Payday 2 – Russian Mercenaries Voice Lines (w/ Translations)

Smoke Locked and loaded Where are they? They are here (give me)Smoke Cover me We need assistance, call for backup Bulldozer is here Boss said that hostages must stay alive, be careful Regroup Concentrate Second to first, over **Incoherent Screaming** I need cover I see one of these assholes Here they are Deploy smokescreen Let them bath in their own blood Stop! They have Hostages [choking] When you fail stealth thanks to noobs I got one! Boss doesn’t need them alive, dammit! Bring smoke grenade here! Get ready! *Mr Taser is about to sneeze* Get ready! Stop! Take your positions! Ah, this bastards want a war! Well, we will give them real motherfucking war! Deploy smoke screen! [message received] Inhale, exhale and start all over! Launch smoke! [cykagasm] I can do this all day. Direct contact! Attack! Let’s show them what we can! Get in positions! I’m riled up! Get ready for the next round! [blyad] Breach found! Let the dozer pass! Get ready! The enemy’s close. Grab your asses and let’s go! Stay where you are! After me, one at a time. One-Four reporting. Let’s kill them, dammit! I smell trespassers… Ready! Boss will fuck us hard if we fuck up! Pull yourself together! [picked Riki] [fed with Riki] Come on, get up! Fire when ready! [“We’re out of vodka” scream] GO! [typical voice chat in Russia] Stop! Let mommy change your diapers! Third to First reporting. I see clear traces of breach. It’s a dozer! Everyone aside! Boss won’t tolerate our failure! [never let a bear fellate you] Move! Elite tazer coming! Cover me! Regroup, ladies! Don’t move! The VA must’ve had fun… Traces of trespassers here. Come here you bastards! Shakin’ good, OH! I need some damn help here! Don’t move! Boss ordered a massacre! Umm… Go! Hup-hup-hup! [CYKA] Check your weapons! [choked on borsch] Help! [BEEP] Smoke screen! Leave no living soul – waste them all! We can do this! Prepare for an attack. Don’t move! Come on, move! Guys, bulldozer! Get out of here. [I’m running out of funny captions for screams] Twitch, and I’ll bang your brains out, bitch! Tazer here, coming through! Get the hell out of here! Get out! Come on, out! Let a dozer pass! Get out of here! Get in positions. [when you get a safe card drop] Come on, waste them! They want more? They will get some! [when you get a drill card drop] Third here, reporting to First. Boss ordered to guard those bastards! Stop, don’t attack, they’ve got hostages! It’s going to be a massacre! I see them! Move, guys! [“rush B cyka blyad report”] Make sure you weapons are ready. I see one of them, let’s go! KILL THOSE FUCKERS! [about to sneeze] Enemy forces detected! Yeah, lie here and rot, you piece of shit! They think they’ve won! Hah, like hell they did! [I’m russian and even I don’t understant this chatter] Charging! Whoa, whoa, hold your horses! Boss wants us to free a prisoner! Hold still! And don’t you twitch an inch! We have wounded here, need help! Help! Need assistance here! Let them burn in hell! [NO U] DIE! I want them all to DIE! You like that, huh? You like that? [seriously, who made those radios?] [what did I tell you about letting a bear fellate you?] Fire, fire! [it’s this stupid radio made in… Cheblinsk?] It’s One-One, reporting. Ready to stun! Some stranger here! [cyka overdoze] That’s what the real pain is like! Need reinforcements! [when you catch Putin wanking] Smoke screen! [nahui-gasm] Dammit! You bastard! Sod off, sucker! Show them where the hell’s frozen! Got some 50 thousand volts for