Stay safe, stay out.

73 comments on “Payday 2 – PSA: Pagers, Patrols, Police Incompetence”

  1. Kieran Thomson says:

    And them gensec was liquidated. Also, FIRST awesome vid too!

  2. artistic mediscout the medical scout of medicine says:

    but murkies are not gensec.

  3. 【Toastie►VG】 says:


  4. Adrian says:

    Nice vid! You should do one concerning the free weekend payday just had, and the flow of low level people joining deathwish mission without even knowing the map. Oh whait, that happens everyday.

  5. Pure Aids with Memes says:

    It was fun, as allways! Keep out the good work! Cannot wait till new one.

  6. Gildenopa says:

    You forgot that some guards like to use the new go-through walls technology. (Example:All of the Bank heists) 😀

  7. Nocturne1501 says:

    Beautiful as always.
    Keep it up, Feldrin! 😀

  8. Vincent Van Fagoat says:

    You should have mention something about guards going ape shit when they find a duffel bag. Once again, another great video!

  9. Vincent Van Fagoat says:

    You should have mention something about guards going ape shit when they find a duffel bag. Once again, another great video!

  10. Vincent Van Fagoat says:

    You should have mention something about guards going ape shit when they find a duffel bag. Once again, another great video!&

  11. Hoxtilicious says:

    Ok that's it. My lungs have completely failed after watching this video and laughing too hard.
    I'm sueing.

  12. LALO_KILLER17 says:

    amazing video. LIKE ALWAYS

  13. SomePointlessShit says:

    Every time I bump into someone who has absolutely no clue what they're doing I send them here! (Unless they're within strangling distance, then I like to take a different approach)

  14. Imperial Dog says:

    Feldrin , the blue text on the bottom left are too subtle , can perhaps something be done about it ?

  15. Jocken75 says:


  16. gimmethegepgun says:

    Actually, about the pagers going off, the likely reason is that they have a shock detector, which will send an alert if the pager is dropped or falls quickly (say, if the guy with it suddenly gets knocked to the ground because someone shot him in the face). The lines support this too ("Pick up the pager!")
    Still doesn't explain how they know that the guy has cuffed himself but hey.

  17. N3xus N3xus says:

    do a video on bulldozers

  18. JamesBlack47 says:

    Damned fine video sir. Damned fine.

  19. Epod says:

    Can you do one stating that every cop is a clone or 99% of americans are cops

  20. W0Y4K says:

    Your next PSA should be about disconnected vs left. The console normally tells you what happened. If they quit the game, it'll say they left. If they disconnected, it says so. Most people don't take the time to notice this.

    You should also do another on types of cheaters. So DLC unlocker vs real cheaters. I meet too many 25-100's, most likely cheaters but let's just assume they're real to make this shocking, that don't know the difference between "used an invalid mask" vs "threw too many grenades." They think they're the same thing when they're COMPLETELY different and simply reading what the damn system says tells you will show you that.

  21. Lack Depth says:


  22. Forcedminer says:

    Cloaker non-operati-click

    fast foward
    I really enjoyed that.

  23. F135T0RM _96 says:

    Do bulldozer

  24. Trevor Anderson says:

    Hey did you have to use hax for noclip and no detect? Ive been trying to accomplish a "movie" but it appears theres only hacks when I want to noclip and spawn things…

    EDIT: I say "movie" because my editing skill are crap lol.

  25. Autista Ribeiro says:

    I just found out that is an actual real website.

  26. Thegreatjoker13 says:

    on framing frame at the art gallery. when u go in through the security door n kill the guard inside will that stop the whole pager thing? i havent unlocked inside man yet but was just wondering if i killed the dude inside the security room if that would stop the whole pager shit?

  27. GAMING ASHTON says:

    yes murkies are gen sec

  28. GAMING ASHTON says:

    because on shadow raid sometimes some guards get called in from a helicopter if pager operator takes a suspicious and dosent know weather to sound alarm off or not

  29. Tylarcd says:

    id buy the guards but i know this is a joke

  30. MrAsaqe says:

    Heat security logic: Heisters got me, I surrender.


  31. Abysmal-Devastation says:

    this has got the be one of the best tips/lore friendly/voice acting/guide ever made thank you so much (also you got a new sub now :3

  32. The Game Is Real says:

    This is the best series of videos of payday ever made 😂😂

  33. 2ndLieutenantBadger says:

    2:25 It works though…

  34. AirshipCircus says:

    These psa's are so damn great that I'm pretty sure they cured my cold.

  35. Psycho567 says:

    One time on Hoxton Revenge two guards ran into each other and sounded the alarm.

  36. Makarov The Plat says:


  37. staryoshi06 says:

    You forgot to mention that on certain maps they do actually have patrol routes.

  38. Jonathan Chemell says:

    That was great

  39. Gray Wolf says:

    Where's the number to call them? Seems totally functional! 😮

  40. TheEngineerTCR says:

    The guard can exit the bathroom area in Art Gallery.

