Payday 2 – PSA: Stealth: Noise Alerts

A proper criminal agent knows how to be silent.
Your first obstacle for today, windows. Shoot them once, and the bullet will actually
go through and hit targets on the other side. Shoot a second time, and you will break the
window. You will always break windows on your first
melee hit. (unless you bring a weak weapon) Whenever you break a window, you alert any
guard or civilian in a range of 12 meters. Additionally, guards that patrol past a broken
window will also sound the alarm. Finally only break glass on the Diamond Store
after you have disabled the alarm. A proper criminal agent knows how to kill
silently. If you are not trained in the ways of silent
killing, the death screams of your unfortunate victims
will alert anyone within a range of 6 meters. If you know how to put a bullet in someone’s brain properly, this is reduced to a quarter of a meter. “Do you…do you hear something?” – “What? I can’t hear anything over the
noise of that drill. This happens every week. It’s usually also by now that the guards
expire. Probably gotta order another crate of ‘em.”
“What do you mean expire?” – “I dunno man, they just, sortof drop dead.”
“Jesus!” Contrary to how they sound, the thermal
drill isn’t any louder. The default drill alerts enemies within a
25 meters range. Usually, however, there is an object or wall
hiding the drill, which cuts the range down to half.
Normal silent drilling reduces this further to 9 meters, or in case it is hidden, 4 and
a half meters. Silent drilling, is, of course, silent. Silencers. A proper criminal agent knows that guns are fucking loud.
An unsilenced weapon will alert anyone within a range of roughly 45 meters.
Additionally, the impact of the bullet will also alert anyone within a range of roughly
11 meters. With a silencer, gunshot noise is reduced
to about a meter, bullet impact to a quarter of a meter. Or you could always just ‘Forget that mission impossible crap and unleash Ragnarok. Up to you.’

37 comments on “Payday 2 – PSA: Stealth: Noise Alerts”

  1. LeftDown RightUpGaming says:

    this was made by anti-Scotland Yard division.

  2. Jelle says:

    00:32, you will not always break a window on your first melee hit if you use certain melee weapons. Nice video though :D!

  3. JamesBlack47 says:

    Friggin nice. Wish I had your accent.
    Also, vurry informative, and people need to see and watch and stop being the stupid when they try to stealth.

  4. ReMnant _ says:


  5. Forcedminer says:

    unless you are using the saw against a wall in which case the entire FUCKING world will be alerted.

    gun….mightier than the….knife
    saw….louder then the….gun

    please send the entire army ,swat,police force and the kawaii bulldozer!
    I heard roadworks!

  6. Lupiter says:

    that voice tho

  7. Deathsong58 says:

    Forget That Mission Impossible Crap And Go Ragnarok

  8. W0Y4K says:

    You should've also mentioned that the saw is actually much louder when it's actually cutting through something. (OVE9000) I've failed a stealth mission once on Bank Heist because I was derping around, got into the vault without killing the camera guy, and then I started sawing boxes, which alerted the camera guy. I had the silent motor on. While the silent motor does help to suppress the sound, once you actually start cutting something it makes a lot of noise.

  9. thavidu78 says:

    Funny thing if you use the cash wad melee weapon it takes a few swings to even break glass.

  10. Derpy TW says:

    'A proper criminal genuis knows guns are fucking loud' thanks

  11. StudioARE says:

    What's that HUD?

    Plus the mission, Daytime murkeywater?!

  12. StudioARE says:

    "They just sort of drop dead"

    I sort of dropped dead laughing.

  13. dani kaja says:

    What is the distance for the saw?

  14. CoolBree5ze says:

    what HUD mod are you using, plz

  15. prusak74 says:

    "A proper criminal agent knows that guns are f*cking loud"

    Too funny

  16. JDARTOR says:

    The first song reminds me of the Idubbbz videos somehow ._.

  17. Buckfast Die Young says:

    I remember back in the beta a silenced weapon would still alert people nearby, shooting on the roof of bank with a silenced weapon would alert everyone below. Good times.

  18. mattloulou123123 says:

    Your voice is just the best dude

  19. TheEngineerTCR says:

    How come none of the noises alert anyone anymore?

  20. robert dunbar says:

    Guns are fucking loud

  21. Tony says:

    its funny what happened when i was playing stealth with friends. we got the vault open and i forgot i had flashbangs, i accidentally threw it thinking i have cards. two people outside of the map got alerted

  22. vhaser says:

    what is the las heist shown in daylight were bain is talking?

  23. Luka Megru says:


  24. Sh00peh says:

    Its amazing how much of this info holds up today.

  25. Kirill Marine says:

    RIP silent drilling

  26. Timeward says:

    God remember when we needed shinobi to kill guards in stealth…

  27. Uweryn says:

    its a suppressor not a silencer

  28. Infectious Sheep says:

    A REAL criminal knows guns are fuxckin loud had me on the floor

  29. John Peacekeeper says:

    Ahhhh, I remember when Hidden Blade was a thing

  30. Svanshki says:

    Playstyle Cop – Stealth

  31. Dren Gillespie says:

    A real suppressed AR-15 is still as loud as a jackhammer. I love video game logic.

  32. zoe says:


  33. Daddy Meme Master says:

    I completely forgot that death screams were once a thing

  34. Extro says:

    What do you mean i need to shoot windows? I aint destroying no computer today

  35. Nothing. says:

    everybody knows that guns are FOKING loud.

    i lost it at that,point

  36. Mates Zamazal says:

    Do you? Do you hear something.what? I cant hear over that noise of the drill.that kill me 😀

  37. SCP 173 alternate account says:

    2:28 lol wth Bain

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