you! There, now you fucked up! Contact! After me, one by one! Let the bulldozer pass! This is One-One, reporting in. I see one of them! Goddammit, this is illegal trespassing! Pull yourself together you pansies! Bulldozer here, coming through! I’ve got your DLC right here! Go get somewhere safe! Open fire! Fire! Did you forget about me? [another CS:GO match lost] Slay those bastards! Even if you have utterly soiled your pants, get the hell out of here! Keep then in sights! Cover me already, goddammit! No one will leave! Stop! Oh, I see them! How’s that, you asshole? Leave, get out of here! The enemy! Don’t move! It’s a dozer, coming through! Charge up! Forward! This is a battle zone! Crush those bastards! They better shouldn’t have come here! Easy, guys, they got hostages. Watch out. Who are these damn guys?! Go and hide somewhere! Bastard! Freeze! It is Dozer, get out of my way! Damnit! Freeze. They got someone. Hmmmm… Let’s fuck them up! Let’s do this one more round! Kill them all! Wait, they got hostages. Get ready for another attack! I have spotted signs of trespassers. Ready for action! [Toe against a table leg] Now go to cover. Give them some smoke. Yeah, kill them! Kill them all! Kill those suckers! Keep going! Get ready. They shouldn’t have come here! Clear signs of trespassing. [Got yourself a Death Wish mask] Freeze! On your knees, bitch! [Got yourself a One Down mask] Second to First, reporting. Move it, asshole! Tazer, incoming! Stop hitting youself, stop hitting yourself! [Drown in borsch] Opening fire! Move it! There was a trespasser Cover me! Freeze, punk! [VAC banned after getting One Down mask] Fire at will! I am ready! Damn! They got hostages! Get out of the way! One-Four reporting. I hope it wasn’t painful! Ow, we’ll fooking show them! We’ll get you! [One Down, last one alive] You are so weak! Ha-ha! Freeze! Push them! Who’s next? It is us or them! Give them some! Give some to all of them! Oh, those bastards want to take it like men! Stop it! Finish them off! Firing at a criminal! Gather up and let’s go! Everyone, they have a hostage! Calm down! (I’ll start from here -Dick In A Box) Get Ready Uhhh…Ready! [Failed to p90 rush B] [VLAD IS SPUTNIK] [Bear orgasm] I feel uninvited visitors COVER ME No one is getting away from us [Zeus team kill] Give them some heat! Get ready to attack! [Vlad explores the space] I see enemy forces Regrouping [Vlad met space core] Aim! Fire! Taser is coming! Step aside! Take your positions Fucking bastards in masks Get ready and do it again Now go! We’ll dance on their graves! I see the target What we waiting for? Let’s move These wankers in masks will pay with their lives Freeze! [Died while full-buy] Stop! We need to save the hostages before we attack [Unboxed Vlad’s Rodina] It’s second. Reporting to first What the fuck? Destroy them! Cover me, for fuck’s sake! Debili (Idiots), cover me! Don’t move! Bleed, you fuckers! Fucking waste them! I see an enemy Reload and get back to your position! Here’s bulldozer Third to first, reporting Freeze! I’ll hit! Come out! Regrouping! That was niiiiice Group! I got contact They have a hostage We have to slow down and prepare to attack. Bosses order. Smoke grenade. Quick! (Целься? Смейся?) Aim? Laugh? I dunno,m8 Ep vashu mat’ (fuck y’all’s moms), help me already! Move your buns Say: “Hello pain!” It’s 1-4, reporting Go cry about that on forum like a little bitch! 1-1 on line, reporting Let them suck our dicks! Stop right there, govnuk(shitter) Stop! Yeah! I’m damn electro-man! Move, let’s show them!

