Payday 2 – Rush to Infamy XXV-100 IN 6 HOURS?!

– Ah, you were talking about that one ECM, right? It’s so weird.. Err, it’s not the only weird thing, you are breaking your backbone as well.. I tell you, this is gold. – oh no There’s an update, guys. – You’re installing it? – Yeah, and you have to as well, otherwise we won’t be able to play together. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH – Wait a sec, I have to change the color of… – Hey, by the way. dring boom drin bum dreen bm’sted – Did you hear it? – Yeah, I’ll add a little kaboom. – Damn it, I crashed.. – No.. – So they basically managed to release an update that makes you crash. – We crashed!

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  1. Salem says:

    EDIT that I should have made years ago:
    My team mates and I all have 3 ECMs thanks to a Crime Spree-exclusive bonus (Gage Boost) called More to Deploy, that you can purchase during preplanning in exchange for 18 Continental Coins, and that applies to the current heist – and that heist only. It increases everyone's amount of deployables by 50%, rounded up and including secondary deployables from the Jack of All Trades skill, so you can carry 3 fully upgraded ECMs at the same time (which means you have 30 additional seconds of ECM rushing time per player thus 2mn for a full crew which is not negligible at all), but also possibly 3 medbags, 21 first-aid kits or even 2 armor bags which is useless.
    You can notice that we only have 2 ECMs in Shadow Raid at the beginning as it wasn't part of our Crime Spree hence the bonus was unavailable, and that we failed the last day of Framing Frame at 13:12 specifically because we forgot to buy the boost then ran out of ECMs way sooner than usual (it technically still granted enough chaining time to rush and beat the heist, but we lost too much time finding the items).

    Also, we didn't have to answer pagers because our fully upgraded ECMs delayed them thanks to the aced tier 4 Shinobi skill. But we would still have to answer them whenever ECM effect ended, when we ran out of them or didn't chain them properly (see 14:52).
    With 4 players all carrying fully upgraded ECMs (last 30s each) you can basically delay the pagers for 4 minutes, and 6 minutes with More to Deploy, allowing you to entirely focus on the objectives and giving you enough time to speedrun most stealth missions – where active ECMs don't block objectives, usually legacy Payday 2 maps. This technique is called ECM rushing.


    Day 4 of this week, with a project that I originally wanted to post in June, but that I had to postpone until I fixed some other issues. At least it's finally here, performing for you.
    This is a compilation to show how fast you can grind all infamy levels thanks to Crime Spree (and it wasn't even optimal). Don't hesitate about using this video to debunk some theories or cheating accusations.

    Tomorrow will be filler but the last 2 days should be hype enough.

  2. Eugene Bekker says:

    That. Was. AWESOME!

  3. Infamous Auzie says:

    3 ecms?

  4. Benjamin Daoust says:

    T francais omg

  5. Kamil Bennouna Memes says:

    Ces pseudos bordel xd

  6. pjrex says:

    I’m so confused how you got to where you are now.

  7. hippity hoppity says:

    reason not to play pub
    is leacher like you

  8. Marcel Burkhardt says:

    CLICKBAITE that is fake!

  9. Beefie Deafie says:

    Man your lucky you have friends helping you out 🙁

  10. sessy33 says:

    what build can even comfortably get to 10k+ CS? What did that guy use to get that high? isn't shit ridiculously hard when you are that high? How did he not fail a single time ever getting up to 10k? jesus fuck, I die on mayhem! XD

  11. P_Duyd says:

    6 hours? 6 FUCKING HOURS!

    this took me 300 hours D:

  12. St4rBreeze • says:

    shit you're leveling up faster than me

  13. Wolf043 says:

    300 hours and not even Infamy V.

  14. Anon Anonson says:

    I pay 10€/month for my internet and it's literally 100 times better than yours lol

  15. You Cheung says:

    What mod did you use to get 3 jammers because I’ve seen someone with the same mod

  16. Gau 66 says:

    aha nice les gars malgrès les petits trolls de payday comme d'hab j'ai envie de dire ! nice video guys 😉

  17. dvr1337 says:

    How people stop calling the police wtf

  18. bread doge says:

    it took me like 3 years t reach infamy 1

  19. VerSTANdig says:

    I wish I had friends with such high crime spree

  20. Thanos Fish says:

    Crime spree could of made it faster and easier but ok

  21. Brain Millions says:

    Bien joué à toi continue à fond sur PD2 t'es un pro !!

  22. Ember Hydra says:

    It's more rush boost than rush in it self

  23. bazinga says:

    ECM rush on steroids

  24. Sasha Pines / Nguyễn Hiền Hòa says:

    This take me aleast 2 week to get to infamy 25

  25. M Rick says:

    2:58 wait what… i never saw that users_online number touching 6 digit

  26. BroMcMrChairJr says:

    Crime spree is busted. Just keep using coins for rerolls for FBI Server once you're at an insane number to level up newbies once you yourself hit infamy 25.

  27. Hoffman says:

    For me its difficult to rich 100 lvl , without infamy

  28. Giovanni Urias says:

    How do they get 3 ecms

  29. Ronan221 R-Man says:

    I’m whaching this is speed x2 and I’m just gonna say omg

  30. esketit says:

    easy install cheats 😀

  31. Leon Black says:

    Basically, start off ecm rushing shadow raid, then start crime spree then ecm rush any and every stealth mission

  32. H3O Slayer says:

    I wish ps4 had crime spree😫

  33. nazmi terstena says:

    How do u get so much money?