  41. Arsenic Flask says:

    PSA on Titan cams:

  42. magic gamer says:

    And we will send a murder squad to fuck shit up lol

  43. Cool Kid says:

    I'm dead. This video was fucking fantastic.

  44. DarrianXD says:

    "Sir, I've encountered a door." I lost my shit

  45. PraiseAidan says:

    Yay I turned 11 when this came out I'm so cool

  46. CAW says:

    Introducing Our Brand New Product Silent Assassin Ugh I Mean *Major Pager Malfunction

    Our Product Is Simple We Broke Into Gen Sec Security HQ And We Turned The Input Volume Of Their Entire Pager Stockpile down to about 10% Of The Original Volume

    We Here At Pager Malfunction Realized During Our Own Heists Activity's That Gens Sec Had Turned The Input So high They Could Hear Their Own Guards Heartbeats. We Didn't Appreciate This So We Fixed it Right Up. Now The only Way Those Goons Lovely People At Gen Sec Can Hear Their Guards Is If They Freak Out At The Sight Of Something/Someone Out Of Place!

    We Hope To Hear Feedback About Our New Product Over The Coming Days!

    Sincerely The Silent Assassin Pager Malfunction Team

  47. TonyIshCoot says:

    Dont forget that even if the last guard is killed and there are no more guards, the pagers still activates as god has seen your work and will activate the pagers for some reason.

  48. Prozombie Killer0 says:

    Hey gensec ur security is good ( it's not )

  49. Reno Konishino says:

    Why is it that the better more entertaining youtubers get the table scraps of the subs and views while idiotic morons are the ones at the table with the multi course meals?

  50. mentle gentleman says:

    sounds like bane

  51. Nick Jonathan says:

    Step 6: wululululululu

  52. 「Socialist Nyarlathotep」 says:

    Lol he got the times wrong

  53. Matheus Verissimo says:

    When i found out that Gensec was an actual thing in real world that was permitted to be used in Payday 2 …

    First thing i tought was :

    '' Im pretty sure that anyone that plays Payday 2 will never trust gensec security as they cant even make an transport convoy without 1 – 3 trucks missing ''

  54. Szabo Daniel-Andras says:

    they should make a heist where vlad makes u seal the nukes back because the guy who bought them want to use them or do a thing like they did with the mercy hospital in payday the heist

  55. Tander says:


  56. Gageowago Gamer says:

    But on framing frame day 1 or art gallery, one guard is known to occasionally open the bathroom door and scare the shit out of the guy pick locking it.

  57. NOoSE 37 says:

    i want a difficulty called "Five man" where:

    – (all of the things One down offers)
    – Pager operators only go to 2 pagers before getting angry
    – Guard instantly spot anything
    – police assaults always start with 2 cops, but end up as S.W.A.T, then FBI, then all the specials at once
    – Guard will notice missing patrols and become alerted
    – Cameras will spot you 50% faster
    – Civilians can push panic buttons in banks
    – If a guard dies, he will have a 10% chance to shoot out to alert the others. Not going down without a fight
    – Anyone taken hostage will scream out, and anybody withing a 15 foot range can hear
    – Guards will notice open vault doors, locked doors, and ect.

  58. I dont like this says:

    genital seconds

  59. Noah The Dragonborn says:

    1:19 I love that "WULULULULULULULU" at the bottom there

  60. Dalton Chew says:

    Screw it I’m getting Umeni security instead.

  61. Jumping Buddy says:


  62. Blast 136 says:

    Actually guards can open doors but it’s rare heck I laughed my ass off when it happend becuse I was fucking around and walking a door saying to a freainds I’m going to open this door by smackingit with money the second I smacked The door a guard came through

  63. Ben Tseng says:

    Correction to 1:28: On Framing Frame day 3, guards will open the door to the roof.

  64. Cody Guerrero says:

    "Or even ordinary fire."
    I live your videos.

  65. KrAzed Gaming says:

    Chapter 5: "Wululululululu"

  66. The Endleader says:

    I like the stay safe,just not the Stay out….

  67. Raimann T.T. says:

    Ahhh thats why the alarm goes on when I Try to answer the Pager at 5th guard

  68. Martin Ibarra says:

    Wululululululu like

  69. Average Youtube Commenter says:

    Kills last guard
    Pager Rings
    The fuck is this?

  70. Nate Williams says:

    1:19 6 things when it goes hot in rainbow six siege when there's a 3v2 in the match

  71. VinierAardvark1 says:

    Can I just say that the fact that the police show up way too fast, especially on Big Oil day 2 and The Biker Heist day 2, is just ridiculous? And the fact the pager guy accepts that the same guy can trip off different pagers?

    Anyways this is a perfect video explaining the logic 11/10

  72. 1 ZJMO says:

    おい!最初の曲YO!syamuさんのじゃんか! アッアッアッアッ!

  73. KingDuckPlays _ YT says:

    Gensec, your drills suck, they jam too often

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