Payday 2 – PSA: Stealth: Visual Alerts

“What…what is that. Is that a gym bag…
Why would there be a gym… I just cleaned… no, NO I’m not taking this anymore. Nope. I am
calling the cops. Hello, is this the cops? I found a gym bag. SEND EVERYONE. NPC’s are severely OCD and will call the
cops when they spot anything out of place. There are three kinds of observers, cameras,
civilians, and combatants. Cameras have a maximum detection range of 10 meters and will
sound the alarm if any of these items are visible to them for a few seconds. Civilians have a longer range, up to 20 meters,
but they don’t care at all about broken cameras, bags, or damaged glass. If
they see any of the other items though, they will get alerted and attempt to call the cops. Enemies like guards, cops and gangsters, can
see up to 40 meters far. However, some objects will only alert them when they are closer.
Broken cameras are only spotted at 12 meters, and corpses or handcuffed enemies at 25 meters. Handcuffed enemies or corpses are actually
less noticeable than tied or uncool civilians. When you’re out of cable ties and can’t
move a civilian, killing them will actually make them less visible. Finally, nobody will give a damn if you go and break everything else. “What the hell. Hello? Is this the IT department?
My monitor has bullet holes. What? Yes, I tried switching it off and on again. Good
grief it’s getting worse! What the f!” Crouching reduces your visibility a lot, but
concealment is also important. At a detection risk of 3 you’re roughly 20% less visible
than at 35. At 75 detection risk you can pretty much give up on any kind of serious stealth. While crouching, civilians will actually be able to see you from slightly further away compared to guards, so be careful around the bloody buggers. Finally, there are a whole bunch of heist
specific items that can alert people when they see them. These generally include hacked computers
and things that aren’t supposed to be open. The back of the jewelry store is also an exception: if civilians see any damaged glass, there, they will also call the cops. ♪ I was a civilian, ♪
♪ just walking through a store. ♪ ♪ Until I found a window ♪
♪ half broken on the floor. ♪ ♪ I called the cops, ♪
♪ they came at once, ♪ ♪ and now the store’s no more. ♪

56 comments on “Payday 2 – PSA: Stealth: Visual Alerts”

  1. Mono Chrome says:

    Love these. Very informative, amusing, and generally just top notch quality. You really do deserve more views.

  2. majorchaos5000 says:

    Omg i talked to my friend about how stupid the npc will react to things like "OMG A BROKEN CAMERA IN A STORE, SEND THE FUCKING ARMY AT ONCE" but blood splatter and bullet holes, nah it's all part of the job…

  3. Kuhler_Mann says:


  4. Bohdi's Bank Management says:

    How do you keep coming up with this stuff? Magnificent!!

  5. Adrian says:

    Nice! I love how this are informative and funny at the same time. That song will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day tho.

  6. dive_bomber says:

    I loved it, well done:)

  7. Dario Davide says:

    These videos should become the official in game tutorial

  8. Axyo says:

    another great video, you really deserve more attention!

  9. Hyday Panda says:


  10. op _ says:

    Will we get a full verison of The Ballad of OCD NPCs?

  11. Raphael Gajowczyk says:

    Keep it up.Doing great

  12. Nep Jr. says:

    I love your voice.

  13. Xeraser says:

    Can I get the Store Song on Play Music ?

  14. burningfyra says:

    dude keep up your content, you can see the effort you have put in from the graphs to the song

  15. DurkaDurka2010 says:

    Your singing is fine. Another classic tutorial for the dummies out there. Keep 'em coming

  16. Saint Oneesan says:

    We need a mod to replace one of the ingame songs with your little gig.

  17. Jocken75 says:

    Great as always! Overkill approves 🙂

  18. ILikePizza555 says:

    Well, now I know why I have trouble stealthing anything that's not shadow raid.

  19. OverlordAkise says:

    I know that this is a stupic question, but what HUD mod or general mod do you use to see the Health and damage dealt to enemies?

  20. concordat says:

    Just so you know, you put in Framing Frame Day 2 instead of 3 for the bookcases and vault.

    The extra guard also alerts off of open security rooms on that level.

  21. W0Y4K says:

    You should really make tutorials for video games.

  22. Jayson Tibbets says:

    The camera guy: "IT department? My monitor has bullet holes in it! Yes I've tried switching it on and off again! Wait… now there are more! What the f…." I could not stop laughing at that.

  23. Gurch says:

    That song at the end really cracked me up, very informative and amusing!

  24. Conner Lee says:

    I swear to Christ I got a "Camera detected a broken camera" notice once

  25. Chompski says:

    im loving these! informative and amusing XD

  26. Tallightning games says:

    actully its logical if they see a bag and call the cops since its a suspicious item

  27. Forcedminer says:

    i would of had guards that notice bags of any kind walk up to it and examine it
    …..crouch down zip it open….comment on its content and raise the alarm.