  34. Qwerti Sudesti says:


  35. Adrian Cuyubamba Diaz says:

    –Saw video and got motivated
    –Went to Crime Net Online
    –Finally found a Crime Spree over 500
    –Joined excited 🙂
    –Got kicked -_-
    –Back to H&T Bank

  36. TheWonderfulShrimp says:

    The CS stands for caustic soda

  37. pepo metalero says:


  38. west says:

    What type of mask is the Mega Plague Doctor

  39. ZLATENDAB says:

    step 1. Download Pirate Perfection

  40. Tyler Lewis says:

    3 ecms eh???

  41. I have okay content says:

    Meanwhile I’ve been playing for 7 months and am level 71

  42. KoolGuardrailBoy says:

    play time 6 hours

    joins a random lobby

    why are you hacking bro?

  43. MoAb Future says:

    Wow ur WiFi doo doo

  44. Sick cunce says:

    I can get to XXV-100 under 30 seconds
    pirate perfection

  45. fanta n pickles says:

    bought this game 2 weeks ago. total play time 141 hours and i'm still infamy II

  46. Fabrobin says:

    The editing is superb

  47. Vision Wolf says:

    Mother Of God…..

  48. Lil Feta says:

    Lol I’m not even infamy 1

  49. Lolman 8619 says:

    Why is there no biper? (When a guard dies he was called by someone)

  50. Tyler Klase says:

    I’ve spent 6 days on console and still haven’t hit infamy 1, we need crimespree 😂

  51. Vision Wolf says:


  52. Bel Appolon Le Dieu Grec says:

    Pas mal pas mal

  53. TheBlue says:

    How it's possible to have no pager limit ?
    Can someone teach me if it's possible?

  54. Ren Centurio says:

    Tbh just do Santa workshop one down and have 3 skilled friends who can survive carry you and soon enough you will have enough cash just to skip threw an infamy

  55. Jahodový Guláš says:

    I have 90 hours and i am zero infamy lvl 98 lmao

  56. Carl Mc says:

    why are you using a sydeny intro do a real intro

  57. PresidentRandomGamer says:

    Lol this aint on console

  58. EyedWeevil says:

    When I bought the game I started at 5th infamy and I always wondered what the V stood for because nobody of my friends had it and I don't even know why and how I am infamy 5

  59. MkArg says:

    Dammit… And me happy about being infamy 2…

    Can I take your friends and crime spree?

  60. GipaLizard Brothers says:

    19:30 song

  61. Snipz says:

    Can u help me get infamy 1 I am level 60 and I have no offshore cash

  62. Assassingamer13 says:

    Wow crime spree really does help… Good thing consoles don't have this 😒

  63. Flying Pig says:

    How to get budget suppressor? Nice vid btw

  64. Biggestboy says:

    How do you have 3 ecm?

  65. Ahmed Games says:

    This made me sell crimewave and buy big score

  66. Mateo Aranda says:

    how to rush xxv-100? just get carried by another xxv-100

  67. Winter says:

    That way to level up fast is too just do cook off duh

  68. John Michael says:

    wish they would add all the good stuff to console =(

  69. Isaakad says:

    Why you're Steam is in french ?

  70. Kelly Wood says:

    Console is a lot more harrder

  71. Félix Gulya says:

    2017. aug. 1 ok how have 3 ecm
    edit: i I watched Salem s comment and I understood.

  72. Nolan Piche says:

    If Cs was on ps4

  73. Yusef Mohammed says:

    Took me 4 years to reach xxv

  74. Celebrimbor says:

    What if I cheat to go get max infamy?

  75. CrystalMod says:

    im being kicked everytime they think im cheater 🙁

  76. Daniel Christie says:

    Do you have to get to level 100 than go back to 0 every time to increase your infamy?

  77. conorlaing1 says:

    The part you want to hear 19:00

  78. Cyanide says:

    Honestly, this is kinda just sad, in that you didnt really accomplish anything. You just, got carried. The entire time. You didnt play, you didnt enjoy yourself, you didnt earn it. Wheres the fun in that? saying that you got to XXV – 100 in under 6 hours because you had three friends do it for you is like being the principal of a homeschool.

  79. don’t ask me big yikes says:

    the dude singing Deja Vu is legit pissing me off

  80. Big Chungus says:

    I’m hardly on 3rd infamy let alone XXV

  81. Ryuko_P2 says:

    Jeanne au secours !!!!

  82. Arturs says:

    Get click baited bois Real title – Payday 2 Getting rushed To Infamy XXV-100 in 6 hrs.

  83. Monty _ says:

    So let me get this right crimespree gives you more xp than normal heists? (never did crimespree and im lv97 no infamy)

  84. coolguy 574 says:

    instruction unclear, got kicked from first lobby

  85. Craig Tucker says:

    Imagine doing this and later people will ask you how you got to infamy 25 and you said by doing crime spree and took you 6 hours and people won't believe you and call you a cheater

  86. Emre Sağır says:

    can we use rewards after become infamous?

  87. Richardo Milos says:

    My infamy 4 ass sittin and watchin this.

  88. Dark Game says:

    Ah t fr

  89. Landon Burns says:

    No crime spre on ps4

  90. Skydrivekung agent says:

    how to rank up to I-0 ?

  91. kutt Loggin says:


  92. Fahmy Magdy says:

    This game seems much better on pc.

  93. Blubber boom M says:

    Bro why does the PC version of this game have so much more stuff than the console edition 😭😭😭.

  94. LF says:

    Bien joué Mélasse

  95. Aidiano Spaghettio says:

    Ye you always need someone to carry

  96. Jeffrey Kelly says:

    This dude just showed me up so fast damn man good job I’m still stuck on level 51 ripppp

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