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  1. Hoxtilicious says:

    English Translations in subtitles by the way…

  2. D3 YT says:

    i like how the cloaker squats, it looks like a real slav

  3. Some Puertorican kid says:


  4. Juninah Sahat says:

    What the blyat cyka

  5. Juninah Sahat says:

    I can almost feel soviet russian troops fight with Nazi s in Stalingrad

  6. Just Nothing says:

    "Go cry about That on forum like a little bitch!"
    I heard it in other heists

    Russian cloaker=cloaker confirmed?

  7. The Anti-Parents Organization says:

    Is that Lord Tachanka? In his Demigod form?

  8. Dark Ice says:

    1:56 пусть мамочка сменить тебе подгусник

  9. Wiz says:

    Вроде рейтинг 18+, а мат то вообще есть?

  10. Hyena Jake says:

    Autistic screams

  11. M1nD Fr34k says:

    0:40 with subtitles is lmao

  12. Victinizz says:

    the bulldozer sounds constipated

  13. Minty says:


  14. Rocking Gamer says:

    I love how the cloaker is doing the slav squat

  15. Medic & Scout says:

    Spetsnaz in Payday 2

  16. InsanityPlayer says:

    Does it only seem to me that the basic mercenary looks with envy to the elite mercenaries?

  17. Oscar Cordero says:


  18. AK-107 Russian BR Rifle says:


  19. Fokin laser Saits says:


  20. Fokin laser Saits says:

    0:38 "when you fail stealth thanks to noobs"

  21. AA L says:

    Cloaker squatting i love this

  22. HOOD X says:

    That's a lot of screaming

    Ear rape squad

  23. Ridley the Hecker says:


  24. jahahahaha says:

    Get out of here heisters

  25. Sewshii says:



  26. Fokin laser Saits says:

    1:05 cykagasm

  27. Murmarine Daniel says:

    Russian Cloaker AKA Professional Slav

  28. feisal rp says:

    russian mercenaries is awesome but the talk dude like drunk!

  29. FuzemW says:

    "when you fail stealth thanks to noobs", cykagasm

    And you call that a subtitle

  30. Daasal Ak'niir says:

    "We're out of Vodka" scream

  31. Dominik Römer says:


  32. Baby Bro says:

    cyka blyat

  33. Chernoblyat says:

    this was confusing as the regular mercenaries sound just like loners from stalker tbh.

  34. Vladislav says:

    Where i can download this "voice lines"?

  35. Broly says:

    I love the Russian bulldozer so much XD

  36. The real Stal says:


  37. The Nightmare Tank says:

    "Never let a bear fellate you."

    There's a backstory to this, isn't there?

  38. Trevor Anderson says:

    I like how the Taser has STANAG magazines for the M4 rifle even though he's got an AK.

  39. Skull Bones says:

    We need the russian taser mask as a player mask.

  40. the commenter says:

    im surprise not one of them said cyka blyat rush b

  41. Miguel Vieira says:

    4:54 It's Big Shaq before he was famous.

  42. ComedyToonsYT says:


    when you almost complete the scarface mission on DS but you failed thanks to very stupid ass noobs

  43. St. PaddyMad! says:

    The cloaked is true Slav, look at it squat.


  44. ComedyToonsYT says:

    i wish i was russian

  45. Handreaz TV says:

    When you fail the stealth thanks to noobs.

  46. I don’t know what to write says:

    Honestly, the Russians sound so badass!

  47. CharSFM [Animator] says:

    0:36 oh dear god

  48. Hank Hill says:

    Печалит тот факт, что русский cloaker это просто переведённый обычный cloaker.

  49. Артемий Дяк says:

    Maybe you could separate all russian mercenaries voice lines?
    Like separate video of Russian Bulldozer? Or Russian tazer?

  50. Русский б says:

    2:38that is so SATISFYING

  51. Dulce says:

    Zeal team, gensec, RUSSIAN MERCENARIES

  52. Fo Ren G says:

    Would've been fun if Dozers were the gayest jacket guys considering there are those in RAID WW 2.

  53. xd Sapphire says:

    Должен ли я смотреть это?

  54. Furious Finch says:

    Half expect them to start calling me Artyom.

  55. Đöžëř Mëđìč says:

    I dont know Russian

  56. Gas Gak says:

    Radio sad: Boss will not tolerate our defeat (Босс не потерпит нашего поражения).

  57. 200.000 subs no vids moomoo says:

    Out of vodka scream.