    "whats that?" "how did that get there?" "who left that there?" "huh?"
    walks over to it…..possibly allowing you to kill him in silence leading him away from patrols

    white powder? might be cocaine……hello police i found a bag of …..
    what is this? blue glass?….better call police….
    huh……a construction worker must of left his tools behind….
    oh shit dead body….hello police i found a dead body!
    ….wasn't this painting on….display?
    a bag of cash?…….hello police….i found a bag of…
    …..hello police i found a bag of jewelry looks stolen.

  28. Gordon Freeman says:

    Lol these must be fun to do.

  29. Sergio Ramirez says:

    the ending made me laugh xD

  30. 〈Bullets〉 says:

    Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the open 'samurai armor' vault in Shadow Raid also alert guards? Regardless, these videos are incredibly fun and I feel like they should be much more popular 🙂 The effort you put into them is very apparent and your willingness to interact with viewers in the comments and correct mistakes in the video when they are mentioned. I'm happy to hear you intend to do more and I'll be sticking around to see! Cheers!

  31. Millertary1 says:

    nice it crowd joke

  32. Corentin Robin says:

    How can anyone dislike this…

  33. Maxwell Kearney says:

    Hello all divisions that have guns? I found a gym bag at this gym. SEND ALL THE THINGS!!

  34. Derpy TW says:

    'My monitor has bullet holes' just power cycle it again

  35. Maltazar says:


    "Framing Frame Day 2: Bookshelves, Safe." You mean Framing Frame Day 3 right?

  36. Lightning.JPG Is Too Good says:

    You missed the Shadow Raid samurai armor vault for opened stuff.

  37. ArcticPenguins says:

    You're forgetting that you can have less detection than 3, it just won't appear as a lower number. Try it with skills and using only weapons with 30+ concealment vs. the new boosted ones and/or with the +2 to melee.

  38. Sub-Zero Gorbulin says:

    5 dislikes…
    Are these little kiddos or dislike spammers?

  39. Sheko/Todaroki says:

    What hud mod do you use? I heard there was a mod that let you see how many pagers you still can answer and body bags etc etc. Does anyone knows the name of that mod?

  40. FlyingPixxel says:

    Sooo funny 😀
    I found a gym bag! Sen *EVERYONE!
    You are awesome!
    Like / Subscribe / Share (all done)

  41. TheDankdoge1337 says:

    cameras detect opening doors i think

  42. Harvey Adams says:

    These videos are awesome funny and educational. I'm going to go use this information to rob a bank right now!

  43. Ramona Andersen says:

    benny………bring me everyone

    benny: everyone?


  44. Traumafine says:

    I personally think that the insta-cop OCD is due to the fact that, if every successful heist is canon, the Clowns have pulled off MILLIONS of heists in that area; they have great reason to be worried at the drop of a hat.

  45. legokid says:

    who else loves this part 2:08

  46. Grimbanian says:

    now on big bank you don't have to worry about the server door as it no longer attracts attention

  47. Yenchey says:

    "Is this IT? My monitor has bullet holes! What? Yes, I tried switching it on and off again!" made my day
    Also, I know it sounds better that way, but it should be "off and on again"

  48. Taylan meriç says:

    hello, i am a stealther and i have played every stealth on and to one down. I've never known that breaking cameras wont alert the camera (i haven't broken a camera since today) so i was like surrounded by guards and i didnt want to get seen by the cops so i tried waiting for one to leave but backing up showed me to a camera, so i was like damn i got seen so halfway through the camera detecting me i shot the camera out of anger and i was expecting the camera to be alerted but the camera security guy doesnt give a shit i guess
    so now i want to know more about camera breaking subjects like is there a limit for broken cameras or if the map doesn't have a security can i shoot all the cameras and does the camera sound the alarm if it gets to like red exclamation mark detection level but not detected and i shoot it etc (also fuck man i made everything harder for myself)

  49. John Peacekeeper says:

    Imagine if some schmuck walks into the bank coming from the local track and field and puts down his gym bag

  50. PonyJosiah13 says:

    Question: in some areas, there is a room where there's a guard manning the security monitors. If you kill that guard, would you still get alerts from cameras?

  51. Spy Spy says:

    I miss the old day……

  52. Zombiehunter198168 says:

    It's not three there's four security cameras civilians guards and retards

  53. SCP-173 says:

    I found a gym bag, send everyone!!

  54. clorox.mp3 says:

    Maria you are a skill of noob

  55. the dragon gaming says:

    "If your detection rate is at 75% you can pretty much forget about serious stealth"
    Me: Ok, Feldrin hold my beer, please.
    20 minutes later
    Finished Golden Grin Casino with a 75 detection rate and improved combined armor on
    Me: Whoa Whoa Whoa WHOA! I did it WITHOUT stealth assets like body bags, unlocked doors, no silent drill and a lot of crouching jumping and may I add in it was one first try by accident.

    This is also no joke, I did it without meaning to.
    But the Ok, Feldrin hold my beer thing was a joke but it meant that he take those words back into the script

  56. Raven Gamer says:

    24 reporting in, ive spotted a gym bag

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