Payday 2 – PSA: The Shields of Washington DC

A truly rare sight in the urban savannah,
a herd of Shields. Usually solitary and territorial creatures, Shields keep to themselves and are only rarely seen in the company of their kind. Depending on the richness of their environment, a square kilometre can sustain only 2 to 5 Shields at most. The Shield’s only protection
from the harsh environment of the urban wasteland is his eponymous shield, a rectangular plate
of steel that makes him almost impervious to harm. Their thick coat of armour is vital
to their survival and, by beating it with variant cadence, they even use it to communicate with one another. The majestic green of an Alpha Shield. Though they possess equal endurance
from the average Shield, the FBI species shows a markedly larger plate, covering greater
parts of their body, and they come with a fiercer armament, brandishing a CPM submachinegun
rather than the usual Chimano 88. A predator enters the Shield’s territory. Young and
inexperienced heisters often make the mistake of firing straight at the Shield in the impossible
hopes of penetrating their armour. Growing up, they learn how to outmanoeuvre a Shield
and strike them in their unprotected rear. However, this heister, an older male, carries
an imposing shotgun loaded with high-explosive shells, and presents a considerable danger
to any grazing shield. With only a few bullets, an entire herd of Shields might be struck
down. Explosives are the most common enemy of the Shield and in recent years has driven
them almost to extinction. Other than killing the shield, explosives will also stun them
for a few seconds, making them easy prey for scavengers. The appearance of sniper rifles
and shotguns loaded with slugs has exacerbated this trend. Both are capable of penetrating
the shield, but their damage is greatly reduced when doing so. A wildfire has broken out.
The Shield, only protected frontally, panics and tries to dart away, but is too late and
perishes in the fire. As with all inhabitants of the animal kingdom, fire is the great leveller.
With their habitat shrinking and an ever larger amount of dangers on the rise, this once great
and majestic creature is now nearly extinct and survives only in captivity.

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  1. 【Toastie►VG】 says:


  2. op _ says:

    Haha, that was great!  A mix of entertainment and information.  (As usual, of course.)

  3. CROATOAN says:

    I love the effort you put into these!! Keep up the great work man!

  4. Etriuswimbleton says:

    is that really your voice :3333

  5. Bohdi's Bank Management says:

    I love the fact that these could be considered pure entertainment but you manage to make them into true informational videos! OVERKILL needs to start adding these as tutorials in the game!

  6. Axyo says:

    another really nice video, love it!

    btw: i see you experimented with the free roam camera, looks rly nice.

  7. Velternate says:

    love it <3

  8. Hoxtilicious says:

    1) These are getting funnier and funnier, keep these PSA videos coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2) Love the use of the BLT free flight mod!!
    3)  I was rofl when you started the "David Attenbrough" animal tv show parody at 1:01 (ish)

  9. Sir Cracker Bulb says:

    I am never disappointed with your voice, keep up the good work!

  10. Jocken75 says:

    Super awesome 🙂

  11. Mr Pyro says:

    Why is this not on the BBC?

  12. Luciusbrimstone says:

    This is amazing.  You are amazing.

  13. VolcanoStrike says:

    Friend of mine showed me your channel, instantly subscribed 😀 those videos are amazing please keep doing them! Oh and may I ask 2 things? 1. What does PSA stand for and 2. In the Visual Alerts PSA, what pistol did you use in the beginning? Couldn't recognize it.

  14. prrg subs says:

    "This species is nearly instinct"

    I lost it on this part.

  15. SnivicVS says:

    another thing Hoxton has to be sorry for the extinction of shields
    (get it pete gold made a song called sorry song

  16. BeelVanBaer says:

    Awesome videos ! Keep up the great work

  17. Hoxtilicious says:

    Got any idea what your next PSA video will be? I'll cry the day you stop making them

  18. Jordan SunderMan says:

    I fucking love this video

  19. Mohawkitty says:

    Loving the Payday 2 PSAs, keep the coming!
    Could you do one for the Bulldozers next? 😀

  20. antid905 says:

    Your videos are freaking awesome!
    Keep on doing those!

  21. Alick Zhang says:

    National geographic 😀

  22. 49mozzer says:

    Pretty sure I've seen way more then 6 at on the first day of Rats on Deathwish

  23. Pure Aids with Memes says:

    This was the best payday 2 video bout enemy unit. Cant even describe how hard I laughted. It would be awesome to see video like this one about different tipes of cops, or event special units.

  24. jbjba12345 says:

    Don't shields usually also spawn along side other specials such as dozers or tasers? Maybe it's just me

  25. RatBoyBiatch says:

    Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! SUBBED

  26. Felipe Alvarez says:

    PSA: The Bulldozers and variants of Washington DC

  27. LALO_KILLER17 says:

    You should do a PSA on Captain Winters :3

  28. Bob lexus says:

    How did you get these shots? I can't fly 😛

  29. Mikhail Volkovin says:

    Holy crap, subscribe. I've seen a few videos, you have incredibly high quality. keep it up man!

  30. dkDeMKN says:

    2:10 what weapon is this?

  31. W0Y4K says:

    You should've mentioned that only the FBI variant can melee. The SWAT variant cannot.

  32. thavidu78 says:

    You forget that the Cook Off job happens to be near a Shield breeding ground, I shit you not I had six shields come down from the forest next to the road up front.

  33. Tylarcd says:

    lol funny

  34. StudioARE says:

    I hope you can cover winters

  35. CrunchyJelly says:

    "survives only in captivity"
    Bullshit, you can't dominate a shield

  36. Harry Chan says:


  37. Meerkat More says:

    Lol, the first "predator" was wolf

  38. FlyingPixxel says:

    Hilarious 😀 I love these types of documentarys

  39. migueeeelet says:

    You should've noted the 2 shields + dozer combo. Sometimes packed with a free Taser, too.

