Payday 2 – PSA: Tactical Reloads

Are you always stuck reloading in the middle
of a firefight? Suffer no longer! Did you know that you can
speed up reloading by keeping a bullet in the chamber? Just reload before you empty your magazine,
and you won’t have to cock your gun again! With one tactical reload you can save about
half a second or even more. If you reload 20 times during a single game, you save roughly
10 seconds! 10 seconds that you could spend with: Waiting in line at the bank! I don’t think this line is actually moving… Are those twins? Waiting for the drill to finish! Fucking shit piece of… Use tactical reloads and spend your valuable
time waiting elsewhere! Of course this won’t work if your gun doesn’t
have a magazine. Revolvers for example, allow no tactical reloads.
Or you could, of course, also just bring a gun with massive amounts of ammo. HAHAHAHA, I WILL NEVER RELOAD, RUN PEASANTS, I AM IMMORTAL, I AM… OH SHIT

31 comments on “Payday 2 – PSA: Tactical Reloads”

  1. Sir Cracker Bulb says:

    That voice is beautiful

  2. 1 800 WISH A NIGGA WOULD says:

    So this is the voice that agreed with me the Raven shotgun noise was deafening…


    Great video and voice, BTW.

  3. Xeraser says:

    I don't know who this guy is.. but i'm still laughing 10 minutes after the video ended. Welp, he earned a sub.

  4. Xeraser says:

    I just realized this is Sir Sebastian with a lower voice tone.

  5. op _ says:

    subs,  You have a fantastic future ahead of you.  Don't fuck it up.  (Like overkill most likely are going to with Payday.)

  6. Otto Lipsanen says:

    I thought you sounded a bit like Brian Blessed.
    Except that, of course, you were not shouting

  7. Hoxtilicious says:

    This is hillarious, may even be better then Maria's psa videos. I just love the seriousness in your videos and your "posh" side! 😛

  8. StickNik says:

    ggwp Feldrin, you won a subscriber 😀

  9. gunguy100 says:

    Hello there Patrick Stewart.

  10. Jelle says:

    What are your render settings?

  11. Rafy Aqwa says:

    You deserve 100x the number of subs. :3

  12. Sub-Zero Gorbulin says:


  13. Lucas Alves says:

    "I don't think this line is actually moving."

    Every day on the bank, ever.

  14. King Zork says:

    Thanks soooooo much never realised saving a bullet would save time

  15. Blackout says:

    Error 1,using a MG without swan song aced.

  16. Sigurd Kuhlmann Smith says:

    Just found this guy… Funniest payday vids yet XD

  17. Masadaeus says:

    "Run peasants i am immortal! Hah.. Oh shit" dies a painful down 😂

  18. Caleb Middendorf says:

    In the new safehouse patch they added a skill that lets you fix the drill by clobbering it with your melee.

    That was when I started playing again after I stormed off when Aftershock came out.

  19. Bill Nye The Russian Spy says:

    You also waste a ton of ammunition when reloads are done early.

  20. Dark-Defector says:

    I used the tactical reload before, it's VERY beneficial.

  21. shadowslayer205 says:

    And then came the Galant.

  22. Duflie says:

    Keep in mind tactical reloads won't make drilling faster

  23. FATEd Pondera says:

    Our dear video maker has forgotten one very important thing that you can do with those 10 seconds you've saved from tactical reloads: dodging and not getting shot.

  24. Lolicon Exterminator FBI 757 - 873 - 4995 says:

    tip: use wolf hud (better in every way then pocohud)

  25. Alexander demoniac says:

    Or you could use a minigun, because reloading is a pain in the ass

  26. MrLego3160 says:

    "you could bring a gun with massive amounts of ammo" mostly empty lmg. gg.

  27. Acidpond says:

    I am immortal

  28. TheTimoprimo says:

    Too bad they don’t give you an extra round in this game.

  29. Mikestion says:

    When y'all got an LMG: 1:11

  30. ALFASEF Mİ? says:

    Im pushing square button more than R1. Sometimes i realise my magazine already full and im still spamming

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