  58. QuistyQuiet says:

    New Things i want In PAYDAY2:
    – A Stealthable Russian heist
    – A Russian Captian
    – One down Taser

  59. K.Y.E or just sin says:

    0:37 did one of our comrades choke on a peice of potato because he did not stab it and check if its ready or not than screamed than died? Well if thats the case he is not russian we russians all know to check if your potatos are ready by stabbing them

  60. K.Y.E or just sin says:

    0:54 war………..(que me having wwll flashbacks)

  61. K.Y.E or just sin says:

    1:48 no russian runs out of vodka

  62. Infectious Sheep says:

    That moment when you realise the cloakers squatting

  63. Dilan Gordov says:

    1:42 – 1:44 so this guy voiced jockey in left 4 dead 2?

  64. Nap Runner says:

    The russian Dozer sounds scary as FUCK!!

  65. Ching Souls says:

    8:11 8:12

  66. sans says:

    d a v a i b l y a t

  67. VHeart says:

    I'm genuinely impressed they actually speak without noticeable accent and their language is actually properly translated to Russian.

  68. kl1menkov says:

    Не забыл меня,а?

  69. MZov but Boring says:

    When they all have dodge on 50+

    "Guys, Bulldozer."
    "Get out of here."

    "Tazer here, coming through."
    "Get the hell out of here!"

    Are the normal guys just shaming special enemies now lmao

  70. I NEED ZE MEDIC says:

    I really love these bastards designs

  71. роскомнадзор 2.0. says:

    Damn, why bulldozer from MY country so stupid and crazy in these voice lines?

  72. роскомнадзор 2.0. says:

    My bratishki)

  73. E N D E R B O R N says:


  74. Андрей Ерофеев says:

    Better then Russian voice lines in Battlefield 4

  75. just let me change my name god dammit Birco says:

    1:01 "Darth Vader"

  76. connorgy mp4 says:

    The slave squaring cloaker lol

  77. Emergence says:

    0:09 the guy sounds like Miller from metro 2033

  78. jj05 says:

    Which voice is the cloaker? Is it the one that sounds like pure static?

  79. Alan Lin says:

    Bulldozes in Tachanken

  80. Icytoster says:

    0:37 With subtitles on, lol

  81. ggi127 says:


    it should’ve been when Vlad wanks off

  82. UMBRELLA CORP. says:


  83. Dark-Defector says:

    Me: (Having a nice decent, and peaceful day)

    My Random Anxiety Attacks: 0:22

  84. Skolas, Kell of Kells says:

    im a russian and this is actually funny

  85. Average Hans says:


  86. rexpl3000 says:

    1:01 Better check my PDA

  87. Legend Gamer says:

    Some of them are Similar to The ones from the Bandits from S.T.A.L.K.E.R

  88. Stactovich Stas says:

    When you playing boiling point only to hear those sweet audio tracks…

  89. Stactovich Stas says:

    Russian voice lines be like:
    20% HMMMM
    20% Some funny Gang and Payday itself reference.
    10% Just random Ivan tells his comrades that there's a hostage.

  90. TopBlackMoments says:

    6:00 personal time stamp

  91. Johny B says:

    – Вижу одного из гавнюков!
    – Пусть умоются в своей крови!
    – Живыми они боссу нафиг не нужны!

  92. Phoenix says:

    Cloaker is slav

  93. Артём Осипян says:

    Наеб кста, у нас нету дозера и клокера

  94. MKrap says:

    Some of the subtitles are making me die of laughter XD

  95. ALI MEN #PRO GAMER says:

    Лол круто-wow cool but 0:37 what a heck is this?

  96. масло масло says:

    Teen: i can do this all day!

  97. G M says:

    Get out of here Heister

  98. Tomas1408 says:

    Обидно что есть только одна миссия с этими ребятами…

  99. Robbie Straschewski says:

    Oh, Tachanka is the Russian Bulldozer?

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