  40. Solomon the kaiju demon says:

    THis is funny AF

  41. bkaspe00 says:

    What guns was he using when he jumped over that shield with the quad stack

  42. Rylan Ancona says:

    adopt a sheild now and get a free cloaker

  43. Micah Bell says:

    NOOOO! You missed the opportunity to call the predator a wolf! How dare you!

  44. pigpoop 737 says:

    Do the bullet penetration bullets shoot through shields

  45. staryoshi06 says:

    isn't it cmp, not cpm

  46. Gaming GreenBean says:

    Winter's will fuck you up without proper equipment

  47. Spxrky_ says:

    this is hilarious

  48. Cdr. Amora Shepard says:

    Fire is my favorite cleanser of shields(and hiding Old Spice Salesmen)

  49. Cl3ocm Celcom says:

    if the shotgun shot shield the shield still good i now all the payday want win

  50. Noh_Mercy says:

    one down

  51. Jakob Smith says:

    damn son dat framerate dough

  52. David b says:

    Favourite payday video yet

  53. Lars Kruik says:

    This is realy great stuff

  54. Dutch Duk says:

    But then there are the extremely rare Omega Shields who travel in packs protect their leader captain winters at all costs with a much more power and wider shield they have the ability to block their legs and take many more shots

  55. Arsenic Flask says:

    I hoped for Captain Winter to appear.

  56. Generic Garbage says:

    "The greater species of shield: The turtle Winters is superior to most shield because of his and his protectors shields are extended. Of course they have the same weaknesses what the lower classed shield do, but because they are so well packed and armed, any unprofessional heister can be mauled down." That what i'd say about Cpt. Winters XDD

  57. some11yearold says:

    When mutators are activated

    use the gl40

  58. Joshua Kotzé says:

    Deep voices and British accents make for the Perfect Narrator. And that's why i subscribed and liked.

  59. Sandwich Anomaly says:

    Howd you managed to get attenborough for this?

  60. Fly LLion says:

    subscriibed make more …

  61. pro hacker says:

    Change log:

    1-) Penetrating sheild now does 100% of the damage.
    2-) Normal: 2 shields/Hard-Very Hard-Overkill: 4 shields/Mayhem-Deathwish-One Down: 8 shields
    3-) There is a new way to beat the shields, aced version of "Shock And Awe", knocks the shields down when you shoot them, allowing you to deal damage to them after knocking down.
    4-) There is 2 new shields, First is in the Russian heists, Second is in the One Down, they aren't any different than others homever, just some slightly more damage and hp.

  62. The Most Original Meme says:

    Hungarian Rhaspody is fav

  63. Dylan Morris says:

    What's guns is he using?

  64. Phsyco says:

    You forgot the genesec shields and ZEAL shields

  65. cholox bleach splash less says:

    once I saw a wild shield

  66. Reedman20 says:

    how do you make the over head/ noclip footage?

  67. foomaster says:


  68. Timeward says:

    #SaveTheShields #EvenTheFiveSevenCanTwoShotHeadshotAShieldInOneDownNowadays

  69. Little Corporal says:

    Wolf is the first "predator"
    The irony is real XD

  70. 💯 Qwonklet 💯 says:

    i never knew you could make killing police officers so funny

  71. Yung Soma. says:

    You forgot about the captain guards

  72. alexkg1 says:

    17 shields thumb'd down this video

  73. .Audrey Lim says:

    but I have a pistol which can shoot through a shield

  74. Josh says:

    what about the medic

  75. A Grizzly Bear says:

    What about the extremely rare almost extinct species of shield: the captain of shields. Only seen on the most rough of territories, overkill mountain, death wish valley, mayhem creek and the one down desert, countered by ap bullets and high explosive weaponary, but tougher than the average green alpha shield because of their curved designed shields…. A majestic creature in my humble opinion

  76. Emaad Awazem says:

    Never gets old

  77. A Person says:

    AP bullets have been added to the game the entire shield population has been wiped out

  78. Allan Kroskin says:

    This is beautiful. I wish there was a gaming Animal Planet with your videos :D, would motivate me to actually get and watch TV

  79. JaneDark94 says:

    and then the dragon breath shells were added to the game

    rip shields

  80. Adrian Ftw says:

    throws molotov a wildfire has broken out.

  81. naked sname says:

    2:23 a wild fire breaks out….

  82. Akash Suresh says:

    Where is the Legendary Shield? Captain winter etc?


  83. Sick cunce says:

    “A herd of shields”
    That’s new for me

  84. Carter McHugh says:

    Now for the Alpha Male. CAPTAIN WINTERS!

  85. Sans Zockt says:

    i've got 99 Problems but a shield ain't one
    -dodge build

  86. : - [ says:

    why do I feel bad for cops on fire like why

  87. Daruhor Blackwater says:

    I would like to buy a Shield as a pet!
    Buy some skins on him, customize it. Good stuff.

  88. Ameute says:

    1:14 “A predator enters enters the shields territory.”
    Ha! ….wolf.

  89. trollbreeder says:

    Also the FBI variants have lights on their shields that can be shot and turned off

  90. Mikestion says:

    we need more of these.
    like for bulldozers, cloakers or tazers.
    most definitely for bulldozers.
    damn faceplates!

  91. Kareem Killer says:

    The shields like bulldozer on death wish only way to kill them is to make someone taunt them and then anthor sooht

  92. HomoVitula says:

    Kinda just subbed

  93. I also have to wait 90 days to change my name says:

    Captain winters is mega alpha shield

  94. RADDragon 13 says:

    "Guys i need explosives to kill shields!"
    'Kill them with that ap pistol, double tap!'

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